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  1. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Domi-Chaput-Shaw against Boston in march 2019 ( after CH eliminated and BOS clinches a spot): what can go wrong?
  2. Injury news

    Great post. I have been trying to keep tabs on players and line-ups with the expansion in mind. A way to pass the time : guessing who would be on the CH protection list snd like your notes say, it is a good strategy for team to think about this a couple of years ahead of time
  3. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    If there was a poll with this option, it would get my vote: #Mete&Juulsen@Habs2020
  4. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Yeah! Most of the time autocorrect is benign but sometimes it goes mental
  5. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Big Mac is showing off his new found speed. He looks good out there in the 1st (stupid autocorrect)
  6. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Too little improvement too late for a 3rd overall that was hoped to be a 1c next!
  7. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Really happy to see Reilly with Petry. I am rooting for him to be Weber's partner
  8. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Before getting hurt, Shaw was playing well and he has not done anything "goonish" since that first incident. I expect Max to learn his lesson and to play well when he gets back. A storm n a glass of water...
  9. digging through the dirt

    That's what I was hoping for, I wanted him to win a spot with Domi and Drouin. But he has been underwhelming this training plan Lets hope
  10. Sept. 20, Caps vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    I am far from an expert, but it seems like Luke Richardson and the coaches have the CH playing much better D
  11. Sept. 20, Caps vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    I am happy to see Peca on back to backs. So happy that Hudon and Lehkonen are in the same line If Ouellet is able to shine while playing with Despres, he would notch up in my D depth list I missed hockey so much!
  12. digging through the dirt

    LA and MIN are looking for scoring and as crazy as that sounds: Scherbak will probably be a 3rd/4th liner for the CH ..... oh! Never mind
  13. digging through the dirt

    I am probably getting to high on Reilly, thinking we may be OK, but I would target Brodin in MIN or Clague in LA for Scherbak and one of Benn or Chlemko. I would throw one of Sklenikca or Moravcik if we got a 2nd round pick for the extra D
  14. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Just watched on PVR. I liked Reilly's game, since I am rooting for him. And Byron is just amazing, I'll eat my words in wanting to trade him, he contributes in so many ways Peca has earned my respect, I do not know how good he will be but so far the pre-season he has shown a lot of good things. McCarron has improved his skating, but is still too slow. I am really disappointed in Scherbak. === I am ok with Domi going overboard, this preseason (like Shaw did). But I am fine with one of our guy pummeling someone in the other team instead of always being on the receiving end: that was a welcome change. +++ another game without the stretcher out
  15. Could our lineup look like this

    That's a good evaluation, I am not arguing your points. I just want MB to squeeze as much possible from the assets he has to get as many draft picks as possible for next year, or even the year after. If any of the players that will be waived may bring that. Like Gallagher said in his interview with Stu Cowan: “Fifth-rounders. That’s the round to be in.” . Maybe we get another gem.
  16. Could our lineup look like this

    4-5 years, or the time until they need to clear waivers In the CH's place, a guy like Ouellet, are reclamation projects, i.e. busts, Shinkaruk, Delarose and McCarron (2013 drafts) are about to be branded late-bloomers or busts this season
  17. Could our lineup look like this

    It depends on what was expected of the player. Smith-Pelley, Sekac, Jerabek come to mind. Draft picks are hard to evaluate for me. I've seen references to ranking systems and a "factor of goals projected by player x" as a figure of merit which is a way to project expectations. But time wise, I think 4 to 5 years is about right
  18. Injury news

    Sucks for D-Lo Maynopen the door to: Shinkaruk, McCarron or Chaput heck, DLR may get a lease on life and even Suzuki may step up !
  19. Could our lineup look like this

    Because, the same way we got Byron, some teams will wait for the waivers to try to get guys like McCarron and Delarose. The teams I listed are teams for whom DLR would be an upgrade to their 4th line and Delarose may become a 3rd liner in another organization where he would feel valued. I just hope MB tries to get something instead of loosing these assets for nothing
  20. Could our lineup look like this

    Islanders, Flames?, Ducks, Penguins?, Black Hawks
  21. Could our lineup look like this

    Because the Canadiens are weaker on D, I think that they will go with 8 D, and only on extra Forward So fat at camp, there seem to be better options than Delarose and McCarron. If they keep Deslaurier up again, #25 and #34 should be dealt for draft picks instead of risking loosing them through waivers McCarron may clear, but I am not sure about that
  22. Sept. 17, Devils (SS) vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I don't remember Chucky being slow, but you may be right. I think that one of the biggest differences is in how Domi understands what is expected of players in a market like Montreal: dedication, relentless work and playing to your full potential (not mailing it in) I think some of the talented players took for granted playing for Montreal and just milked the situation to their advantage without doing all possible to win This year, in to exhibition games, the team seems to have a hunger to win. I do not think Chucky showed that.
  23. Sept. 17, Devils (SS) vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I think that the gamble is to use Domi at center who should be as lukewarm at center as Drouin but more defensive-responsible. But the payoff would be on getting more production out of Drouin. If in the pre-season it doesn't work, they go back to Drouin at center. Either way, they will be shielded as the second line IMHO
  24. Sept. 17, Devils (SS) vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    At least they didn't need the stretcher
  25. Could our lineup look like this

    Absolutely, it would be bad to loose one of the extra players at camp through waivers. Deslaurier, Delarose, Peca, Hudon, Agostino, Froese, Shinkaruk, McCarron, Chaput, Ouellet, Lernout, Valiev have to clear waivers The will need to trade at least two Forwards and one Defenseman by the end of camp