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  1. Its been two games. Two games that the team played pretty well. Id give a guy who is new to the team plenty of time to adjust to new linemates before we start juggling the lines. We didnt even have exhibition games this year.
  2. Until proven otherwise, I assume its about $ and there are a lot more endorsement opportunities in some cities than otherwise.
  3. I think both teams will want long term solutions to their problems, not guys who are looking for bigger markets.
  4. I feel the same, that's why I said we COULD see it, not that its likely.
  5. i could see Allen playing Monday, {Price Wednesday Allen Thursday. Price Home opener.
  6. The problem with the rumour is that if its true Dubois wants a bigger stage he wont be happy in Winnipeg either. So Winnipeg exchanges one problem for another?
  7. You can't send them all down at once. You have to have a minimum number of players on the roster, even on an off-day.
  8. KK was still the 7th youngest player in the entire NHL in his second year (regulars, not kids who got the 9 game tryout and sent down). One thing to remember when we talk about his second year struggles. That said, KK + Mete as the basis of a deal is something I would definitely do.... then the rest is fitting under the cap... which will mean likely Byron + Weal, and waiting a few more weeks of cap manipulation with these callups/send downs of guys like Evans, Romanov, KK. Of course there still is a big IF in that IF that were possible.
  9. Ì No he doesnt. Petry and Kulak with both taking turns pushing the offence was the best D pair in the NHL over 2 seasons
  10. Domi had to miss a bit of practice time and training camp with the covid outbreak in columbus. As a type-1 he has to be extra careful not to contract it. Hes not as in game shape as others on the team. Lets consider the circumstances before we say Max isnt doing well.
  11. I would not trade Suzuki. Not with what we saw as the season went on last year, and in the playoffs. He'd be untouchable to me. I think the ceiling is very, very high with Suzuki and arguably higher than Dubois. I would give KK. The rumour I've heard is KK and Mete + cap stuff so likely Byron and I don't know, maybe adding Jordan Weal would make it work cap wise.
  12. It might need some cbj retained salary.
  13. To me Ottawa has the 6th best goaltending in the division (only Edmonton is worse) Has the worst defence group in the division. Has the worst centre group in the division. If draisaitl plays centre, they beat the Oilers on the Wings.... might beat the Canucks too.... but thats about it. Ottawas wingers will be real good as they mature though. Still i don't understand this rebuild, looks like the Habs/Leafs failed builds with no centres. There is nothing on that team at centre, Norris and White look like 2nd/3rd liners, Brown and Chlapik they are clo
  14. That seems to be measuring the faceoff only. The Habs were quick to make changes on the fly to get Danault or Suzuki out there vs Matthews and Tavares.
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