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  1. Fair enough that Pahlsson is not worth a Kostitsyn but go after draft picks too then. I guess I"m think of an addition by subtraction. 1. frees up more cap space. I would like to have some money at the deadline and get a player or two fow half price. 2. Attitude promlems gone. 3. UFA anyways Mainly, I want Moen, White and Pahlsson as a line though, lol
  2. I think it is important to have a nice mix of youth and vets....what I hope to see for forwards: Mike Cammalleri / Tomas Plekanec / Erik Cole Max Pacioretty / Scott Gomez / Brian Gionta Andrei Kostitsyn / Lars Eller / David Desharnais Travis Moen / / Ryan White / Mathieu Darche UNLESSS....we can trade Kostitsyn for Pahlsson, Samuel . He was amazing with Moen for the Ducks and then we can give Palushaj the shot he deserves or even Blunden. Mike Cammalleri / Tomas Plekanec / Erik Cole Max Pacioretty / Scott Gomez / Brian Gionta PALUSHAJ / Lars Eller / David Desharnais Travis Moen / PAHLSSON / Ryan White Mathieu Darche That puts 5 young young players as forwards with 7 vets. A nice mix IMO. On the defense I like these pairings: Markov - Yemelin Gorges - Subban Gill - Weber Spacek 3 vets on the left and 3 young players on the right. And obviously we have one of the best young tenders in the game!
  3. You have to be cocky to be good. Karma could back fire but you have to like the fact that Cammalleri finally has had a full summer to train and not just repair his body. I expect big things from him. I like hearing pound for pound he is one of the toughest in the NHL. As for the poster who said he is one of the softest in the NHL..really? For his size and his compete level its insane to believe that. You simply do not lead the NHL in goals in the playoffs if you are in fact soft. THe playoffs are the hardest time to play. Soft...ya right.
  4. Hey Hab fans...new here and thought I would say hello! I have posted on the sportsnet forums for some time and thought it was time to see other Habs views....anyways looking forward to debates. Peace
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