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  1. I meant quoting people from this forum, but go ahead and keep attacking. I'm sure everyone is impressed with you. I'm still waiting for the answer to my question. Where can we find depth for that kind of money.
  2. Your pretty funny Riberio. First of all you didn't know that Dags played on Riberio's line for most of the season. Then you do your usual thing by quoting who ever has some point that's opposite to your point(cause you know, you're never wrong). I should be use to it by now. But what do you expect. You wanted Traverse and Perreault back. Complaining about my grammar? Man. That was a good comeback. If it wasn't for the fact that I wrote that post after I came back from the bar, I would be really hurt. But I guess that's how you attack people to hide your insecurities. I'm not nice with my posts? Maybe because I'm usually defending my beloved habs against whiney pretenders like yourself. And finally... There's no I in team, but there is a U in suck. Maybe you can answer this question since you have sooooo much knowledge about hockey. Name a player that the habs can get for 500k(two way contract) that has stats similar to 50 games played, a plus 15, had 17 goals, and 10 assists.
  3. Rumour is Glen Murray to the leafs. Hope it's not true. I hate good talent going to waste.
  4. Ok. I'm sick of being nice. Your post Riberio clearly shows your ignorance towards the habs. Did you even watch any games? Did you even notice the chemistry between Riberio(who you named yourself after), Ryder and Dagenais? Did you maybe see the plus 15 he had during the regular season? Maybe if CJ would have left that line alone, he would have been even more comfortable. I'm getting to think you know absolutely nothing about hockey. And for proof, I think we just have to look at one of your post where you say that the habs could have kept Traverse... even for the minors. Are you insane? Maybe you should go back to building your little Perreault shrine. Funny though. A valuable faceoff guy still around in the free agent pool. Guess no suckers to pay him close to the 2.8 he made last year. THe habs are going to do great with the guys they have decided to keep. And for the ones they let go... c ya. We'll be better off without you. Only maybe langdon would have been good to keep, but even a tough guy is pretty easy to replace. And to show your ignorance even further, you say that Dags is worthless without Riberio. I'm sure that Riberio got a few points off the 27 points that Dags got(in only 50 games). So I think that he wasn't so useless after all. Riberio was useless the past few years and only got better until he started partnering with Ryder and Dags. ANd for your info, Dags and Riberio were partners in the minors(when they were 1, 2 in scoring), which is why the habs signed him. My only hope is that the habs play Dags more and hopefully he can blossom into the star that he was in the minors. And hopefully the habs don't listen to whiney ignorane morons like the original poster in this thread. :ghg: :hlogo: :ghg:
  5. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=90575 ..if this takes Pittsburgh out of the running for Kovalev?
  6. Love him or hate him, he had great chemistry on Ryder and Riberio's line. He must have done something right to be second on the team for +/-. I just wish he would gain a few more pounds and start to use his size to his advantage.
  7. Considering Bonk has had a defensive role for the past couple of years, I'm not sure what kind of point your trying to make. Yanic however, has shown that he can be very offensive when it comes to defense. SO he can win some faceoffs. Too bad he doesn't have the body to stop the opposing centers from getting by him so the Habs can do something with the puck. Sure you can say that Bonk hasn't done anything in the playoffs. But don't just look at Bonk. Look at his whole team. Blame there goalie. Blame their coach. But don't blame bonk, because his whole team hasn't produced in the playoffs. Here's some stats difference that really count when your looking at the Habs lineup when comparing Perreault and Bonk. 4 years older, 4 inches smaller and 35 pounds lighter.
  8. WHen will you guys learn that you can't put down Perreault when Ribeiro is still checking the boards. You can't win because his world has no room for Perreault haters. I think he must be related to Perreault in some way. My only hope is that he follows him to his next NHL team.
  9. DO you think Muckler wanted Bonk to go to a team in the same division as the Sens? No way they were going to trade Bonk to us. The Kings did to Boston what SJ did to us with Hackett. Muckler was just trying to dump salary to a western team. Just because the Sens got rid of Bonk for a pick, doesn't mean another team is going to get him for just a pick. [Edited on 2004/6/27 by DjStang]
  10. Personally, I really like this trade. Yes we had to give up a great goalie like Garon, but he was a back up. And he would probably be a back up for his whole career if he stayed with the Habs. We have so many talented goalies in the minors that there's no way we could have kept Garon. We can't hold back the minor league goalies too long. We have lost alot of old guys this summer that need to be replaced. Bonk is a good 2 way player and will fit in Juneau's position nicely. If anyone is going to be able to light a fire under Bonk, it's going to be Gainey. After all, he did sign Ribero to a 2 way contract. And look what Ribs ended up doing. Have faith. This will work out in the end. There's only one person that should be upset about this trade. ANd that's Muckler. Last thing he wanted was Bonk going into the same division on a team that the Sens have to play 8 times a year.
  11. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=82350 THanks for the great effort the past few years.
  12. First of all, he's not from Toronto. He seems to only like Montreal when there's someone from his home town of Kingston playing on the team(Muller, Gilmore). I don't think he likes the kind of team we have because we favour speed and skill(small players) over size and grit(big tough guys). Although, knocking out the team he use to couch 2 out of the past 3 years wouldn't help his attitude towards the Habs.
  13. Hmm. SOunds like you were calling him crap to me. I guess every player is crap unless your last name starts with P. I can't wait till the off season and they get rid of Perreault. He's the only player I know that has to take a slap-shot 3 feet from the net.
  14. Great game so far by the habs. Hope they keep it up. On a side note. Some of the people posting here really make me laugh. Yelling for Kovalev's head one day, and thinking he's the greatest the next. Have a problem with Dagenais being in? Maybe they want someone better defensively then Perreault. Sure he can win face offs, but he's a pretty streaky player. Instead of complaining so much, how bout just enjoying the game and picking out the good things that they're doing. :can: :ghg: :que: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  15. DjStang

    Come backers.

    First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone. FInally got around to registering so I can post. I've been a habs fan all of my 32 years of life. If some of you are like me, you probably have a couple of friends who are diehard leaf fans. I have put together a few come backers to get them to shut up. Feel free to add some of your own. Here goes: 1. My prediction this year. Toronto will end up with the cup at the end of this season. Ofcourse they will. It's stored in the Hockey hall of fame in Toronto. 2 Toronto has 3 seasons. Winter, summer and fall. THere's no spring because the leafs seem to fall then too. 3 My friends told me that deep inside, I was a closet leaf fan. Now I ask you. TO be a true leaf fan, do you have to come out of the closet? 4 My friends ask me why I'm not fan. I tell them it's simple. I have a hard time cheering for a team that has never won a cup in my lifetime. 5 Why do people in Ontario have to drink their beer straight from the can or bottle? Because all of the cups are in Montreal. :ghg: :/)
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