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  1. Yes, I'm european but don't worry about it International shipping is very safe, I've never had any troubles with it, it's also relative cheap
  2. Sorry for refreshing old topic. It can sounds strange in connection with my previous post...but currently I'm making different version of Canadiens logo for me and I'm thinking about selling this one from first post So maybe somebody is interested? If yes - just send me a private message her, it won't be so expensive, I promise
  3. In most cases I make logos to decorate my house Generally I don't want to talk about possibility of selling here, I think it's not right place to it And of course I don't want to make agressive advertisment. If somebody want to talk with me about it please only by private message or email: mieszkaniemakl@gmail.com
  4. Thanks guys! How many hours? Well...hard to say Some stages of making process are very tiring like for example carving little, precise elements. You know - one bad move of chisel and plaque can be destroyed. But other stages are more comfortable, for instance waiting when paints will be dry Generally making one logo lasts about one week, but I think that final effect is worthy it
  5. Hi everybody! First of all I hope that I chose right subforum to post my topic At the begining I have to say that I've got two loves - hockey and carving in wood So I connect these two things and sometimes I carve different hockey logos for myself. I hang them in my house in different places One of my most favourite NHL teams are of course Canadiens so I put logo of Montreal in my living room right above the fireplace Logo is in form of relief with different convex parts. In widest places they have about 14 and 18 inches. It's real hand-made work, firstly I carve in wood, then I have to put two layers of paintings, dry it, and after that I put lacquer on it. At the end I polish logo...and look for good place to hang it I hope you like it and will be thankful for all of your opinions about it What can I do to make it better looking? I'm also open for criticism
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