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  1. LD: what will happen? What should happen? What could happen?

    Hello Commandant, I was going off an old list of trade targets to switch for Juulsen Inthink Edmundon would be a top 4 in Montreal
  2. LD: what will happen? What should happen? What could happen?

    Although I have defended MB 1.x and 2.x , I am not convinced he will get _THE_ solid puck-moving LD we want. He will get one and we will share lots of opinions in that choice. Matheson, Edmundson, Larsson, Gildon, even Morin to play with Petry...
  3. LD: what will happen? What should happen? What could happen?

    When the Blues were struggling , I was hoping the CH would go after Edmundston After yesterday's win, that has be one even more unlikely. That is the type of LD I wish we had
  4. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Chara is finding out that karma is a b@#tch Glad for the Blues, they played a string game and deserved the win
  5. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    <sarcasm on> That Marc Bergevin and his ego should be tarred and feathered and then kicked out of town, as well as that bum of Trevor Timmins and his incompetent croonies.... <\sarcasm off> I look forward to seeing this group of prospects grow together into a cup contending team There is reason for hope in the future of the CH
  6. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    At least P.K. had 3 points to go along his -3 +/- cannot pin this on him
  7. I agree with everything except X-avier , I think they will work out a deal to keep him. He is a decent D AHL depth but less reliable than Reilly
  8. POLL: How do you feel about the future?

    Yes, I know how to count, one, two, 3, ..., 28, 29
  9. POLL: How do you feel about the future?

    This year: Karlsson: (GP) 53 (G) 3 (A) 42 (PTS) 45 +/- 6 (TOI) 24:29 (CF%) 59.3 Petry : (GP) 82 (G) 13 (A) 33 (PTS) 46 +/- -5 (TOI) 23:07 (CF%) 55.5 I would not commit to the contract Karlsson would be looking for when we will be getting similar production from Petry. Karlsson is more talented, but his best years are behind him. I much rather look for a top-3 NHL LD under 29 years old, regardless of cap hit.
  10. POLL: How do you feel about the future?

    In Petry we are getting what Karlson would provide in his current "damaged goods" status. There are better options for that cap space
  11. Apr. 4, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    I'm with you on this one Neech This team is fun to watch again and the prospect forwards look good
  12. Ryan Poehling signs 3 year entry deal

    Yeah Baby! The kids are finally starting to leave their nest to join the CH organization. Betters days ahead for the Canadiens
  13. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    I am rooting more for Pittsburg than Sabres. I think the Jackes have found their rhythm and will hard to catch
  14. 2018/19 Laval Rocket General Discussion Thread

    I am still happy for him
  15. 2018/19 Laval Rocket General Discussion Thread

    Really happy about this
  16. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    I hope so, it will be good to see how he does at the AHL level I wonder how Bouchard will ease him in. He had been pretty consistent in not throwing in new guys regardless were they come from. Let's them simmer a bit before rhrowing them in
  17. Deslaurier over Weise for me. He won't score but will be a wrecking ball and good on the forecheck
  18. March 23, Sabres vs Habs, 7 PM

    My upvote for that !
  19. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Told my boss (a sens season ticket holder, a brave man) yesterday before the game that come Monday morning the CH would be in and Carolina would be out. I hope I have the first part right
  20. Habs vs Blackhawks

    100% agree and that is why I do not understand the hate: fire CJ, MB is the worst ever, Drouin is a waste of a roster player.... The team has not given up, they are playing to their level of talent and not over achieving anymore Price is back to his level of play at the right time of the season And it is obvious that Weber needs a real top-pair LD to play with him I still hope they will make the playoffs by bumping Carolina. But I will be ok if they don't
  21. 2018/19 Laval Rocket General Discussion Thread

    that's why I said I didn't know. Thanks Brian for the clarification. In this light MB looks like a very poor GM while in view if the Habs NHL signings he looks like a genius hit and miss
  22. 2018/19 Laval Rocket General Discussion Thread

    Earlier in the season I thought that by design they were not pushing to fill laval with high end talent because players on professional contracts would need to be protected in the expansion Draft. But I am not 100% certain
  23. First goal by Mete lifts the team to another gear and they shut out the sharks 2-0 with an empty net goal by Niemi
  24. Feb. 25, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    That read like a description of Nate Thompson. If Lehkonen doesn't produce while playing with talented players, the he is no more than a really good 4th line checker
  25. Game #59 Feb 17, 7:00 Habs vs Panthers

    I am ok letting Niemi's contract run to the end without a trade. Unless an NHL backup is available and could do the job until Primeau is ready