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  1. that is why I think MB is all in and why I think he will continue with his plan of improving from the bottom: adding better 3rd pair / bottom 6 players pushing the Metes, Weals and Lindgrens out of the picture He wants to have his cake and eat it too
  2. Habs have 4 to 6 good D prospects out of which we may get top-4 pairing guys Defense will improve through the draft IMHO
  3. On the AHL line up, we have to temper expectations Habs do not have any other prospect close to Caufield’s sniper level Ylonen is closer to Tatar than what we expect from Caufield
  4. Good to see CC with two veterans in Ylonen’s spot
  5. Mete is as good as Reilly was when he was with the club and in my potato head opinion he could be as good as Gohtisbehete was if he finds a club that plays him regularly
  6. wring thread buddy Fom was fuming yesterday on the post game scrum Didn’t Mete also sit on the third?
  7. Busy with the family, watched on PVR On what I saw: Romanov had a rough night and Mete was exposed Petry had his usual one bad play and didn’t make it up by scoring I loved KK’s game If the team can grow out these two games, they will be good down the stretch. If they waiver and stink like the Flames, it will be time to break the core
  8. it is clear that the Habs are not as good as the Leafs. Not at this moment, and there is no expectation that they should. But with everyone healthy, the Habs are as good; and if we had a top-4 LD we would be expected to beat them every time
  9. Ok, let me state what I mean instead of reacting to other's: 1. This team is not perfect, not a sure bet to win the cup 2. With Suzuki and Kotkaniemi as top 9 centers, this team showed it could dominate any team for one game. 3. Before Gallagher's injury, with Staal and the expanded role for Perry, this team showed it could dominate any team for multiple games 4. Before Price's injury, this team was trending as having a rock solid tandem in goal === then the injuries hit === At this moment, the team is going through new churn in structure, line/pair
  10. I was trying to be sarcastic on how those stats do not account for show Price playing much better, the team learning a new system and the power play coming back to respectability. The numbers do not show anything of the foundational transformation of the team and the improved pace and structure. I agree with @Prime Minister Koivu that MB is right to go all in
  11. I agree with you, I forgot to add the sarcastic emoji I think Pino10 was trolling us The numbers he showed are meaningless without context
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