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  1. Petry is a bargain at $5.5 and the guy can skate very well. Resign him next year. So another 4-5 years not a big worry his play falls off a cliff is there? Most cup winners have several vets.
  2. But, then the Habs will need both a top four LH and a top four RH d-man to find next year. Habs have more forwards that can part with, than top four d-men (losing a Tatar, Lehkonen, Armia wouldnt hurt as much as losing Petry)
  3. You seem to be quite positive normally and that one seemed unusual for you, still went right over me head; but, wont ask you to dumb it down anymore than have. But, agree that team is "OK' and not all doom and gloom that some seem to like to pronounce. Gall darn I hate these mid -season vacations and no game till next Monday! No good! Pretty soon cup finals will be late June!
  4. Sorry, dont understand what you mean?
  5. Markov and Romanov both played forward then converted to play d. Didnt hurt Markov's career and Romanov looks pretty good so far.
  6. If gonna be a troll, at least be a smrt one and spell correctly
  7. https://theahl.com/stats/game-center/1020262 Evans #1 star.
  8. ‘It helped my development’: How Josh Brook’s stint as a forward brought the fun back to his game Brook bit in Athletic, just good to see Bouchard used him on the wing for couple games and appears all are pleased with result...after being healthy scratch in couple games and was struggling on the ice and between the ears.
  9. Pinard (21 yrs old) ; 26th goal, 1/2 way into game, 13th in Q scoring, 7th in goals. https://habsprospects.com/harveypinard.html
  10. 2-2 4minutes left 2nd. Vejdemo 1g Leskinen 1a Primeau 10shots
  11. No just your standard pessimistic spin is all. As expected.
  12. risk-averse? You do remember he sent Subban packing dont you? Traded Sergachev , Galchenyuk ...
  13. He is frickin 19 years old man, give him a break. (I assume he has been taking boxing lessons as well)
  14. Has Bergevin made more trades at the drafts than any other GM? He always seems to be deferring picks for extra ones.
  15. Caufield 0pts in 2 games i think Pick # 97 McShane 19g 44pts 41gms Pick# 201 Pinard 25g 53pts 43gms Pick # 71 Hillis 16g 57pts 41gms Pick # 128 Fonstad 10g 53pts 40gms Pick # 126 LeGuerrier 5g 21pts 40 gms Pick # 35 Ylonen 11g 19pts in 41gms (16:44/gm)
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