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  1. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    2 goals for Ylonen in a Liiga game yesterday 2 a for Fonstad and 1 for Walford last night.
  2. Dec. 14/15, Syracuse vs Laval

    No two players are exactly alike. No two injuries or recoveries are exactly alike. He's 19, there is plenty of time to get back on track. I mean it also sounds a lot like where Josh Brook was in December 2017, and look at him now.
  3. Dec. 14/15, Syracuse vs Laval

    Ikonen's ceiling is a first line winger or second line centre. That said, I don't know if he will reach that ceiling. In fact I think its unlikely he does. But thats the ceiling if all goes well. He was disappointing last year (bad first half, good second half last season), and has been injured all this season, so the obstacles in front of him are starting to build up. He's got a ton of talent, but I want to see him on the ice and using it. He needs to play to let his game grow.
  4. Jeff Petry is on pace for 18 g and 61 pts He is doing this mainly at 5 on 5 since the PP is so bad That's some damn impressive production
  5. Dec. 14/15, Syracuse vs Laval

    The issue is that its marginal talent. I don't see any future top 6 forwards. Maybe Evans is a #3 c, maybe Vejdemo is a #4, maybe mete is a #4 D, maybe Fleury is a #4 D, maybe Lindgren is a backup goalie. The best prospects (Suzuki, Poehling, Brook, Primeau, Ylonen, Romanov, Olofsson, Ikonen, etc...) are all in junior or europe.
  6. Dec. 14/15, Syracuse vs Laval

    He's been decent for a first year pro. He's got a long way in front of him and developing to do, but he has some skills including strong hockey sense.
  7. Dec. 14/15, Syracuse vs Laval

    The second line listed is the top line in terms of providing offence.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    That level at least for sure Cant see the habs moving him though
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    He's got a dirt cheap contract given his production, so it would need to be a high level prospect.
  10. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    Suzuki played mostly C in his draft year played mostly RW last year played a lot of C this year... but a lot of RW too... probably like 60/40 for C He might be a RW at the NHL level though, I agree. thats fine though, he'd be a nice weapon on Kotkaniemi's wing, with Domi, Poehling, Danault, Evans, Vejdemo also long term options down the middle. Right now Domi looks like a top 6 centre, and is still young too. We shouldn't have much issues as long as Kotkaniemi becomes a true #1.
  11. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Tuesday Walford 4a Tyszka 1g 1a Wednesday Walford 1g Fonstad 1g 2a Houde 1g 1a
  12. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    1) do the two play the same number of minutes? 2) who gets matched up against the other team's top line? who gets matchups of easy minutes? 3) what are the zone starts? 4) who is on the ice when that player is on the ice. On the Habs, Is he typically playing in front of Weber? or the third pair defenceman? 5) how many of those minuses are actually his fault? If you do everything correct and your teammate leaves a man open in front of the net or the goalie gives up a soft goal, you still get a minus. 6) What is the goalie's save percentage when he is on the ice? As I also said on Petry, what are the xG numbers? is the a low save percentage luck, or is he giving up high quality chances... Same with a high save percentage? 7) How many minuses did he get due to empty net goals against when the team was pushing to tie in the last minutes? All of these are reasons why we have a million better stats than +/- today. There are more too.
  13. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    We are not doing it, because Petry was necessary while Weber was out. Also even with Weber back our defence would be very weak without Petry and we could make the playoffs. Losing him would put a big dent in that. With Petry signed til 2021, there is no rush to trade him right this minute, he'll still have the same value next season if Juulsen is ready to be a top 4 and Brook or Fleury is ready to make the team next year. And lastly, it took a long time after we started shopping Pacioretty to get the deal that we wanted, It would be similar with Petry, you wait for a team willing to give what his value is.
  14. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    I don't agree at all that he can not defend, or that he is a Paul Coffey light. The On-Ice Save percentage is a small sample size and more a factor of luck than his actual play. His relative Corsi is +2.4 so he does not have the worst percentage at even strength. His xGA is 20.43, his actual GA is 32, which clearly indicates the on-ice save percentage is more a factor of luck, then him giving up too many high quality chances against. ... 11.5 more goals against this season, then should be expected based on the quality of chances he's giving up, is something that is down to him being unlucky with the goaltending behind him, not him giving up too much. His xGF% is 55.11 which is very, very strong. I can see trading him.... but given his stats, and his contract.... his value is FAR MORE than just a first round pick (likely to be 25+ cause the team acquiring him is likely to be a contender). I'd be looking for a package very similar to what we got for Pacioretty if I'm going to move him. The difference would be that I would want a high quality LHD prospect instead of C (Suzuki). I'd want a Suzuki-level of top prospect at LHD.... an NHL-level defenceman who is out of favour like Tatar was.... and a 2nd round pick. Petry is a lot better asset than he's being given credit for here.
  15. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    Feels a lot like the New Jersey Game. Not giving up that many chances overall, but the chances they gave up were almost all prime chances.