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  1. 2012-13 NHL Regular Season Thread

    AK46 and Svatos have also been invited to Panthers camp
  2. 2013 World Juniors Thread

    shootouts to decide elimination games is stupid, end of.
  3. When the world made sense

    CSKA were definitely equal, Tretiak was ridiculous
  4. Lockout

    1994 (MLB) had a big effect on the lockout...
  5. Lockout

  6. Quick question...

    There will be a draft The first overall will be either Pittsburgh or Edmontons ;D
  7. Lockout

    Haha, though Markov is DtD with bruised ribs
  8. Oct. 26, Marlies vs Bulldogs, 7:30 PM

    The road trips are no where near as stupid as the back-to-back-to-back games though, Toronto had more than any team last year :/
  9. Oct. 26, Marlies vs Bulldogs, 7:30 PM

    The amount of times the Marlies and Dogs play is stupid, Toronto now go on that ridiculous road trip, and the last game of course is Hamilton
  10. Lockout

    Geno and Gonchar to Magnitorsk, CSKA Moscow will probably now move for Semin and Ovechkin, CSKA are giving Fedorov whatever he needs, and Fedorov wants them (he also wanted Datsyuk but he's gone to Ak)
  11. Anti-Maple Leafs Thread

    How is Seguin worth more than Kessel?
  12. ~Official Xbox 360 thread~

    Xbox 360 GM Connected Name = HWL All teams bar Washington available Add me on live - xGRABOVSKI 84
  13. Habs players can't be locked out?

    Completely the correct decision to make the lockout legal, if Quebec doesn't lock out the Habs, there goes any hope for the Nordiques returning.
  14. Habs Name for New Dog

    Markov - Will play the same amount of games as #79 If it is a moody dog which doesn't speak the language or is small - Grabovski or Kostitsyn If is a small dog - Desharnais If it is a dog which amazes but is equally frustrating - Alex (Isn't gender specific and would be named after Kovalev) If it is a dog which is proud dog which looks like it could be a leader - Saku Though seriously, Boom Boom, Rocket or Pocket Rocket would be good shouts as most Hab related names are male gender specific
  15. The 2014 Olympic Squads - A preview

    I agree on the whole with the article, but Evgeny Kuznetsov should make the Sochi team ahead of Grigorenko or Yakupov