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  1. Luke Henman wasn't signed by Carolina. He could be a try-out, if the Habs have their development camp
  2. I was going through list of invited players to CH combines that eventually were signed to AHL contract. 2012 looks interesting in hindsight: https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2012/6/12/3080735/montreal-canadiens-host-team-draft-combine
  3. Thanks for sharing this Commandant Good read!
  4. I would agree if we were a year ago (2019). At the end of that season it was clear Drouin was "pouting" and underperforming. On his exit interviews he acknowledge he was not good enough During the summer he worked a lot using video with his old coach. He did not that great during training camp, expectatuions where high But from the start of the season until he got hurt, he was delivering. His played was much better === that is why I am hopeful: despite the extra scrutiny of being a local french speaking player, he didn't crumble under the pressure but actually showed improvement. To me, that was very positive
  5. I think the CH is working really hard on molding Drouin into shape. He seems to be responding better than Galchenyuk, the Kostitsins and Beaulieu I am hopeful, but not blindly hopeful
  6. I do count on him, he _has_ to take Tatar’s spot as out 1st line LW at some point or the Habs are in trouble . There is little scoring from the wings on this team
  7. I disagree , before he got injured Drouin 2.0 was applying himself on back checking . He was much better. Armia is good too
  8. Why am I arguing 😜 Let's send Sid the Kid to the closest Tim Horton's this summer and spoil their cup run: Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Domi-Armia Lehkonen-Suzuki-Byron Evans-Weal-Weise Poehling instead of Evans if that works better GoHabsGo !
  9. The Chicutimi Cucumber (and others) have made the point time and time again that the Habs should aim to build a deep talented team to become a perennial contender. Harris, Norlinder and the others may or may not pan out. We I read the article it got me thinking on how to replace the AHL-fillers we have on LD with more talented AHLers. I was hoping to push Olofsson, McEneny or Culkin out if Chisholm is an upgrade. I would love for the Habs to have to make a tough decision on which LD prospects to keep because we have too much talent.
  10. I wasn't sure if it was your article or not, great stuff @dlbalr ! Chisholm seems like an update on McEneny or Culkin who are up for re-signing their AHL contracts. Harris does not need to be signed until 2022 and Olofsson is not always healthy.
  11. Not yet, its the "Play ins" as per NHL
  12. I was looking at this "Full List Of 2020 Expiring Draft Rights": https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2020/05/full-list-of-2020-expiring-draft-rights.html I after going through all the players I was wondering if these would fit in Laval? Luke Henman (C drafted #96 in '18) 25g 74pts 63gms Declan Chisholm (LD drafted #150 in '18) 13g 69pts 69gms Alexis Gravel (Goalie drafted #162 in'18)
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