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  1. We have 2 2nds in this draft, a 2nd and a depth forward like Cousins or Thompson should get Gostisbehre. I know he should be valued higher, but for as much as he has been scratched and 3yr @ 4.5m has his value low. Philly is right up against the cap, the cap space alone is of real value to them, so they may take a 3rd and a cheap depth forward.
  2. https://www.letsgoleafs.com/articles/max-domi-and-jeff-petry-to-the-leafs/amp/ Jean-Charles Lajoie of TVA Sports Suggests habs trade Domi and Petry to the Leafs for Kapanen and throw in Ceci for cap space. Of course a Leafs news site grabbed right on to it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Domi or Petry is worth Kapanen. Who would give up both and take terrible Ceci in that deal?
  3. What happened to the habs team that played the first 2 periods? Third period starts, they start running into eachother, falling down, can't connect on a pass, skating lost in their own zone. That 3rd period was embarrassing. Something major has to change after what just happened.
  4. Only problem with that is keeping them off the scoresheet. I have a feeling those 2 are going to pick our defence apart tonight.
  5. Why are we trading price? If primeau is a #1 goalie for sure, which is never guaranteed, he’s still 5-6 years away. Trading Price would be a bigger setback than keeping him. Good goalies are hard to come by and even more expensive to acquire.
  6. Over dramatize much? whats your solution? Strip the farm for a window of a couple of years, then have no future, again? How did that work out for us in the early 2000’s? McDonagh for Gomez anyone? We aren’t anywhere near a cup right now, so why piss away everything to plug a hole that won’t make a lick of difference in the short term, and be a detriment to the organization in the long run? Sounds like someone is content with watching the habs play first round playoff series for awhile.
  7. I can guarantee that if MB had the opportunity at any point to make a Petry type move for a top 4 LD, we wouldn’t be discussing this today. The problem is team see that we are desperate for a LD, so our price is a little higher. We have a LD coming next year, if MB is right about Romanov. Mete isn’t a first pairing guy, at least not yet. Most suggestions on here about guys we should be targeting will cost us a good prospect or 1st round pick. The rest that are cheaper, aren’t really any better than we have now. Why aren’t we just being happy being a bubble team with a very promising prospect pool? Closer to the trade deadline, more players become available and maybe we can plug the hole. Better late than never in my opinion. Rushing this to maybe make the playoffs and go nowhere, with a big price tag, is a bad idea. Look at the oilers for reference.
  8. I can't believe Kinkaid is being put on waivers. The guy had average games in most of his starts, some stellar starts. Which is what you want from a backup. He is not the problem. If we are putting the problems on waivers, I guess all 6 D can go play in Laval. Seriously, are the brass actually watching the games? Giving up Grade-A chances are often as the D is doing is sickening. Watching 3 Canadiens player within 3 feet of eachother in the D-zone without the puck or an opposing player within 10 feet of any of them. Price has quit on the defense, Kinkaid has had some stellar first periods, then quits on the defense. Can you blame them? The defense has quit on the goalies long before any of this.
  9. 1-0 Habs, lets see how they can screw this up.
  10. They better pull it together. If we miss the playoffs this year, everyone will be pointing to this month, throwing away easier points.
  11. Julien should instruct them to not go on attack, just plug up the neutral zone the last minute of each period. It's sickening watching all these last minute of a period goals. The worse time to give up goals and it's killing them.
  12. One of the harder games we have this month. A win here would setup for a great month in the standing, assuming we don’t play down to our competition the rest of the month.
  13. I'm not complaining. If everyone is going at the same time it makes for some big wins, but otherwise pointless. Rather win a string by a goal than a couple by 3. Lets just hope Byron comes alive when someone else goes cold.
  14. They are not in win mode now. They hope they are in win mode now. They know they still have massive holes in their lineup, like bottom 9 forwards and defense. I don't think Puljujarvvi will be traded this season without an offer that blows Hollands socks off. He's playing too good now and his stock is on the rise, Holland will wait that out. Plus I read today that if Puljujarvvi would probably finish the season outside the NHL even if he was traded.
  15. Do you have a link to these rule changes? I would like to read up on them. Seems odd that double minors can be challenged but not a minor. In you example, if a double minor gets challenged and it was a “friendly fire” situation, does the entire penalty get negates or just the second minor? Edit: never mind, I stopped being lazy and found it myself. Thanks for the info on the rule changes.
  16. So if a failed coach challenge results in a penalty, why couldn't that phantom call be challenged?
  17. That'll leave us with 3 good RD and a sketchy LD. Fleury looked lost or tired before that call.
  18. Nope, we have Weber. Dropping nearly $15m into 2 34+ defencemen for the next 5 years will kill us. I'll take Brodin though.
  19. Missed the first period because of work. Yay late shift. First 3/4 of the 2nd Habs were a team with a mission. Last 5 minutes was something else. They need to get back to just skating hard.
  20. I’ll open by saying I missed the first half of the game due to work. That being said, the half I did watch, it was the habs game to lose. Barring a few breakaways, we had Tampa on the ropes nearly the entire 3rd. Had some good chances in the 3rd. Vasilevsky stole that game. It’s not a common occurrence to be outshot by 10 and win by 2 goals.
  21. No Drouin? Is he hurt or is something else going on? I haven’t been keeping up with this preseason as much as I should be.
  22. I've never understood the mentality of try to get as close to a playoff position or sneak in. Sitting 3 points out, we should aim to lose every game going forward and get a better pick. If we sneak in in 8th, the series will last 5 games if we are lucky, but more than likely it'll be 4 and done, with no chance at all at the lottery. As a matter of fact, when MB decided to do virtually nothing at the deadline, we should of began the tanking process right then. He showed his belief in the team getting anywhere in the playoff by his deadline actions. I actually agree with him not doing anything either.
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