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  1. Doesnt seem like this award has gone to very many good NHLers. A few good NHLers on the list. Winners Year Winner Position School Born 1981 Neal Broten Center Minnesota Roseau, Minnesota 1982 George McPhee Left Wing Bowling Green Guelph, Ontario 1983 Mark Fusco Defense Harvard Burlington, Massachusetts 1984 Tom Ku
  2. https://theahl.com/stats/game-center/1022575 5-3 win, nice. Caufield 2g1a 5shot 1st star in debut, awesome and got a feeling he will follow it up with more offense than some others have, sorry Ryan.
  3. Gallagher had 36 games in the AHL before he started (strike season). I think you are joking but you dont need to rush him that quickly.
  4. Off the ice? Jeepers, how many leaders do you need? And once players hit old-timer softball age (which he has), is time to reevaluate their role. To replace Weber is an off-season item...that of course isnt happening anyways but, unless Seattle has brain cramp and also believes your leadership value in him, he is going nowhere anytime soon. Also why i havent even considered who will replace him. I just hope coaching staff regulates his minutes and healthy scratch's him once in a while (unlikely but might be best for him).
  5. Well, i would say, he again had several other terrible lazy plays, creating turnovers for no good reason.
  6. I have a better feeling about this one. GHG
  7. Ya, think we will really gonna miss Gallagher's 'gumption' vs what Drouin typically shows in puck battles. But, Drouin can be such a smart playmaker and when motivated will even toss a hit and fore/back check...once/game. But, simply need to be able to rely on skill moreso and not simply hoping to outwork the other team every game. But, they are what they are for this year and i dont expect any big add-ons. Maybe Caufield can chip in a few, but cant expect him to be any kind of difference maker.
  8. OK, my mistake Saku, agree Leafs kicked ass in the 1st, but was quite the opposite in the 2nd and 2nd 1/2 of 3rd. So did show up;, but the Habs just dont have a Marner, Tavares or Matthews to rely on. Highest paid forward on Habs $5.5m/yr...and it shows in a game like this, no game breakers on a regular basis. Leafs have 4 forwards paid between $7m-$11.6m and seems to be working out OK this year, so far. So, just gotta hope depth will be a difference maker over the next 30-40games.
  9. Well, Matthews is a top 5 player in NHL, he missed all of 3 games, still has 28g & 48pts, so WTF are you talking about?
  10. Hopefully coaching staff doesnt play favorites and goes strictly with performance. Bergevin's stated idea of player loyalty, should kick in for Seattle draft...not that Seattle would pluck Weber as their choice...but let them if they want to.
  11. Of course i do! Biggest need is, has been, hasnt changed and still same for past 25yrs+, need an all-star/#1 line elite forward. But, no rumours on that front and dont expect any in-season.
  12. Would much much rather see Romanov get a hat-trick and/or shine in his own end on the PK.
  13. NHL. com match-up summary MONTREAL TORONTO 1-2-1 Record 3-1-0 11 Goals 15 125 Shots on goal 107 33.33% PP% 45.45% 54.55% PK% 66.67% 55% on the PK...ugly stat of the day.
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