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  1. Irritating, but no surprise, given Quebec's folks open mindedness and welcoming...oops i got that backwards.
  2. Oh oh, riots gonna break out in Montreal with an English head coach...
  3. Did you see Ouellet fall down skating backwards, as Philly forward blew by him? He is likely doing his best; but, he simply isn't an NHL calibre d-man and unlikely to be on any other NHL squad next year.
  4. Need yes, likely to happen, nyet. I think Thompson gave all the forwards tips on how to finish a scoring play before he was traded.
  5. Complaining about biased refs for some reason isnt new, that is for sure.
  6. Dint think it matters who is 6th d or 4th line wing, they are not the players who will be key to beating Philly.
  7. They had a 31-40 record for good reason. 6g by forwards in 5games should be about as expected.
  8. Fun game so far. Gallagher 5 shots Armia 6 shots Petry 18:01; Weber 12:14
  9. Neither, not a surprise, but still I wouldnt pick Habs to beat Philly.
  10. Went from 1 of 5 HabWriters picking Habs over Pens, to 3 of 5 for this series.
  11. Not even similar and you know what he means. Those 'supposed' Hab fans cheering for loss, when playoffs was a distinct possibility doesnt sit well with me neither.
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