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  1. Minnesota wild doctors have cleared Luke Kunin (type 1 diabetes) to play.
  2. Inagree and its small to contend with Malkin Tatar Danault Gally Lehkonen Suzuki Armia Drouin- (domi or kk) - byron Hudon* - (evans or kk) - weal * if domi plays... hudon sits and evans plays LW for evans - kk - weal on the fourth.
  3. Domi is a medical case. He wants to play but NHL doctors havent cleared him so they are taking more time to examine it
  4. That is what the government is putting in place for MLB, in order to waive the 14 day quarantine rule for players coming from the US. In order to waive that rule and come to Toronto and play games, they need to stay in the Hotel Bubble, or else they would face 14 day quarantines every time they came back from a road trip.
  5. Nice try Brian, but once again, a thread that wasn't about Bergevin, has devolved into a thread about Bergevin and and his leadership of the entire franchise, whether he should be replaced or not, who should replace him, etc... Thanks for trying to keep the Romanov thread on Romanov and the Bergevin stuff can be in a thread about him, but alas... here we are again.
  6. Goalies are freaking Voodoo. That said, I'd probably have Primeau at third Sorokin and Knight are the top 2, no doubt. I can't put Ingram at 3 based on one season when the last few have been struggles. Wolf has been great in the WHL, but I can't put that ahead of AHL play. He's got another level to get to. I don't think any of these goalies has done as much as Price did, remember he not only dominated the WHL, dominated at the World Juniors and won MVP, but then when that was over, he went to the AHL after his final junior season ended, jumped right in with Hamilton, led them to a Calder Cup and won MVP of the playoffs. Thats just ridiculous.
  7. Wheeler is also a Leaf homer who repeatedly tweets anti-habs takes that are comically bad. I'd take his romanov and robertson rankings with huge grains of salt especially since they are way outside the consensus on both players. Robertson is a nice prospect but not top 10 in the entire NHL, and Romanov is much higher than 48th in almost every other ranking.
  8. If it was a normal 16 team playoff (based on pts %), and this lottery.... Winnipeg would have the 1st overall pick and Montreal would pick 9th....
  9. Its hard to say Yannick Weber didn't pan out. Anytime I get a player with 500 career NHL games out of a third round pick, thats a good pick. Even a 6th/7th defenceman at that point in the draft, its a win, considering most players in the third and later bust. I mean its not a home run pick like Brendan Gallagher, but its still a small win. You got 3 players in that draft who are 1st line/1st pairing D.... plus a 4th who is a legit NHLer.... thats a monster of a draft. What the GMs did with those picks later, doesn't take away from the Scouting Dept's success that year.
  10. Yes, but in opposite directions. In the Islanders trade, the Leafs moved up to 5 and took Luke Schenn. The Islanders win that deal by trading down. In the Devils trade, the Canucks win that trade with Bo Horvat. The Canucks win that deal by trading up. So yes, both are brilliant, but the team winning is the opposite in each case...
  11. If you really want a specific guy at 4... i dont have an issue with it seeing the habs 50 contract limit situation. I was more saying if you just wanted one of the top 8
  12. How high are we moving from 9th? Do you think anyone in the top 8 takes the goalie, or Jake Sanderson, or Esa Lundell... all three are guys I wouldn't want at 8 or lower, but I could see a team reaching on. Or does someone do something out of left field like Seider last year?
  13. With no significant tv deal i think the ahl season in 20/21 is in danger. Baseball is running MLB but no minors this summer Almost all the revenues for minor leagues are based on fans.
  14. If there was an AHL it might make sense to play him there... but he is better than guys like weise and hudon who we could be fourth liners in August and its better he plays in august than not play at all. Hes one of our 12 best forwards so play him.
  15. If we can get a young centre capable of scoring 60-70 points with the 8th pick that would be a tremendous return. So lets trade a 24 year old who already does that and a 21 year old D who can play in the top four... for a chance at that. We could have the boat... or we could have the mystery box... which if all goes perfect would be a boat.
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