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  1. I am so anxious for a trade that tried something even if I am not good at trade proposals: but I what if we could swap Beaulieu for Detroit's Bredan Smith. Maybe a change in scenery would benefit Smith with the Canadians. On a multi-player deal with drafts and some of the Canadians prospects we may be able to pry away Anthony Mantha from Detroit...
  2. Fowler on D or Eberle on F... those come to mind.
  3. Let's hope MB doesn't make a desperation trade to save his job and send Sergachev to Arizona
  4. Beaulieu's and Tinordi's failures in addition to McDonagh really hurt now
  5. I know, it is a poor offer from the Habs. What I was thinking and didn't write that if Beaulieu will never be the top-pair partner for Weber then we shoudl get rid of him in a trade and package other stuff (cap space/contract in DD, and draft choices) to get us the LD we need for a run at the cup. Not doing so, to me, is a total failure of what the CH set out to do when we traded for Weber to compete Now.
  6. I wouldn't go for Hutton or anyone that may be at Beaulieu's level. I would trade Beaulieu + Desharnais + 2017 first round draft and a conditional 2018 2nd for a first pair LD that would push Markov and Emelin down. I think that would get us over the hump
  7. Trade

    Thanks Commandant. I have been trying to keep an eye on players that will go unprotected. It is interesting from doing that to see that the AHL-ers they have been inexplicably playing (like DLR) are those would need to be protected.
  8. Trade

    Does anyone know if Nesterov needs to be protected in the expansion draft?
  9. Yes, that was why I thought it was interest that MB insisted on a one year deal. To avoid having to use a protection list spot for Rad. Some others unprotected are based on comments on the board about player under certain numbers of games/years that do not need to be protected.
  10. Seems to me that a trade is coming, with the CH moving out one of Redmond/Pateryn/Barberio if all D get healthy. At that point, it would be dumb to loose one of these three through waivers. I like the second line, and Byron is playing well on the first line, and shoul dbe there until he cools off. The fourth line would be really good with Terry-Mitchell-Flyn; that leaves the thrid line as the revolving door. I would love for Danault and Shaw to build chemistry so that we can let the others fight it out for the 3rd left wing spot, but I do not see that happening with MT Showing in bold those potentially in an expansion protection list (meaning they have to play), the line-up becomes something like this: Byron-Galcheynuk-Radulov Pacioretty-Plekanec-Gallagher Desharnais-Danault-Shaw Terry-Mitchell-Flynn Extras: Carr, Lenkohnen Emelim-Weber Markov-Petry Beaulieu-Redmond Extras: Barberio-Pateryn, Price Montoya
  11. We are getting close Don, I'm hoping for a deep run too
  12. I just wanted to repost this since I do not get too many predictions right I don't post often, but enjoy reading everyone's contributions
  13. I think I read that too about Shaw. Based on who the CH may want to protect from the expansion draft, I think they will let Danault play himself into Deharnais' spot and that they will let the three others (Andrighetto, Carr, Hudon) contend for the last spot in the protection list. I also hope they keep the 2 extra defenders, and that they manage Markov's playing time in what should be his last season. With a healthy Price this team should make it to the playoffs and if the team's newly acquired leadership can deliver as advertised they should do OK but unfortunately short of contending for the cup. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov [***] - Plekanec -Gallagher [***] - Desharnais - Shaw Byron - Flynn - Mitchell [***]Andrighetto/Carr/Hudon/Danault Beaulieu - Weber Markov - Petry Barberio - Pateryn Emelin Price Montoya/Condon
  14. Thanks for all the effort .