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  1. Pacioretty didn’t look impressive the first couple of years. Danault was disappointing when he got here and in Chicago, Pleks was a fourth liner, Jumbo joe was traded because he looked slow in Boston, let’s given him time to develop
  2. What's the point of trading 4th liners for 4th/5th round picks? That is literaly trading a good 4th line center for either of: McShane, Gorniak, Fonstand, Houde (2018) Tyszka (2017) Mete, Staum (2016) Bradley (2015) Koberstein, Audette (2014) Plus Lernout, Weaver, Benn (all who were traded for 4th or 5th round picks) one in 13 turned out to be decent NHLers, Mete (7.7%) I think the CH should focus on higher returns than what Byron or Thompson would get.
  3. It took a long time to get a top 4 RD in Petry Unless Brook is now a forward, we should have two potential top 4 RD in Fleury and Brook. if we get an upgrade on LD, a top 3, we can deal Petry we will be standing still in défense, but not a big deal if we get high picks in 2020
  4. You’ve made your point Commandant; and since I know how much better you are at this, I will not argue. But as a fan with a track record of poor player evaluation: I still want either Petry, Tatar or Domi traded this year for draft picks. One of them , preferable Petry.
  5. 1) Kotkaniemi and Sozuki need to play at center 2) Danault is still young and valuable, may decline to a 3rd line center if Kotka and Suzuki continue developing 3) The CH has a wealth of winngers and some up and coming centers 4) The CH is in a soft-rebuild and would benefit from more top draft selections, for 2020 they have a bunch of 3rd round picks 5) Domi was a gamble at centre when we got him, like Galchenyuk and Drouin he has produced points there while not being as reliable defensively to warrant the spot unchallenged 6) I would draft for a later half first round pick and use the two first draft picks to move into the top 5 first round picks with a higher chance to get a 70 point forward Keeping Domi is fine, but I believe the CH would be better served by trading him when his value is high
  6. The other option I see is trading Domi to Philadelphia for their 1st draft pick. He would fit there nicely and help them get younger and keep feisty
  7. I said 4th because on this bubble team he would not play ahead of Tatar, Domi or Drouin on LW or Gahlagher, Kovalchuk on RW On a stacked cup contender I am not sure he plays higher
  8. I’ve changed my view on Lehkonen this year. He is just two awesome at relentless pursuit of the puck and can produce every now and then A perfect 4th liner on a cup contender. Young enough to be that player for the Habs
  9. Thanks, I hope they keep him. I still have hopes he can take Weal's spot on the 4th line if he improves his defensive game
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