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  1. Hey man welcome to the boards! Hope you enjoy your stay here....
  2. Check out No 21 from our own habs... beautiful!!
  3. Ya that's the one that they play in the hockey night in canada opening video right? Also did u see jagr's goal I think it was no 32 if I remember correctly.
  4. Hey I admit they were a good team but it seemed like everytime they touched the puck it went in the net.
  5. Does anybody know where I could find old hockey goals or other clips? I would really appreciate it.
  6. I just watched a review of the habs season this year and in it they mentioned the player who will leave and who will be free agents assuming that theres a season next year. Juneau Dackell Dowd Quintal Perrault Langdon *Kovalev
  7. So now that the season for the habs is over, for next season who will leave? Discuss about everything the team could do to improve next year and who should play with who and the lines.
  8. Actually, there was a Theodore hater: 3rd page Read Kovalev's post. There will always be people who blame Theodore. When ever there is a loss, he's receive the blame. It's ridiculous. The Habs are absolutely nothing without Jose Theodore. [Edited on 2004/4/24 by Ribeiro] ]Actually I am not a theodore hater. I think he's a great goalie. He made big saves in game 1. But, the goal he gave up where he tried to grab his stick was stupid. When you have got players like st louis and lecavalier or fedotenko lined up in front of you, and you are seeing the way your defense is ######ing up, you need to stay in your net to make a save. But I wouldnt start Garon for game 2 cuz as I watched the game again and saw all the saves Theo made, I would start him.
  9. I just saw at RDS that Nicklas Sundstrom will replace Langdon tonight.
  10. Why is Don Cherry against the habs? In the other thread you discussed your thought on Cherry, but do any of you know why he hates the habs? Is it because the habs always beat them in the playoffs in the late 70-s when he was the coach of the bruins? That's when they had their best team ever in my opinion and they always lost to the habs. Is that why?
  11. Ok Pick who will win which series in how many games and leave a few words to back up your prediction. Philadelphia vs Toronto Montreal vs Tampa Bay Calgary vs Detroit San Jose vs Colorado
  12. Lets hope the best for the habs. GO HABS GO GO TRICOLORE GOOOO!!!!!!!!:hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo:
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