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  1. Montreal Gazette is reporting Danault has turned down a 5-year $25m and 6-year $30m deal from the Habs. If it’s true, shouldn’t this mean he will be dealt this season?
  2. I used to have RDS here in Edmonton, I believe it was $2 a month extra, and it was only for Habs games. Since I had center ice last year my renewal was $160. I used to get it free with my phone plan.
  3. One of the biggest draw of NYC is the division it’s normally in. Nearly all cities in that division, which they play frequently, are mere hours from their home city. So they could play a road game in New Jersey, then Philadelphia, then Pittsburgh in 6 nights and be at home with their family every night. That is why that division is one of the best in the league, it’s an attractive perk for players. As for California, Arizona and Florida, the weather is warm all year around. That is a perk for players.
  4. I was trying to watch the game on TV. The TSN feed was blacked out, so I found it on sportsnet pacific, that was blacked out. The kicker is I could open NHL.tv and watch either of those feeds. So I’m basically paying for the game 3 times to be able to watch it.
  5. From a players standpoint I believe McDavid signed the big contract for money and not security. If he signed a bridge deal he wouldn’t of got this kind of money for a short 2-3 year deal. At the same time he will be in his prime for his next deal, barring something catastrophic happening, he will sign another max year deal for even more money than now. For a player his caliber this was smarter financially. As for Canadian markets being attractive for UFAs, other than Toronto and maybe Vancouver, none of the markets are particularly attractive to UFAs. Between the weather, taxes
  6. I'm surprised habs didn't have Weber firing more last game after the Armia injury. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes a few shots that gets blocked on purpose. That is one of the bonuses of Weber, he can do his own damage well within the rules without dropping the gloves.
  7. This is the key if neither player got what they wanted in this trade. Without the team control of RFA, they both may be available for nothing but cap space. If the habs really want PLD and PLD wants the habs, it's 3 years away and both can plan for it.
  8. TSN has Frolik penciled in on the 4th line, but I thought I saw Brian say there wasn’t enough cap space for that yet.
  9. I’ve also never agreed with the intent to injure rule. It should be regarded like high sticking. If the player was in control of their actions, like Myers last night, it should be suspendable. If Myers was tripped and while falling he concussed Armia, he wasn’t in control of his actions therefore no suspension. Would take all the grey area out of intent to injure.
  10. This. if the league wanted these types of injuries eliminated, they would increase suspensions. Use basketball for example, they didn’t want fights so the rule is a fight is a 41 game suspension. When was the last time you saw an actual fight in basketball? The league doesn’t do this because it will nearly eliminate physical play. Everyone will be scared to check because an injury means a long suspension. They would much rather injuries and physical play than no injuries and no physical play.
  11. I’ve been telling everybody he’s the best Habs rookie I think I’ve ever seen in nearly 20 years of watching fairly regularly. In 5 games he’s made one noticeable bad defensive play, and many noticeable good plays. You can’t get that from most veterans, let alone a rookie. Second pair Edmundson has been way more than noticeable for defensive errors.
  12. Habs might tee Weber up with the intentions of somebody blocking his shot on purpose now.
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