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  1. Montoya traded to Edmonton

  2. Habs At Columbus after the game starts, GDT

    he has been disappointing this season. DLR reminds me of Eller. I keep hoping that he would seize the opportunity
  3. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    If Montreal had a cup contender, I think the players would want to stay. I do not know other teams well enough to play GM, let me say it this way: If we can land Tavares, the only draft pick I care to keep is 1st (to have a chance at oDahlin) and my core forwards would be John B's : Drouin, Gallagher, Pacioretty , Galchenyuk, Scherbak I would trade any of the rest (drafts and players) for a top LD to retool in 2018.
  4. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    You are probably right. I don't really know. My preference in stead of Mete/Riley or drafting Dahlin is to trade: One of Byron/Lenkohnen/A.Shaw, Any D except Weber and two 2nd round draft picks to Arizona for Ekman-Larsson in Arizona or Colorado for Tyson Barry or Ottawa for Erik Carlsson . or something like that
  5. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Because Mete cannot cover for Petry's turnovers and neither of them are physical, Mete gets pushed around and a full season would wear him down. Reilly is bigger and hasn't looked out of place
  6. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    He is the better of all the non-waiver excempt left-Ds in the roster right now. I am not joking, just stating the fact that we can use Mete's waiver excemptjon like we used Hudon's last year
  7. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    I like that mix of top 6, I would play Reilly with Weber and I would let Mete bulk up and play lots of minutes in Laval. yes I am hopeful like you
  8. Habs vs Bolts

    Came to this thread hoping to read some comments on how the CH did, but felt like we had been trolled by bruins fans! For what Ian worth: another good game by Reilly. Carr and Juulsen wherenot that noticeable but played well. Lernout seemed better than Valiev. DLR was involved in the play and that got him to get penalized; but Indidnt tennis game.
  9. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Thanks commandant
  10. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Shouldn't Backlund also be inn that list before Pleks and Thornton?
  11. Lernout recalled

    Is he that bad?
  12. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Yes, its a lot of trading. Regardless how you mix it, 3 to 4 players that were on the roster most of the year will be moved.
  13. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    That's on the demand side, I was trying to figure out what we have to offer: who we will keep and who will definitely be dealt or waived at training camp next fall. With current roster with the top 2 center spots open for new players: 67-(stud 1C)-92 27-(decent 2C)-11 41-24-65 20-25-43 I don't know where 62, 54, 38, McCarron, Rychel fit if we retool the forwards. Froese and L. Shaw are ok 4th liners
  14. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    I'm getting there, having watched the CH suck for such a long time Instruggle to envision a lineup that could contend for the cup.
  15. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Ok, good point, a third line of Byron-Danault-A.Shaw would be solid. what I was saying is that from the names I mentioned the CH had to make a decision of who _is_ top-6 material, who makes the 4th line a solid 4th line and who needs to be shipped out. We have too many borderline players up front. In the back, the CH has a little bit of time and some assets to trade for upgrades.