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  1. Need Kotkaniemi to score a bit on the road, 10lbs heavier and a year under his belt should help.
  2. No, 12:28/gm icetime, 10shots in 8gms, +3 and team only given up 11g in first 8gms. https://habsprospects.com/romanov.html https://en.khl.ru/stat/players/851/all/cska/
  3. 6'6" 210lb Ruscheinski 5g 0 pts, 2pims, 0 shots Romanov 8 KHL games 0pts Dichow 3-1, 1.97gaa 0.922% (good #s even after giving up 5g on 23shots 2 games ago) Swed J20 Norlinder 1gm in Swe2, 3:32 icetime, hope was sick, or just not used and not injured.
  4. Domi 26th in centre scoring Danault 48th Kotkaniemi 84th C- 195pts total St Louis 18th, 45th, 71st C- 270pts total
  5. Shows how much i know RE Juulsen? Hope is just precautionary and Poehling & Byron arnt hurt too badly
  6. Poehling, Chariot and Leskinen are ones i am curious about seeing.
  7. Isnt Kulak a better overall d-man than Chariot, even though Bergevin overpaid for one of the two (for some reason?).
  8. Ovi went down in pain at informal skate and helped off the ice. Hope nothing serious.
  9. Ylonen 1a in champions hockey league play 9pts in 9gms overall A Oct 2018 bit on Romanov, i didnt know he did like Markov and switched from playing forward to defense. https://en.khl.ru/news/2018/10/11/411788.html
  10. $4.833m RH d-man 35pts, not a good fit for Habs.
  11. But, Suzuki did say in summer, more of less, that Habs wanted him at centre (maybe meant longer term) and assume he will be in Laval and maybe play wing/some centre when injuries happen and gets called up?
  12. Bean in a Hab jersey would be OK.
  13. Romanov shown on #1 d-pairing today.
  14. Jump to Conclusions, is such a fun game.
  15. Which most dont. Look at shootout % and average is only 30-40% i think. But, Byron gets more breakaways than most, for sure.
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