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  1. You are right, I know. Based on the feedback, I was looking at this list:
  2. Ok, I guess I have to reply. I was going with that extrapolation, and not squinting my eyes to make it fit. It is hard to put together a trade for a LW 3rd liner because Montreal would not want to touch its top-9 forwards or the top-4 defensemen Also, trading bottom line/pair players will not lower the salary cap sufficiently. TO keep withthe trade proposal, sending Armia and Mete and waiving Romanov to be cap compliant. I would add Struble and also take the "maybe" from the offer of a 2021 (2nd round) draft pick. That would give Detroit two NHL ready Ds, one solid prospect and a decent 2021 draft pick. It may still be too little for Mantha, but that is as high as I would go. Not trying to Fleece, I think Mantha has played top line wing because Detroit is such a dissater of a team. He is more of a middle-6 winger to my armchair GM eyes. Armia has some potential to score as much; althought Armia seems to be hurt more often than Mantha: 2017-03-30 Red Wings • Anthony Mantha fractured finger (out for season) 2017-12-29 Red Wings • Anthony Mantha undisclosed / groin injury (DTD) 2019-11-24 Red Wings • Anthony Mantha knee injury (DTD) 2016-03-08 Jets • Joel Armia lower body injury (DTD) 2016-11-04 Jets • Joel Armia lower body injury (DTD) 2017-10-27 Jets • Joel Armia undisclosed (DTD) 2018-04-27 Jets • Joel Armia upper body injury (DTD) 2018-11-08 Canadiens • Joel Armia knee injury (DTD) 2019-10-19 Canadiens • Joel Armia lower body injury (DTD) Yeah, you are probably right. But I woul dnot trade too much for Mantha. just what I added on this repply: Armia, Mete, plus Struble and a 2nd in 2021 I do not think Detroit would want Weal and Byron. Poehling maybe since he has become expendable now that the Habs have signed Anderson and Toffoli. I would combine what youpropose and what I changed in this replyt, to become: Mantha for Armia, Poehling (isntead of Mete), Struble and a 2nd in 2021. I think the Red Wings need defensemen more than forwards but Poehling has a higher pedigree.
  3. Sir_ Boggalot (?) has been saying this on another thread if he is right , this trade makes sense
  4. Here is an idea for a trade: To Montreal Anthony Mantha (RFA, $3.3M-$3.6M) To Detroit: Joel Armia ($2.6M) & Victor Mete ($735K), and maybe a 2021 draft pick Detroit gets what some consider a 25g RW at a lower price and an NHL mobile defenseman for a bit less than Mantha. An upgrade to two position for the price of one player Montreal gets a left-shooting winger, local francophone, top 9 player. It does not improve the cap situation for Montreal, but it helps balance the top 3 lines.
  5. I would play Gallagher, Toffoli and Anderson ahead of Armia And I would play Byron ( if healthy) ahead of Lehkonen, Evans and Poehling
  6. Armia was a great 3rd liner on the team the Habs used to be. He was a 4th liner in Winnipeg before the trade and will probably be a 4th liner on the improved Habs team. Similar to Lehkonen.
  7. sure, like we did for Mete... until we didn’t
  8. He has been working on this reset for a couple of years, including: Weal for Chaput Kulak for Taormina and Valiev Tatar, Suzuki, and a 2019-2nd that became Norlinder and LeGuerrier for Pacioretty Armia and Jack Smith (2020 4th round) and Steve Mason for Simon Bourque Domi for Galchenyuk (it was a good deal) Chiarot Andrew Shaw and 2021-7th-rounder for Jan Mysak, 2020-7th-rounder (given in Jake Allen's trade) and the Hawks' 2021 3rd-round pick Traded the 2020 4th-round received for Deslaurier for the Shark's 2021 3rd-round pick Traded 2020 the late 2nd-round pick gotten for Scandella for Sean Farrel (2020 5th round) and 2021 2nd-round pick I mean, MB made the recent changes, added extra picks for 2020 and 2021 AND kept the prospect pool intact: Kotkaniemi, Suzuki, Poehling, Evans, Fleuri, Brook, Ylönen, Romanov, J.Olofsson, Primeau, That is very impressive!
  9. 30, because he is younger than Price and should be a decent backup during the "Price-Weber" cup contention years
  10. Very happy to read that he is signed. I would have hated to lose him. Once we have Danault signed we will have the core of the team to contend for the cup with Price and Weber. I expect Drouin to do better now that we can count on Toffoli, Gallagher, Tatar and even Anderson to be counted to score more than him. He should have less coverage from other teams and should meet expectations of abount 25 g/season. He is oOverpaid for being the token local guy, but a decent middle 6 winger.
  11. 13 forwards (keeping the waivers excempt forwards in the the AHL) Tatar, Danault, Gallagher, Drouin, Suzuki, Toffoli, Byron, Kotkaniemi, Anderson, Lehkonen, Evans, Armia, Weal 7 defensemen (waiving Ouellet and Mete or keeping Mete and sending Romanov down for a tune-up in the the AHL to get used to North-American Hockey) Chiarot, Weber, Edmundson, Petry, Kulak, Juulsen, Romanov or Mete) Price and Allen ===================== I re-calculated the Habs cap, with my suggestions and they will not be able to meet it without trading someone that makes above $1M even if tehy waive Romanov and bring Juulsen up (he has a lower salary)
  12. If I was MB, I would keep the current roster unless a good deal on a trade comes up. There may be injuries down the road and both Mete and Ouellet can be waived. Mete may get picked up, but I doubt it. He would benefit from playing a lot in Laval.
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