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  1. He had 10 goals....Pretty much the same as byron,mitchell, and twice as much as flynn. He has led the league in hits for 5 straight seasons, he can fight. I will be pissed if we don't get him
  2. I miss all the games we use to play with the bruins. 8 times a year , plus the playoffs were almost a given that we would meet.
  3. Hahaha thank you......I literally laughed out loud
  4. Bench Vanek... He is killing me. He has great skills when there is time and space, but in the playoffs there is no time and space. I wonder if he has issues with Coach, because he looks like he is pouting. He just floats around until he can turn the puck over.
  5. I loved it! For me personally, it was like I was out there with him. I could only imagine how it feels to be in a game where you go from winning by three goals to allowing your opponent to score four unanswered. All the while, they boo you every time you touch the puck. Yes.. I'm am absolutely thrilled he did it. I agree that bringing the focus to the Habs logo and not his own nameplate makes it ok. Why do so many feel these guys should play without any emotion? Emotion is being sucked from the sport. Not just in the celebration aspect, but also in the physicallity. If there is no emotion between two teams it makes for a boring game. Im not saying bench clearing brawls, but some face washing after the whistle makes things a little more interesting in my opinion. On a side note... Don't think Ottawa is going to forget either...can you say emotion
  6. We don't know what has been said behind closed doors. P.K. could have been directly disobeying the coach or inadvertently doing things that makes the coach go batsh*t crazy. He makes me crazy sometimes when he is one arming along the blue line fighhting guys off when he should have passed the puck before. He sometimes tries to do to much himself. I also understand that he is exciting and sometimes it appears that he may be the only guy who is trying to win the game aside from Gally and Chuk. Maybe in the eyes of the coach he is a showoff who is a risk and he wants to send a message that he is not bigger than the team and its the coach's way. With that said... I don't understand it either
  7. I dont mean to be negative...but Briere is awful.
  8. How can someone play that role and fight a class guy like Prust with a visor and not feel shame?
  9. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love hockey with the fights. I love games that have line brawls. As Chicoutimi Cucumber had mentioned, I don't care about non fans liking our sport, or if our sport becomes the #2 watched sport. I like Hockey the way it is with the fighting. I started watching hockey in the eighties when the enforcers were glorified, and that is a style or brand of sport I was drawn to. If a guy has a chance to make buttloads of money because he fits a role, and he DOES have a choice whether or not he wants to take the risks involved. Then so be it. Accidents are unfortunate, but they know the risks and they do it anyway. So my opinion is leave the sport alone, Bettman has done enough already.
  10. Gorges no doubt. He is a Canadien through and through. Lays in front of pucks like nobody else and steps up to guys knowing hes gonna get a beating. Good locker room guy and for me the obvious choice
  11. I'm with you on that brother. To be fair though, MB was busy... its just hard for us to accept the fact that a lot of players dont want to play in Montreal. Whether its the Language difference or the pressure the fans and media put on the players. I believe MB will slowly bring a respectability back to our club. I like the moves he has made, I just hope he is not done and gets us some more size in the top9 Well stated my friend
  12. I cannot put into words how crappy i feel right now. That being said, we did come back from 3-1 against the briuins before. It can be done, and budaj has been solid for us all year. Losing Prust is gonna hurt something fierce though. So lets not pack it in now boys. A side question... Has Bourque had a shot on goal. I mean a legit shot that hits the goalie, because I have never seen a player get so many open shots and just miss the net. Everyone else just shoots into Anderson's gut, but give him some credit for always being squared up with the shooter and not floppin all over the place.
  13. Its all about momentum. In game 2, Price would make a great save and the team could feel he was on his game, thus giving them confidence. When we were the ones laying the big hits , it was giving us confidence. Tonight it was the opposite. We were in my opinion mostly just rolling through the game when Price gave up the 3rd goal. Team loss for sure.
  14. Agreed, maybe I'm alone here but I really wanted Clowe
  15. Toughness is just something personally that I like to have on the team. Win or lose, I don't like my team to get muscled or bullied. I do not think adding Clowe would make us worse.
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