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  1. ok, just to follow your argument. If my quick analysis is crap, what numbers do you base your opinions on? Please share, I would like to see them.
  2. Yes, I also knew that without the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet shows without a doubt that the CH is clearly above average in the regular season but not as good in the playoffs A pet peace of mine is when someone claims something is true based on their opinion where data shows otherwise (e.g. climate change)
  3. I had 2011 because in the spreadsheet I started from the draft is included with the preceding season. MB drafted Chucky after the 2011-2012 season. By mistake, I included that last PG season. The numbers, seem to show that the CH has performed well during the season but underperformed during the playoffs.
  4. he was the GM for the 2011 draft where he selected Galchenyuk, wasn't he? (edit) oh! sh!!t, yeah. Galchenyuk = 2012 Let me double check my spreadsheet
  5. ok, here is the spreadsheet analysis: https://drive.google.com/file/d/102S-AKuH81-COsCjTgT6Tg-Q5imkCvcH/view?usp=sharing [fixed spreadsheet. Thanks Commandant!] Based on total points for Marc Bergevin teams (2012-2019) the CH is above average 669.62 points, over the 625.96 average or the 648.13 median Based on the total point multiplied by (1+ playoff-winning-percentage) the CH is above average 839.25 over the 781.13 average or the 779.73 median The last two seasons have moved them lower on the rankings, but it seems to have retooled them to move up for another push for the cup. Overall, a decent (above average) job by the GM
  6. Ricahrd9. I'll post the numbers for us to have something beyond an opinion. We can debate the numbers then , but at least we can base it on results It took me a day to create the spreadsheet. I'll try to find the time this weekend. in 2018, the team was trending down, so I may be wrong now; let me put the numbers together
  7. hab29RETIRED, I'll post the numbers as soon as I add the 2018-2019 season
  8. Good question: points per season and playoff performance compared to other teams. The CH is clearly above average. I had posted an excel spreadsheet last year, I'll update it and share it again
  9. Not sure where you get the idea that MB inherited a team with winning tradition, that is ignoring the Houle and Gauthier years and most of the Gainey years The CH has not had a winning tradition since the early 90s MB changed the team from average to above average. That is a fact
  10. totally disagree. He is an above average GM, that has won trades on years he has sucked at drafting and lately he has sucked at trades and won the drafting. He is doing an OK job, but is not top-8/quartile yet. The next two seasons will determine if he is a perennial upper-average guy or a top GM.
  11. MB has been an above average GM throughout his career. early on he was handcuffed by the trades of draft picks, but I believe that he thought he had a core good enough to copete for the cup and traded away more draft picks to go for it. He failed, did a first reset getting Weber, Shaw and hitting a home run with Byron, failed to retain Radulov and Markov and was forced to do the current soft-reset instead of transitioning the draft picks into a new solid core. I like how he has structured the contracts with lots of flexibility from now until the 2021 expansion draft. I like how he is keeping to the plan in building through the draft, not trading away the future or handcuffing himself with another bad free agent signing like Alzner I will reserve my judgement on his performance this summer, leading into the season until the first week in October when teams will have to be under the cap. I think that by then the CH will have its top-4 LD and MB will have proven again that he is above average, but not infallible
  12. Time to move on, the CH has sufficient D depth. Markov cannot defend any better than Alzner at this point. too expensive as a PP specialist
  13. Sounds more work than I was expecting, you are probably closer to what should happen I still dream that Carey gets hot, Weber plays like a man on a mission and Drouin scores 40 in a second line with Kotka
  14. Can you: yes, the CH is doing so. Should you: it depends, in the CH's case it was the price to pay to avoid being locked-in a no-movement clause with a player who has been deemed tradeable twice... without too many ex-teammates crying a river for the loss. <<Insert arguments that will be ignored>> Now, how can the CH improve to become a cup-contender in the near future?
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