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  1. New practice lines

    I posted earlier that it may be to check DLR's potential, like they tried Danault another idea is that they are looking at options on right wing: if 27 or 92 play RW, that would make at lest one (if Not 2) RWs expendable
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    That's a fair point, but hope is the only thing I have to make sense of this forgettable season.
  3. New practice lines

    Then he'll fit right in in one of the Habs 4th lines: to quote Lafleur
  4. New practice lines

    May be is evaluation time before the deadline: seing how much upside delarose has prior to the trade deadline Hudon got a look at centre yesterday.
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    +1 on Bossy
  6. Nov. 15, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Glad Drouin and Galchenyuk let him pick his own rebound, I feel the chemistry building already
  7. Nov. 15, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I think the Habs gave en jinxed since moving to the bell centre. I hope Tavares feels welcome tonight, I don't care if we lose: mi casa es tu casa JT
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I agree with you xXx..Ck..xXx on Pacioretty. It hurt to lose PK on hopes of contending for the cup in the short term; I do not want the CH to make the same mistake and trade any other part of the core in hopes of a miracle
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    That sounds like a trade that I hope they make
  10. Good article. This year is when the gambles taken by Gayney/Gauthier hurt the team.
  11. January 7th - Canucks at Habs - GDT - 7:00 PM EST

    Ha! Ha! I've been traveling all day, delayed flight and now a snowy 3hr drive. Missed the game, but CC, thank you for making me laugh (my wife driving:don't text and drive)
  12. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    Like I said Yes, disappointing and upsetting... but given what has been reported it is not suprising Marky and Radu are gone. A lot of snow has fallen since that has happened. Shouldn't we be looking at how Mete does and when Lindgten graduates tonthe NHL?!
  13. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    From hearing and reading what the beat reporters (traveling with team) have said about the old Russian core that got disbanded (Markov, Emelin, Radulov,...) is that it was evident that the coaching staff didn't like how little it seemed to bother them losing to NYR and how their relationship with the team and management was "business like and la led commitment to the team. Reading what Markov and Radulov said of their negotiations confirms how the Russian group felt or viewed the CH. I was upset and disappointed they didn't sign Radulov and Markov but not surprised. I was also surprised when Carboneau said Radulov asked him about signing in Dallas vs Montreal and that he told him (or confirmed) about the tax advantage. I didn't think Radu would have asked Guy, of all people, about that. Odd...
  14. GDT 38: Montreal at Tampa, December 28th

    I was thinking the same watching the game yesterday. Something is really wrong with Pacioretty. I think it may be in part from the pressure of being the centre of criticism by media and the fans. I though he may be playing through an injury, maybe the knee injury in the summer of 2016 that has come back to bug him. Or like Cole told him when he came to mentor him after his neck injury: that it will never feel right and that he had to do extra physio/work on it though out the season for the rest of his career. This season is feeling more and more like 2011-2012
  15. Dec. 27, Habs vs Hurricanes, 7 PM

    I don't believe there is much that can be done with this lineup to make it more productive besides getting production from 67-27-92 ; maybe those that have said that these players need better offensive-D support to produce are right. I hope January brings enough roster changes to give some hope of better days. I still follow the argument that believes "the plan" is to take a chance the team outperforms at some point to make a run in the playoffs; but I think they bank on loading the team this summer for the beginning of contending over the next couple of seasons That being said: let's trash the Hurricanes !!!!!!