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  1. For $100,000,000 I think Molson & crew will be OK with some goofy advertising stuff.
  2. Montreal "Google" Canadiens has a nice ring to it... Desperate time calls for inventive $$ schemes.
  3. Skillsy...the Habs next d-coach.
  4. What stores?Most have maintained essentials, havent they? Aside form medical suppplies of course.
  5. Is a pretty low immature bar he sets and lowers almost daily.
  6. This is kookiest thing i heard today; but, dont worry Trump will no doubt top you. Are you kidding? Come on, be realistic! AND, what would that have to do with the current virus situation or NHL?
  7. LeBrun "The Montreal Canadiens have been assured by the league that they will get the chance to host the NHL Draft again in the next couple of years, and while the formation of this year’s event has yet to be determined due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there are some intriguing possibilities."
  8. https://ontariohockeyleague.com/article/2019-20-ohl-coaches-poll-winners
  9. Is he quick enough for pros? "Hillis is the clear leader in play away from the puck. He pressures opponents harder on the forecheck, backcheck, and in-zone, and show a defensive pride that is not mirrored by many Junior prospects. That includes battling and blocking shots with little concern for safety. "
  10. You do know is a 2 way contract.
  11. 10g 20a in 72gms as a rookie, with not choice minutes or PP play. But, he really just not good enough to bump anyone in top six and too slow and not good enough as defensive grinder.
  12. Larry Robinson Bobby Hull Bob Gainey Mark Messier Denis Potvin
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