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  1. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Looks like a good trade for the CH, I would also settle for Gillaume Brisebois
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I like the swap of LWs for Pittsburgh. Hagelin would need to be traded at the deadline for this to make sense for the CH; for example, for a mid-2nd round pick. I agree, I do not want him to go unless we get value in return. How about: To PIT: Pacioretty a depth LD (Benn, Schlemko, Valiev, ...) To MTL: 2019 1st round pick, Zachary Lauzon Hagelin
  3. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    If we are tanking for another year but looking to develop the players, I would continue with the Drouin experiment at center. I almost agree on your line-up, except for Peca on the top line. I would give that spot to Drouin and ride him on that spot all season again.... it's good for the tank I wish Scherbak was further along. This may be the year he takes that step. I also liked how Drouin performed with Byron and Gallagher and I think that Domi should be an upgrade on Byron. I would go with: Domi-Drouin-Gallagher Hudon-Danault-Scherbak Lehkonen-Plekanec-Armia and once healthy: Byron- Delarose/Peca -Shaw
  4. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    Isn't it sad that we are already down to discussing bench warmers instead of our top line? But yes, according to MB. I am still hoping for a Deslaurier-McCarron-Rychel 4th line
  5. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    My mistake, I meant the opposite: waiver eligible
  6. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Their UFA signings were for 3rd liners . They need to remain somewhat competitive and a conditional pick in 2019 from the CH if Pacioretty doesn't extends with them may do it From eyeballing their depth and lineup, I do not think the Devils would want Pacioretty; they seem to be doing fine upfront without someone like him
  7. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I do not see why Devils would trade with the Canadiens, or the Rangers I would love to get Juolevi and a pick in 2019 for Pacioretty from the Canucks
  8. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    I hope McCarron & Rychel can be signed to an AHL/friendly depth contract even if waiver exempt. They may still turn into decent 4th liners and as of now would be good wingers to the CH's crip of centre prospects
  9. I am always optimistic, even this year. Yeah, I know I'll be asked what stuff I'm smoking... This club has shown resilience in the past and they may pull a LVGK
  10. Injury news

    xXx..CK..xXx, all kidding aside with the "cruise for Hughes" or draming that Price will be magical again and get us into the playoffs. I think that it will not be as frustrating as last season: 1) we know already what we have at D, and can only be pleasantly surprised there: a really good D-coach can help there. For myself: I want to see Juulsen and Mete improve. I wanted them to be the top pair in Laval to have lots of minutes, they can now do that at the NHL level but need the right metooring and coaching 2) we cannot expect this team to be more than a .500 team, probably less. But I expect it to compete every game since that is what they are selling us with so much emphasis on Attitude, youth and speed. I want to see a better structured play and progression from the U-26 core 3) Last, I want to see consistent performances from the over 26 group. Price, Petry, Pacioretty, etc. That will make me happy. The other points above are expected. If I see all of these, then the season won't be a waste and thus less frustrating than last year's where we were sold on having a better D and playoff hopes: expectations are lower this year
  11. Injury news

    Yeah! Let'a fire the medical staff and go in full rebuild there too. Bad doctor! Bad!
  12. Injury news

    I think we are better to let it play out like Colorado did and be patient for a greater return. Pacioretty has Wolverine genes after all For player development reasons, I see more benefit to play Patches and be patiente patient instead of tanking from training camp
  13. Injury news

    Actually, I think is good luck: we have a decent chance to rebuild successfully with the deep draft next year
  14. Injury news

    Cruise for Hughes it is! Now, let's keep Pacioretty until the deadline and get as many draft picks as possible
  15. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I do not agree that Gauthier didn't leave a mess. After Gainey's daughter disappeared at sea , Gauthier ran the club and later inherited the title. Gainey's legaccy was: Notable draft picks: Leblanc, Dumont, Kristo, Pateryn, McDonagh, Pacioretty, Subban, Y. Weber, Ryan White, Price, Latendresse, D'Agostini, S.Kostitsyn, Chipchura, Emelin, Wyman, Grabovski, A.Kostitsyn, Lapierre, O'Byrn, Halak Notable trade acquisitions: Gomez, Gionta, Cammallery, Pyatt, Pouliot, Tanguay, Lang, Scheneider, J.Georges, Huet, Streit, Kovalev, I do not remember those teams as being strong cup contenders. They had some good runs, but it was always a struggle. Always deprived of a dominant center. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that none of those teams ever really "came together". Only the 2007 draft year yielded a good crop of players. None of the trade acquisitions brought elite players. I do not understand why it is forgotten how bad the team Bergevin inherited was. And how thin the prospect pool was...