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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If we are trading Poehling, I want something like Parayko back.
  2. Trade Deadline Planning

    Only remote possibility of something like that working is if we are throwing in the picks, not Edmonton. Or swap Alzner for Hudson. Still don’t want to get strapped for 4 more years of Lucic. i am intrigued in the rumours of Hamilton being available in Carolina. Only reservation is why is everyone so eager to trade him away.
  3. Trade Deadline Planning

    Didn’t meant to suggest you said anything about Puljujarvi, it’s just all over the forum, us getting him. From your list, the most interesting stand out cap dumps would be spezza and bouwmeester.
  4. Trade Deadline Planning

    With the situation in Edmonton, I doubt Talbot will even be traded. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his contract expires the end of the season. Oilers have no reason to pay extra to get rid of Talbot when they will be rid of him at seasons end, with no reason to free up cap space at this point. I would forget any trade to get Pujujarvi. If oilers are trading him, it’s for an upgrade they desperately need, not a cap dump.
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I would not give Markov 6m a year. His speed has declined, His production is steadily declining. He has trouble defending speed and the league is getting faster. I'd be comfortable 4-4.5 for 1 year, but no more. Plus he is representing himself in the negotiations. As for Radulov, it sounds like he was 7-8 years, but nobody is biting at that term. Sounding like he may have to settle for 4-5.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I read somewhere the Blue Jackets are shopping Murray. I'd give him a shot if we could do a 2nd and something for him. I think if we are moving a forward for a defenceman Gallagher or Shaw needs to go. I don't think we need 2 of the same type of players. SMall agitators that can put up a few points. IMHO I think Gallagher's value is higher so from the perspective of getting a bigger return, I would package Gallagher for a center/defenceman. Would rather it be Shaw, but Gallagher has higher value. Don't get me wrong here, I love Gallagher on the team.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I'd sign Yakupov, to either a 2-way or $950k or under, so if it doesn't work he can be 100% buried. I've been a fan of reuniting Yak and Galchenyuk for awhile. Sounds like Vegas is shopping Emelin. Wouldn't it be great if we could get Emelin for like a 2nd and Vegas retaining 2m of his salary? One can only dream I guess.
  8. Defence woes

    With some really good negotiating, We could get Markov re-sign $4m, Galchenyuk for $5m. King for $1.5m. Flynn for $1m or less. Radulov for $6.5m. Leaving $5m to entice Alnzer?
  9. Defence woes

    Whats the chances we could sign Alzner? With Weber, it would make for a solid shut down top pair, LHD to boot.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    All rumors aside of his off-ice activities. I'm not sure how solving scoring issues are solved by replacing and trading Galchenyuk. So far Galchenyuk has been more proven than Drouin, which don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of that trade. I actually think with Emelin getting picked, there's even more chance for Galchenyuk to stay on the team. The only coach he has ever had was Therrian, and Therrian is terrible at actually developing players. We have the cap space to sign Galchenyuk, Radulov and a FA defencman, paybe ever Shattenkirk @ 7 per for 5-7. I really believe that if we trade Galchenyuk now it'll be a McDonough type mistake unless we can bring a solid, young top 2 defenceman in return.
  11. I like the lineup changes. Two centres on the 4th line and a far more dependable 3rd pairing.
  12. Series Discussion Thread: Rangers vs Habs

    I 100% agree and that's the problem. By not increasing suspensions and not suspending players for injuring other players on deliberate plays, it is a wrong by ignorance.
  13. Series Discussion Thread: Rangers vs Habs

    I'm starting to think players should be starting to take the game in their hands again. I'm totally on board with a mentality of; you run price, you lose teeth and/or consciousness, then someone flies shoulder first into your netminder. This Methot/Crosby thing has me pissed beyond belief. Took the top off of Methots finger and not even a penalty. Someone needs to step in, knock Crosby the fark out, concuss him and look into a camera and say, "player safety isn't being player safety, so I'll serve my 8 games happily knowing I did what they should of." Maybe then the NHL would be a little more serious about some of the happening around the NHL.
  14. Noticed a few things last night. Missed the first game here in Mexico, but wasn't missing the 2nd. When chucky was upgraded to the 3rd line, we looked twice as dangerous. Let the 4th line be crashers and bangers. Julian's patented 4th line in Boston didn't have a 30 goal scorer on it. They went out, hit, crashed the net and irritated defenders and goaltenders. The problem with beaulieu and nesterov isn't beaulieu. It's that they are the same type of offensive defenseman and nesterov is worse. I understand why nesterov was dressed, but beaulieu looks better with Benn. He needs the stability defensively. Davidson is capable of being better than Benn. Watched him a lot in edmonton. What was up with the one-sided calls? Radu's first call was a result of 3 previous missed calls after the whistle by the Rangers. So how is it radu gets called first? I'm still never going to understand the officiating. 3 blatant calls ignored in ot because it was ot? lastly the habs need more puck support. All game long it was 3 rangers on the puck to 1-2 Canadiens. The idea of having an outlet for the puck battles is great, but useless when you lose 90% of those undermanned battles. Really need to be more aggressive in those battles and at least match numbers. The absolute worse is on the pp. Up a man and still out manned in puck battles. There's no excuse for that, none. That's why the pp sucks so much. Too much time trying to enter the zone because of the unwillingness to battle to keep the puck in. The dump ins are atrocious because of the unwillingness to match or outnumber on the puck. If we can make that minor change, we will have a dangerous pp. Sorry for the lack of caps and spelling mistakes. I hate typing on iPhones.
  15. Habs acquire Dwight King

    I think it does. For many years we have been too small and got out-hit. While speed is great, it's a time proven strategy that physicality wins series. We disappear in physical games, it's why we are horrible on California road trips with 3 big physical teams. While led I would like to see another 2nd line guy with some scoring touch added, I think these little tweaks will make us a better team for the rest of the year.