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  1. Damn I'm nervous... game 7, hockey at it's finest! :hlogo: :ghg:
  2. My point was only to state, that not always older brother is better player... and I don't think that Habs should trade for Mikko Koivu, even though he is a talented young forward. Jarkko Ruutu should play for Habs, at least in my dreams, he was a captain of my favourite finnish team. Sometimes plays dirty, but also does anything for his dream.
  3. I have to disagree a bit... Jarkko Ruutu - Tuomo Ruutu? Tuomo is definitely better player than Jarkko. But Jarkko also is damn good at what he does, and that is provocating and pissing opponents off.
  4. I asked this question from Helsinki IFK's goalie Dave Stathos(from Longueuil) and he said it's a combination of excellent goalie coaching, and the fact, that Quebec's junior hockey is so offensive, that you gotta learn fast to stop the pucks.
  5. Yes I am a fan of Saku, but I don't like Turku at all... There is a pretty big rivalry. Saku's dad is their coach and his younger brother plays there also. But Saku is a great player, good captain and a fighter, gotta respect that 100%. [Edited on 2004/4/5 by BigRedBob]
  6. Thanks a lot! BTW I found this site totally by an accident, which was weird. But just in time for playoffs! :que: I'm also a big fan of Helsinki IFK, a finnish SM-Liiga team, and there are many similarities between IFK and Habs, like IFK's colors are same bleu-blanc-rouge, they are known as minority language area's team in finland, IFK also has a respected history and traditions (but not as many championships, as Habs ), so it became like... naturally. I just got attracted to Habs, started studying more and more of Habs' history, next thing I know, is that I'm spending money to order Habs st
  7. Hi everybody, I'm new here! Been a :hlogo: -fan since late 80's/early 90's... :ghg:
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