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  1. For a bubble team, they are doing great. Price's CH teams always have a chance to win when he is on, and he has been lately. Can't wait for the 20th game, hope for Kincaid in goal saturday and for a win against Suban's latest team.
  2. Excellent points on GM's time before cup.
  3. I see you are in fine form Cucumber. I hope that tonight's game gives you a chance to cheer up
  4. <sarcasm> He is probably a bad influence in the room <\sarcasm> 🙄
  5. I mean, if he misses another week, he may be sent down for a game to get his back in shape and to send him a message that he has to take his game up a notch
  6. I am certainly a fool more often than not when it come to player evaluations. For me, because he never carried the CH on ho sback like I expect some elite dmen, I always considered him a very good and exiting D with game breaking abiloty but just not quite elite.
  7. Poehling or Armia but not both with Domi. I wrote recently that we had a fourth line that would have been a 3rd with some of the recent CH teams; and here we go with Thompson and Cousins on the third.... maybe the bottomlines are flipped depending of match ups, and at the end of the evening their TOIs show Suzuki/Tatr playing more. If that is the case, it would mean they would have had a good offensive game
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if he is given 4-8 games in a row. Reilly got multiple games even if sometimes he didn't seem to merit them. I hope Kulak plays well enough to push the CH to trade someone
  9. I have not been following Laval this season, how has Juulsen played?
  10. Who was that elite dman? We've had solid dmen but none elite?! Unless you are counting Suban who had one career season that he has never reproduced.
  11. looking like he is heading towards a conditioning stint in Laval
  12. I liked Gainey as GM, but like kicked him in the gut and he lost focus. PG screwed up the CH's propect pool and stinking up the team. MB has been above average and learning on the job. This last re-build/reset has some promise, feels different with the depth of the prospect pool and the cap margin. But until he fixes the hole at LD, he has not proven that he improved as a GM
  13. Not the last tile, that was a mishmash with Patches, Price, (and Markov, Emelin) still around and the new core emerging: Danault, Lehkonen, Galcgenyuk, Drouin, Shaw, Byron, Weber, Petry,
  14. yes, tomh, Reilly in the press box most nights, but not in the AHL. Weber will decline, like Markov and others declined in their late 30s. If the CH is ever going to compete for the cup, I do not think they should focus on who would play with Weber of Petry on the first pair, but who will be the top defender on the team. I think it will be the next big signing by MB and that it will an LD Weber and Petry will complement, not the other way around.
  15. Based on your ranking and the corsica hockey numbers, I do not know why Riley gets such a bad rap. He is a good depth NHLer. A good 7th that can fill in for injuries. Chiarot seems to be adjusting under Richardson and Julien. A good 3rd pairing guy which can play up the lineup. If we project Weber to start declining, the CH needs an elite LD for the rest to fall into place.
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