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  1. Dont care about Deslauriers, is another fringe NHLer and didnt mention him. I asked why McCarron is even still in a Habs jersey.
  2. Why are they hanging onto McCarron? Waste of a contract isn't he? He looked same as ever in Red/White game, simply 1/2 second or step too late to be effective.
  3. Could our lineup look like this

    Wasn't impressed with either Mete or Juulsen (in small amount I have seen so far) vs a minor league Devils team. A top pairing of those two kids would be ripped apart by top line on every other NHL team. I am leaning towards Mete should be in AHL to start the year.
  4. Muller signs a two-year extension

    "powerplay in ways the crappy coaches Therrien brought in before Muller couldn't" Doesn't sound like 'a specific coach', although the PP took a nosedive with Gallant running it as well. But, likely lack of skill is bigger issue than specific coach.
  5. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

  6. Muller signs a two-year extension

    Yes, i imagine Gallant will never get a NHL coaching gig ever again.
  7. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    How many Hab prospects likely be at world juniors? Kotkanimi, Ylonen, Olofsson, Suzuki, Poehling, Brook, Romanov?
  8. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Romanov 13:01 icetime in last game. Ylonen 14:27 in his 1st game
  9. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Hadn't you heard, this year the team is all about 'attitude', isnt about character anymore.
  10. And where is Domi lined up to start camp, centre as well. Gallant, Muller and other coaches also have obviously seen Galchenyuk different than fans or Arizona GM does. But, will be interesting to see how Toccett and staff utilize him. Group B lines: Drouin - Domi - Armia
  11. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    15,001 now with Joel Ward at camp.
  12. Habs sign Joel Ward to a PTO

    Another washed up vet? Exciting stuff. But, what can it hurt I suppose.
  13. But, if both or either can become an all-star calibre forward that will be a big improvement from what we have had.