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  1. my predictions are that - in the east Caps beat NYR in 6, Flyers beat Sabres in 7, Habs dump Boston out in 6, Bolts beat Pens in 6. in the west Vancouver beats Dallas/Hawks in 5, Sharks beat LA in 5, Wings beat Coyotes in 5 and finally Nashville beat Anaheim in 7
  2. Hi guys and girls, I am a massive Habs fan from Wales in the United Kingdom. Never used any forum to discuss the habs in the past but seeing as I dont know of a single person in my area who is interested in hockey let alone the Habs I thought now seems a pretty good time to join with the playoffs coming up vs the Bruins. I am on twitter (@croderick1982) however. Thankfully here in Wales I do still manage to get to see every Canadiens match online with the Espn Center Ice package and the occassional match they bother to show on Espn America TV, although annoyingly they show the Maple Leafs almost every Saturday night on HNIC here. I went to New York/Newark last week week and saw the habs against the Devils and was a great experience, especially as we won (also went to Devils-Flyers and Rangers-Bruins) but nothing will ever beat being in Montreal last May for the playoff series against the Pens. I got a ticket for game 6 and will never forget it! That was my one trip to MTL to date. Looking forward to chatting with you guys.
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