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  1. Potato head just tossed that stuff out there as possible examples of whining yet to come, dont think was expecting a real response?
  2. Mr Kerr, it all went off the rails here.
  3. Today: Oil vs Jets, Leafs vs Flames, not exactly sure who to pull for... just no OTs & Leafs lose seems best.
  4. Still way off thread topic but what the heck; Gotta PVR many games due to early eastern starts, so that also works well with having Centreice, as it did with much cheaper RDS.
  5. A Canuck fan said to me, "I thought the Canucks were one bad team...till i saw Ottawa!" So dont read much into blowout, Sens are one bad team and showed it yesterday. Not sure who they will battle for top draft odds, but my money is on them to finish last in NHL.
  6. Got no option, so have purchased centreice every year since RDS games got blacked out several years ago. I can easily justify that cost, which would be about same (or less) as seeing 1 game live. But i would switch back to RDS in a second, if it showed every Hab game out west again. But i assume owners will be squeezing every penny out of fans that they can for foreseeable future.
  7. Irrelevant, it may have, but good on you for not taking it too seriously.
  8. I used to have to pay $4.99/month for RDS RDS2 & TVA. Now RDS games are blacked out here, so is 10x cost with Centreice costing $40-50/month and i have little interest in NHL games aside from Habs, so rarely watch other games. At least this year, have rooting interest in every candian match up and may watch more of those games.
  9. WTF is your issue? Being a real dick over & over doesnt add much, but got to be some like that i suppose. And ignore function works well if need be. Have a wonderful day sir!
  10. Nice stretch by the 6'4" kid. Omaha Lancers on Twitter: "🎥Jakub Dobes makes an outstanding save to keep the Lancers ahead🎥 @SportsCenter #SCTop10 https://t.co/pEnhsWSeff" / Twitter
  11. Danault has just 2 shots in 6 gms, no wonder he hasnt scored yet. Fewest on the team, even Perry has 4.
  12. Tuch 1g(2) Farrell 1a Ikonen/Norlinder 0pts Gordin 1g(19) 1a
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