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  1. Shots mean absolutely nothing if you don’t score on them. Like the game vs the Oilers on Monday, shots were something like 15-5 for the Habs the end of the first period, score was 1-0 Oilers.
  2. Started to get some momentum after the tying and it was killed by the 2 penalties. It’s encouraging the last part of the period they had some good pressure.
  3. Rumor has it Brian gets grumpy when the thread rules aren’t being followed.
  4. The OP was saying Sabers could sign Danault in the summer without including him into a trade for Eichel. Which is assuming Danault doesn’t re-sign with the Habs or anyone else first.
  5. Assuming he doesn’t re-sign with the Habs.
  6. I would consider Romanov one of the untouchables. We can’t trade away every decent defensive prospect we get. One of Suzuki or KK, as Eichel would replace one of them. I’ve stood by all along Caufield was a great NCAA player but hasn’t proved anything at a professional level. I do honestly hope he proves me wrong in a Habs uniform, if he does I encourage you guys to quote me and i will gladly admit I was wrong. Until then he isn’t untouchable to me.
  7. You can say goodbye to likely 2 of Caufield, Suzuki, KK or Romanov plus some picks at the very minimum for Eichel.
  8. Those stats tell you that if the Habs can stay out of the box or lock down the PK, they have a real good shot at winning. Since DD has taken over the penalties have been down and they are looking more competent on the PK.
  9. So someone is honestly going to tell me that the Habs drove the play for the first 17 minutes of the game and Oilers didn't commit a single infraction, but when the Oilers start coming on, the Habs have committed 3 in short order?
  10. It's my fault, as @GHT120 pointed out, I jinxed it.
  11. I hate games like this. 14-2 shots in favor of the Habs. This usually doesn't end well for the Habs.
  12. Just read that Montreal might be interested in Ekholm, it also reported that they believe it will cost a 1st, one of Armia or Leks for cap space, and 2 prospects not named Caufield. Seems a little steep for Ekholm, no?
  13. I think the Subban trade showed he's not worried about the optics of his decision. If Seattle will take Weber, I believe he will be exposed. Then again, I don't think there's any way Seattle takes a player with his best years behind him and only 2-3 years left in the league. Not only that, but what are the cap recapture penalties if Seattle does take Weber? Are they all still on Nashville in the event Weber retires early? If they transfer to the Habs in the event Weber gets moved, I don't think Weber gets exposed. There will be more to the decision of Weber getting
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