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  1. Be more like: That trade shall be NI !!!
  2. A healthy CH can give the Pens some scares and even surprise them if the CH gets the lucky bounces On paper, PIT should win but I can’t wait to see how the CH performs on the ice
  3. I do not recognise the names of the other nine. in the HabsWorld forum's opinion: how good are those other guys compared to Primeau? Or compared to Price when he was still in the minors (since I know his development and career a bit better)?
  4. But we all know that NBA players are certainly stupid for accepting that ...
  5. good point tomh009 it seems some pull out the “they are so stupid” card too quickly when they do not understand certain decision by others
  6. Let’s bring back Gainey
  7. I would be ok if we lose in 1st or 2nd round if our 2nd round draft picks from other teams remain high picks otherwise, I would prefer we “tank”
  8. I think those are better odd than winning the cup (about 7% in some sites, or 100-1 in others)
  9. Some karma hit Detroit and Ottawa yesterday, I am glad that the CH's ghosts may be at work this year pushing for Lafreniere to land in Montreal *Fingers crossed* 🤞🤞🤞 *Fingers crossed*
  10. I am here in Ottawa too, my boss is a Sens season ticket holder I would have fun bugging him if the draft is a disaster for the Sens
  11. That is an excellent point . I think you are right and that this should be a factor on how the play-in lineups shall be constructed
  12. Too hot outside to be thinking too much, but you are right: signing an UFA goalie would be to expensive. I still like Holtby though, I think he gives the CH the best chance to slow Price's decline
  13. yeah, the list of UFA LDs is slim. Looking at the top-25 UFA list: https://www.tsn.ca/uncertainty-the-story-for-2020-nhl-s-free-agent-frenzy-class-1.1466523 I think Holtby and Toffoli are my favourite targets for the CH.
  14. It is a slow summer, and with the recent article on UFA Ds the CH may target: I took a look at UFA goalies. Out of Markstrom, Lehner, Holtby and Crawford: who would you prefer? I would pick Holtby to play back-up and maybe take over Price if Carey goes cold or is tired. I do not know much about Markstrom, but he may be another choice before considering the others.
  15. This article mentions a few UFAs the CH should target. https://thehockeywriters.com/canadiens-free-agent-defense-targets-2020/ I think TJ Brodie is the better fit. I would also consider Edmundson out of CAR, he may be a surprise like Chiarot was. Finally, Dermott (RFA) in Toronto may be a younger target, maybe in a trade given TOR's cap problems
  16. So much talk about big eggos makes me hungry
  17. I see you are both in a fighting mood If only Hockey was back so that we could debate a new topic instead of beating this ☠️ dead ☠️ 🐴 horse 🐴
  18. I was not denigrating him, if that is the reference. I am just stating that there is. I point in overpaying for Sergachev with Romanov, Harris and Norlinder in the queue in addition to Brooks who is being touted as a top-4 RD
  19. Emelin, Subban, Souray, Streit benefited from playing with Markov. Same as Sergachev
  20. Komisarek comes to mind as someone who got overpaid after playing on the top pair with Markov, and a few others I would not overpay for Sergschev
  21. Are there many barns near Joliette? I am guessing that may have prevented Gingras from practicing his shot...
  22. No player is bigger than the team. I would not put in jeopardy the sound salary structure (except for Price) the Habs have for one D Sergachev is good but not a make or break player for me. not yet
  23. The last two years have debunked this , let’s move on to other arguments I agree with the $6.5M offer sheet. That makes sense
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