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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I will only go as far as saying that he is ABOVE average, and if he has another goof summer this year he may move into the top-tier shelf for NHL GMs. But he not there yet.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I think my favorite MB trade is is Fleishmann & Weise for Danault & Romanov Then getting Weise back with Folin for Schelemko (whom we got for a 5th) So basically Danault & Romanov & Folin for Fleishmann (and 5th)
  3. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    A 4th line of Weise-Thompson-Armia would be good once Byron is back. Swap Weise with Deslaurier if you want, and it is still better than what we had before.
  4. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    Chaput should follow Agostino down the waiver wire Don't know much about Thompson , I just hope he is better and would have prevented being mauled by TO's 4th line
  5. I thought it was to make room for Byron who is near returning. I would have waived Deslaurier before Agostino, but heck... what do I know
  6. Game #56 Feb 9 2019, 7:00 Leafs at Habs

    Monday I have to face a co-worker who is a Leafs fan, I look forward to pointing out how close the Leafs were to being beat by my underdog CH, and how much fun it will be to see the Leafs implode in the playoffs I am so proud of the Canadiens, the 4th line was exposed and needs an upgrade but overall it was a good game.
  7. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    Thanks, I learn a bit more everytime
  8. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    I thought an AHL contract counted for the eligibility in the expansion draft and that any AHLer this year would need to be protected
  9. Injury news

    If he clears waivers, Hudon should improve by playing lots in Laval, I would prefer they waive Peca though
  10. Injury news

    I am sad for Juulsen, he is having to battle through injuries and bad luck when he should be focusing on hockey. I hope it doesn't compromise his NHL career
  11. Trade Deadline Planning

    Mete or Lehkonen for Gotisbehere is fair value. Isn't it?
  12. Claude Julien: Jack Adams candidate?

    For me, Bergevin is an above average GM that is having an excellent year after having a desastrous one. He would need to have consistent excellent years in drafting and development as well as asset management to be a top-3 GM. As for CJ, I have to recognize that he is doing really well; but I still have trouble rooting for an ex-Bruins coach.
  13. First Goal for Mete

    I am not surprised, the Habs got Alzner thinking they were getting a shutdown LD. I may show that they have been looking for someone to play with Petry more than someone to play with Weber.
  14. Happy with the win, and happy with the team. Let's hope next the next few weeks before the trade deadline are as much fun as the season has been up to now
  15. Jan. 21, Rocket vs Thunderbirds, 7 PM

    X-Avier to the rescue
  16. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Commandant, I said that he is not "a second wave PP right-hand option". IMHO the CH needs a better 3rd-line right winger. I believe that the top 6 is fine for now except for the need of a Suzuki, Ikonen or Ylonen type of player on the top 6. But they are coming. Evans may be another option as a top-6 RW... My concern is the 3rd line, where Kotka is now, and where Danault is heading. Between Byron, Lehkonne, Shaw and Hudon: who is more likely to get us an upgrade on 3RW? For me that is Lehks, if we can get someone "as good as him" (lateral move) or better if the CH offers some package. Bjorkstrand (CBJ) is an option, Puljujarvi (EDM) and Coyle (MIN) are probably too expensive but would be good fits in Montreal. Younger prospects would be Berggren (DET), Zetterlund (NJD) or Pu (CAR). I am not an expert on evaluating prospects, far from it; all I know is that the CH needs a better option than Shaw, Hudon or Lehkonen as 3rd-line center right-wing and that they have the assets to get that.
  17. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Lehks can't score, and he is not a second wave PP right-hand shot option.
  18. Trade Deadline Planning

    it is what it is, can't get blood from a stone. The CH doesn't have the trade chips to play at the trade deadline. I was just scraping the bottom of the barrel. So, yes, I agree with you. My point is that I would only trade fringe/IR players or AHLers and just keep trucking
  19. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I was not too impressed with Oliver Bjorkstrand (CBJ) the other night, but I would trade Lehkonen for him because he could still grow into a good 3rd line RW and push Armia to the 4th line. I think he still has some upside, his possession numbers are good, and he is young. P.S. he may also be good option for Shaw, if Shaw's concussion problem never go away.
  20. Trade Deadline Planning

    The CH has a bunch of expiring contracts which I would trade for 4th or 5th 2019 picks: Audette, Shinkaruk, Olofsson, Schlemko. I believe the CH has a few prospects coming up that would benefit from a roster spots in Laval. These other expiring contracts, I would try to resign for depth to play in the AHL, but I would not move them: Froese, McCarron, Lernout, Ouellet. Out of what remains, the CH doesn't have much to trade for an upgrade on their NHL lineup. I do not want them to give up any of their extra draft picks, But I would like them to go get another 3rd draft pick if possible. For a 3rd, maybe Froese, McCarron, Shaw, Sklenicka or Peca could fetch that but I doubt it. === That being said, I think these are Montreal's trade chips for this year's trade deadline: Lehkonen, Juulsen, Benn, Shaw, Byron, Hudon, cap-space. Here are some of my targets, to the limits of my arm-chair GM skills: LDs: === 1) Samuel Morin (PHI): a LD-shutdown to paly with Petry, PHI seems to lack RDs, so Juulsen may be a fit 2) Jacob Larsson(ANA): picked right after Juulsen, I would package Juulsen in a way to get ANA to bite 3) Maxwell Gildon(FLA): Gildon has more pedigree but FLA seems to lack depth at RD, Juulsen is also an NHLer now where Gildon is still establishing himself 4) Joel Edmundsson(STL): he is an RFA and probably due for a good payout, STL will have Bouwmeester and Gunnarson coming off their payroll (if they do not want to resign them), so there is not real incentive to trade Edmundsson; but I would try to get him maybe for Juulsen, Alzner and one of our 2nds if he resigns in Montreal. These is how I would prepare for the trade deadline, and what I would be looking for: up and coming LDs to play with Petry. Or an affordable established LD like Edmundsson.
  21. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Ok, thx
  22. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Ok, got it. For Juulsen, I thought that making a lateral move to fill a hole on left by taking away some depth from the right side would be fine. Fleury, Brook are coming and with Petry playing so well all the CH really needs is a bottom pairing RD. Larsson would fill a need on the left side and out of Mete, Larsson, Kulak and Reilly, the CH would have time to select which of the four woul dbe protected on the expansion draft. Building a strong top 3. How about P-O Joseph? My thought there is that he is still a junior and would not need to be protected in the expansion draft, which would allow the CH to go get a more experience LD like Edmusson in STL (not necessarily him, but someone like him) to play with Petry.
  23. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I would trade Juulsen for Larsson. Commandant, do you think Pierre-Olivieer Joseph in Arizona would be a good prospect for the CH on LD, how close is he to the NHL?
  24. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    The Habs should have won, they were the better team for the first half of the game. They just didn't have the jump they usually have shown this season. Kulak pinched in and MTL got a goal, where Reilly pinched and PHI got a goal... it was a night like that. I liked Hudon's game, for someone who has not played in a long time he was fine. I hope he plays on Wednesday again.
  25. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    The CH 2018-2019 team is just I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E , playing way above expectations. Up to last week I was still looking for the team to dump salaries expiring contracts, get a bunch of 4th/5th round picks in 2019 and just hope for the best next year. I will take whatever the results are in the next two games and enjoy the well deserved break. But for now: Go Habs Go !