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  1. Jan. 16, Belleville vs Laval, 7:30 PM

    That is a good analysis (as usual) Olofsson's contract is up this summer and I would be surprised he is resigned. Juulsen should be up with the club as a 3rd pairing D behind Petry. Evans is the only prospect that would be an upgrade on Chaput and Peca. Next year, Laval will be much better
  2. Jan. 16, Belleville vs Laval, 7:30 PM

    Looks promising
  3. Jan. 16, Belleville vs Laval, 7:30 PM

    I am happy to see the numbers on Evans. I really hope he becomes the CH's 4th line center behind Kotkaniemi, Domi and Danault in the near future.
  4. First Goal for Mete

    I like Mete, he is Ann exciting player that can move the puck and is effective defending But he is not a top-2 I am cheering for him to score his first goal, but probably Ina lower pairing
  5. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    I was thinking the same about Chapit being Froese 2.0 I am ok with him on the 4th line as long as we are preparing Vejdemo, Evans or even McCarron to take over that after the trade deadline (when I hope the CH will clear expiring congrats for late picks )
  6. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    Would possession be driven lower when forwards are turning over the puck and not supporting D? It seemed to me it was not all on Weber and Mete? just asking
  7. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    I specially liked the one where he was swimming back besides the net( kind of like this )
  8. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    What an exciting game, glad for the win. I though Armia played well with Domi. Domi came though in the end and Petry is making me a believer Always fun to beat the Bruins
  9. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    Their fighting literally and hanging on in this game. I like how Kotka is playing in the top line. Reilly is doing his Hall Gil impersonation tonight and Mete is having a great game thank God we have Carey being Carey again
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    My kind of trade, hope it happens
  11. Avalanche vs Canadiens 7:00pm

    I'd say 6 point out 10 before the all star break
  12. Avalanche vs Canadiens 7:00pm

    Happy with the team effort. Drouin played like he should play everygame The D group had a strong game Let's hope they've turned it around
  13. Avalanche vs Canadiens 7:00pm

    I hope Kotka's line plays as much as Domi's line an de that it starts leading to Kotka moving up a rung Go habs Go!
  14. Jan. 10, Montreal vs St. Louis, 8 PM

    this year's team continues to struggle against bigger teams. I like how they were using speed at the beginning of the season , but that seems so long ago January is going to be a tough moth. Hopefully they will play .500
  15. Jan. 10, Montreal vs St. Louis, 8 PM

    I hope the CH doesn't get squished by the Blues and that they make it an enjoyable game to watch. I also hope Mete has a good game and that he finally scores tonight. Go, Habs Go!