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  1. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Good road period.
  2. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Hawks 22nd in goals for and 30th in goals against. Habs 12th in GF. A nice high scoring game by Habs would be fun.
  3. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    No hurry anyways.
  4. Habs still in wildcard spot, Chicago is dead last in league.
  5. Dec. 8, Laval vs Toronto, 4 PM

    https://theahl.com/stats/game-summary/1018712 4-3 OT Win 2 for 6 on the PP. Evans 1g (8) Simon Despres #1 star?
  6. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Brook 2nd star of game in 5-3 loss. Suzuki 2nd star also. http://whl.ca/video/highlights-warriors-3-at-blades-2
  7. it did seem his last games were worse.
  8. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    How do you think he do at the WJC? He should find it easier vs younger opposition I would assume.
  9. He made me watch his amateurish defense at expense of Habs success.
  10. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Teasdale 2g(13, 14)1a, 2nd star in 6-3 loss. Hillis 1g (8) 5shots, 3rd star in 4-3 loss McShane 1g (11) Brook 1a 3rd period Fonstad 1g(8)1a end of 2nd
  11. Take him...please! Dont want to see him in a Hab jersey again.
  12. Dec. 7, Rocket vs Senators, 7 PM

    Evans has 3 shots, but rest of team seems pretty quiet (on Paper anyways).
  13. I was OK with Alzner signing, but didnt really know his game and never paid any attention to him before.
  14. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Your a fan? He has his good and bad moments, he is a team worst -8.
  15. He was just not qualified to be in NHL
  16. Maybe, but is just an observation and i 100% agree Bergevin f'ed up by not having a plan "B" other than a washed up d-man to replace Markov. But, seems unlikely Markov would of made much of a difference in season failure.
  17. Seems might of cut bait with ol Markov at right time; he had 3pts in 19playoff games last year and has 2g 10pts in 33games this year.
  18. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    He seems to be handling everything pretty well so far.
  19. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    late Dec Petry now 13th in d-scoring.
  20. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Kotkaniemi tied for 5th in rookie scoring.
  21. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Rock on, nice win. 43-21 in shots 9 shots for Gallagher. Domi 0 pts 4 hits 16:28 for #15, nice. Petry 1g1a +3 Habs pass Bruins for 1st wildcard spot and poor Sens now 6points behind.
  22. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    blender I think
  23. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Sweet (smart) shot by Petry
  24. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Price looking good in first bit