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  1. Maybe we can ask Weise to crash Hart's net skates first ? He is playing like Price was a few years back !
  2. OUELLET ======== maybe NHL experience is a factor that weighs in his favour ? I think he has more NHL games than the others In that logic, Mete would also have more games than the others but why play him on his off-side ? WEISE ===== he does not take risks like Hudon would and does not force the play. He also has size and may be the only one on the time that may drop the gloves besides Domi TALENT ====== talent wise, the players that should be coming in for those are IMO Fleury, Juulsen, Folin Weil, Evans, Poehling, Hudon
  3. I thought Suzuki had stopped it it was another great save by Carey
  4. I am sure there will be changes for next game. I can’t see him playing both Ouellet AND Weise next game. at least one of t he sits , hopefully both
  5. Lost first game against Phily Picking 16 may not be that bad after all, if CHI can also get bounced this round that would give two decent picks in the second round (wrong thread)
  6. Another post against Price. Lucky but does not bode well for the series
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