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  1. Dec. 14/15, Syracuse vs Laval

    That sounds a bit like what happened to Scherbak. Doesn't it?
  2. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    Next year's roster is really hard to predict. Poehling may win the 4th line spot and jump ahead of Evans; Domi could move to the wing on a line centered by Kotka with Drouin at the other end. Lehkonen could be dealt instead of Gallagher to make room for Suzuki on the third line.... Back to the topic: I was infuriated by Petry's play in the game against the Wild. He is a good RD; but when he is soft (similar to Drouin) I just feel like trading him. contract wise, and expansion-draft wise, it makes more sense to keep him. But man oh man, I wish he was a lefty
  3. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    Ok, the "Petry watch" can wait until training camp 2019 or the trade deadline 2020. But I would do it sooner to get a prospect now that can develop with the "2020 core"
  4. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    Thank you Commandant for taking the time to look at the stats. It shows how my limited knowledge on what to look for in these. If we can get as much for Petry as we did for Pecioretty, I do not see why we are not doing it. I'll put your suggestion on the trade proposal thread.
  5. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    I am not an Engels fan, but his take on this game is in-line on what I think: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/grinding-style-play-gives-canadiens-fits-vs-wild/ Grinding style of play gives Canadiens fits It has happened a few times this year. That's why I think Peca and Hudon are in trouble and that the current fourth line will probably stay as long as they continue to grind it out every shift.
  6. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    Possession numbers are great, but he cannot defend: He has the worst on ice percentage on even strength! Th egolies have a save percentage of 87% when he is on the ice !!!!!! I would trade him to a contender for a first round pick. The CH needs more a top pair LD in 2 years than a "Paul Coffee light" right now.
  7. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    4-0 and I really want Petry dealt for a first round pick or two seconds... he is soft
  8. 2018/19 Laval Rocket General Discussion Thread

    I like having that type of defender at the AHL level, mynthinking is that it would help a freewheeling LD develop if paired with. But I would really be happy if Lernout would improve enough to be a solid bottom pair RD for us and replace a Benn or Schlemko down the road.
  9. 2018/19 Laval Rocket General Discussion Thread

    Interesting to see they have not given up on Lernout yet. He may be progressing a bi (? I don't know) Fleury may be ready to play
  10. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Chicago is embracing the "Loose for Hughes" moto. I would trade Alzner to them to help them
  11. He has more upside than someone like Hudon or Lehkonen. But he is worse than both on defensive assignments I am happy for him that he found a home in LA, but I would not be surprised if he has the career Sekac had
  12. Xavier cleared, which makes for a crowded D group in laval D depth is pretty good for the CH. if the team improves its power play, they have the D-depth for a long run
  13. Zero in my opinion. His stats are as bad as his play: no chance of misjudging his play level
  14. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    That couldn't be another good decisions by MB. It may upset a few on this board