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  1. Domi faceoffs 18-19 996 faceoffs, 12.1/gm 19-20 788 faceoffs, 11.0/gm I had assumed bigger difference than that. Not that playing wing or centre wasnt a big issue in trade.
  2. But, i guess at 171st pick, if he has an elite shot at least, why not. (Brett Hull prided himself on not giving a crap about defense, or fitness and loved simply shooting every chance he had, so who knows)
  3. Joke or he really has skating issues? Norlinder 19:58 in each of last 2 games...likely an unusual stat. 0 pts, 2pts in 8gms Leskinen 2a yesterday, 3pts in 5 Liiga games 0pts today 18:18
  4. So how would RW look if did this? Gallagher,Mantha,Anderson Gallagher, Anderson, Mantha?
  5. Maybe will have the TT-KK-CC line for July-Aug playoffs?
  6. Seems they misjudged trying Drouin at C & Domi at W, but maybe 3rd time a charm and he will do fine at LW, if that is the plan?
  7. I thought Toffoli basically sounded like "I guess I could try LW" when asked.
  8. Dadanov to Sens, interesting choice.
  9. The oldest forward currently is Byron at 31 and with longer term deals they are handing out, dont know if they would want to add him or a Kovalchuk? Not a centre, but would you like to see Kovalchuk back at $700,000?
  10. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/kaiden-guhle-has-winning-on-his-mind/c-319469530 Guhle, always good to hear he skates so well and not simply the standard "He skates well...for a big guy."
  11. Sure is capable of it, if all the stars align for him, but why would you expect it? He might even play a lesser RW role this year. Gallagher/Taffoli/Anderson and Armia. Will one move to LW?
  12. He was drafted by and spent a few years in that great Sabres organization. 295gms in NHL 31pt/82gms reg season 25pt/82 in playoffs. That is what we should expect from him. 15g 15a, or 13g 17a, or 17g 14a; somewhere in there.
  13. Dont waste your time, they could win a cup and Eeyore will still be Eeyore. But totally agree it must be tough to stay that course given recent upgrades.
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