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  1. That could be very possible. The truth is it would be irresponsible of Bergevin to not be kicking tires on Laine. It’s also going to be tough for Winnipeg to get great value on Laine while Hall isn’t signed anywhere. It’s also going to be tough due the the cap situation next few years as well as Laine will be looking for a raise after next season, which undoubtedly has teams worried. I don’t expect a Laine trade until mid October at the earliest and probably to a team with some spare cap space.
  2. Pat Hickey says the habs might get Laine if they offer; To Winnipeg Domi, Kulak, Juulsen/Fleury and a 1st 2020 To Montreal Laine If this where true, wouldn’t this be an absolute yes?
  3. Thanks for educating me on the US NTDP situation, I don't follow it myself. Romaov's value is clearly tied to his World Juniors accomplishments. Outside of those, he's just ok. He's not playing meaningful minutes in the KHL. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm going on whats being said on here about him.
  4. Caufield May turn out to be a great player. What he is right now is a player looking great in non-professional hockey. He has barely any professional hockey experience and the little he does have is in the IIHF World Juniors, on one of the top 4 teams in the world, playing teams that are worse than his college team. The last World Juniors tournament, I watched a few USA games to see how good this highly regarded player was. He didn’t look spectacular to me, he looked ok, not like a sure-fire 40 goal scorer. Didn’t Justin Shultz look like a cant miss prospect when he was playing in college and wouldn’t sign with the Oilers? Forgive me for suggesting an unproven player is worth trading for a proven goal scorer. I may eat my words about him in a couple of years, but this is what I see now.
  5. I would do Laine for Domi, Caufield and a 1st.
  6. With 2 young centres and Danault probably centring the 1st line, an offensive young kid on the 3rd line would be an asset. I did a quick google on a scouting report and the only one not from 2016, has him projected to be a 1st/2nd line winger, I take that with a grain of salt naturally. As for his value, he stated he wanted out, because of that his value tanked dramatically, circa Drouin pre-apologizing and making it seem like he still wanted to play in Tampa. Teams won’t offer fair value in a situation like that and Edmonton wants nothing less than fair value. I’m not sure I understand the notion of holding on to a 30 year old backup, even if he is above average, for a shot at a 22 year old 2nd/3rd line winger that has the potential to be a 1st line winger. Realistically Allen won’t resign after next season anyway. As for another backup, it’s going to be fairly easy to acquire or sign a decent backup with short term due to the cap situation.
  7. That’s fair if that were the end of the moves. With Domi, Mete and a bunch of picks rumoured to be up for grabs, with a flat salary cap, teams looking to unload contracts and the market having some decent goaltenders being UFAs in a couple of weeks, I would be surprised if another backup couldn’t be found.
  8. If that’s the consensus, why wouldn’t we retain part of Allen’s salary, up to 50% to get it done, and use that as a starting point for Puljujarvi? Oilers are in the market for a goalie, are strapped for cash and Allen has better numbers than Smith and Koskinen. He only has 1 more year left but so does Koskinen so if they do decide to resign him, they will have $6 mil plus from just Allen and Koskinen next offseason. We get a RFA top-9 winger, potentially top-6, they get a cheap goaltender better than they currently have.
  9. Just read Kessel is on the block with 2 years @5mil per left i know he has attitude issues and his defence is suspect, but a Domi + picks to get him for 2 years may be worth it if Arizona will have Domi back.
  10. I wholeheartedly agree that at this moment I time Danault is more valuable to us than Domi. For not other reason than, as Commandant pointed out, to insulate our up and coming centres. Thanks not saying long term Domi wouldn’t be better once Suzuki and Kotkineime(I butchered the spelling) develope further. Having to choose one or the other right now, it would be Danault. That all being said, Danault is basically Plekanec. He will be, at best, a 2nd line center on a good team, but more likely a really good 3rd line shutdown guy. It’s fine if he believes he’s a 1st line guy, because on this team at this moment he is. He’s still basically Plekanec.
  11. As a straight trade, you are absolutely right. A top-6 forward RFA for a top-4 defenceman UFA is insane. I would imaging a trade like that would be on the back of a pre-negotiated deal with Krug. So that 4th would just be a 3rd.
  12. So we traded a 3rd and a 5th for a goalie that’s a decent starting goalie, that should reasonably be a real solid backup goalie that’s capable of lessening Price’s workload without much worry? We have cap room to spare and he has 1 year left on his deal. The only downside is the cap hit, but if it wasn’t for that, he would of costed a 2nd plus. Goaltending solved. That should almost guarantee playoffs next year. Can you imagine a well rested Price the entire season?
  13. Vigneault had his panties in a bunch after Muller threw out the first PP line at the end of a 5-0 blowout in game 2. Now he’s swatting at the hornets nest with his Gallagher comments and doubling down on them after finding out the extent of the injury. I think this series may be may be far from over as it seems Montreal with motivation is the better team right now. All Vigneault is doing is giving the habs motivation.
  14. Thanks for the link. I updated my original post to reflect it. I’m going to jump on the optimist train for this. In the 5 games played, habs are 2-1 when they score, 2-0 when they score more than 1. Philly doesn’t appear to be a scoring juggernaught. If the habs can keep from being blanked, by skating and driving the net, there’s still a legitimate shot at winning this series. More so than most series that are 3-1. Philly’s smothering defence is crippled by speed, something the habs didn’t bring in game 3 and 4. If they are going to take penalties, make them penalties from getting in Hart’s kitchen. The kid is good, but he’s been real fortunate with all the posts that have been hit that only 1 went post and in.
  15. The NHL department of player safety and drinking on the job suspends result not action. It’s sad but true. If Sanheim played the rest of the game and starts next game, which there’s no indication he isn’t, there won’t be a suspension. If Gallagher doesn’t play another shift until next season, the punishment they deem to be fair would be maybe a fine for Niskinan. At this point there hasn’t been an announcement they are looking into it, so he got away with it. EDIT: just found out they are in fact looking into the cross-check. Could be a game or 2 in my opinion.
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