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  1. Trading down is never a bad strategy, especially if you are doing it outside the top 15 in the draft or so. The difference between one 2nd rounder, and two picks in the third round... tells you to always bet on having the two picks over the one.... and thats true in every subsequent round.
  2. I've said for a while now, he's unlikely to ever be a top 10 in scoring kind of player. That doesn't mean he can't be a stud. I still think he can be a kopitar/bergeron type of 70 point Centre with Selke level defensive game... and you can't turn your nose up at that. I just don't think you are going to get the 90-95 point seasons out of him. With the way Suzuki's looked, it could be the Bergeron/Krejci like duo... which has had the Bruins as contenders for much of the past decade and was the one-two centre punch on 3 cup finalists and one cup winner in that time.... Add in Danault, whose proven his own defensive ability and top 6 scoring ability... and you could have the core of a strong group up the middle. There are also plenty of young wingers on the team and in the system with Caufield, Ylonen, Fonstad, etc.... The next step is making sure you have enough on the blue line.... Romanov looks like a stud, but you need more. If we do miss the playoffs and aren't lucky enough to be picking top 2 with a chance at Lafreniere or Byfield.... my pick for this team would be Jamie Drysdale. He could be a perfect match with Romanov on a top pair one day. He could go anywhere from 3-8 depending on what teams are looking at. If we are further down in the teens... a Braden Schneider, Justin Barron, or Jeremie Poirier become options on the blue line.
  3. Agree that we need more skill up front. Not sure the forwards making the allstar game is the best argument though.... I mean Max should have been an all-star several times. He was hurt by the fact that there was a rule of 1 all-star per team and it was either Price or Subban already going to the game, and so he wasn't picked cause they took some lesser forward from another team that had no all star. He was consistently top 10 in the NHL in goals, so should have made an all-star game along the way if not for that rule. But yes... we need an offensive stud. We have a deep team but getting that real gamebreaker isn't easy.
  4. I just think when you trade a guy, he's gone... these trade a guy and they come back July 1st are very rare. Sure it happened with Plekanec, but that guy had like 15 years as a Hab going into that trade. It really doesn't happen that often... even including Plekanec... its like less than 5 players in the last 10 years league wide. (traded at the deadline and come back the same summer)
  5. You trade Thompson for a 5th, cause he's old and easily replaceable next year, either with Poehling at Centre, or with a cheap free agent. Byron might get a half decent return if he comes back and shows he is healthy and scoring, that is unlikely before the deadline though, it might be a summer move or one for next year though. The reason why you trade these guys and not the Domis is cause ... age... and replaceability.... and yeah the chances of a decent NHLer are small but the more of these 4th,5th,6th rounders you have, the more chance you get a gallagher, mete, or other good player. Timmins actually has a good record in the fifth round... Hudon is a success... anytime you get even one good season out of a fourth round or later, and he had one good year, that's a success. He's had Dagostini, Grabovski, Halak, Primeau, S. Kostitsyn, Streit, all work out from these spots too. Even if its only a 5% chance of working, the more picks you can get, while giving up a player who is 35 years old and soon to be UFA, you should still do that. Its such a different situation from the youngsters and an easy trade to make.
  6. Honestly, with the way he's playing, I'm fine with foregoing a 2nd or third round pick and signing him for 2020-21. Getting a player like him on a full season rental in the summer is going to cost more than a 2nd or 3rd rounder, so why not just keep the player that works in your lineup.
  7. Oh I agree, he's a very good 4th line centre. There just isn't much value in 4th liners.... sorry we gave up a 4th for thompson but it wasn't straight up... it was 4th for Thompson + 5th. we got flynn for a fifth... we got ott for a sixth we got torrey mitchell for a 7th and Jack Nevins we got dwight King for a fourth. Trading players away... We got a fourth for Deslauriers (but that was a pre-season trade not a deadline rental) Torrey Mitchell we got a conditional 4th for ... same 4th we gave up for Dwight King So I don't see how Thompson gets a 4th, but if he does, we should grab it.
  8. Considering we gave a 5th for Thompson, I don't see how he gets a 3rd or 4th. If someone offers a 3rd for him, we should take it and run all the way to the bank.
  9. There are no guarantees with Fleury and Brook... other than this one... neither will be a top 4 in 2020-21. You just cant count on them to keep the team "standing still" next season. I hope they become top 4 D, but banking on that isn't a good idea. Development is not linear, young players have plateaus and set backs... counting on either of them to be top 4s before 23-24 is a big risk. Look at Mete... yes, he's survived in a top 4 role, but... he's also been beside one of Weber/Petry when used in that role, and he doesn't look the same on the third pair. He's also barely surviving as a top 4 not thriving. He's young and there is still hope he's a top 4, but he's not there yet. Expecting Brook or Fleury to be a top 4 RD next year... when there is noone of Weber/Petry's calibre on the LH side to pair them and shelter them with... its a foolish recipe.
  10. Petry and Tatar at their age should be discussed. They should be traded either this year or next year at the deadline. They make sense to move at sometime in the next 13 months. Bergevin did this before with pacioretty... he held him until he got the right deal. Most wanted him traded at then 2018 deadline or at the draft... and he held him another few months to get the right price. The point being its the same with petry and tatar.. if the price is good in february... trade them. If it isnt.. no pressure... you can keep them another year. Keep in mind both would need to be replaced if traded.
  11. St. Louis had what high picks? Erik Johnson... just one and that was more than 10 years ago. They faced Boston in the final... they had kessel more than 10 years ago and Seguin in 2011... neither of whom is on the team and Seguin wasnt by tanking... it was by trading kessel... so only 1 high pick. Vegas made the final with castoffs. Washingtons high picks were 2... Ovechkin and backstrom and were more than 10 years ago. They got absolute studs in holtby, carlson and kuznetsov with later picks. Pittsburgh had all those high picks years ago... but guess what... there is no crosby or malkin in this draft and even if there was... you have a 1/5 chance of even getting first overall and thats by finishing last. You arent finishing below detroit, ottawa or the LA Kings... so now we are talking the lottery odds of 4th which is less than 10%. Replicating pittsburgh? Not gonna happen. Pitts beat san jose and nashville in the finals... neither team tanked. Chicago... ok... heres one that you could copy but you still need duncan keith in the second round... brent seabrook in the mid first... corey crawford late in the draft... marian hossa to join as the best ufa in the league... oh and you need to get lucky on the lottery again and the odds are much worse today than when they got kane and toews. La... one top pick in doughty and an 12th overall in kopitar. Rangers made the finals... no tanks on that team. Jersey made the finals... no tanks there. Wanna do more? Go ahead. Meanwhile edmonton, buffalo, and other tankers... aint won shit. Montreal has drouin, kk as two third overalls on the team... price as a top 5... domi as a high pick (traded for a 3rd overall too) and guys like suzuki and caufield on the way. You keep building around that core... not tear it down and tank which is no guarantee. You can finish last in the nhl for 5 straight years and at just 18.5% of getting 1st overall you might get 1 pick or none. The league changed the rules on the lottery after mcdavid and the incentives to tanking just arent there any more. The odds arent in your favour anymore. This is the reality in 2020. The old rules that built chicago and Pittsburgh dont apply. The advantages to tanking then... last place was 48.5% to.get #1... dont apply today 18.5%
  12. You arent getting value for him though. Your are getting back a poece that might be as.good as domi As for centres... we are allowed to play four per night. And 8 wingers. You keep a 60 point guy who is just 24 in the lineup as one of your building blocks. Tatar who is older and going to be a free agent in 2021 is much more likely to be moved if we have too many forwards. While id sign kovalchuk for one year... hes not a long term answer. Thompson, byron, these guys are going to be gone too. Weal and Cousins arent long-term solutions. You have room in your forward group for kids without trading domi... and as we have seen this year... injuries happen. So there isnt a huge issue if suzuki is on the wing and moves to centre when injuries happen... you dont want to be in a position where you have 1 player for every position and then one injury kills you. Trading players just to get a first round pick isnt valuable. The first two picks in this draft Lafreniere and Byfield... they arent getting traded. From 3 on you would be happy tonget a player as good as domi is today... so why trade domi when you already have him... to get a first rounder, which you then will package with your own first rounder to get pick 3, 4, or 5.... its a lot of moves to basically stand still (and you no linger even have your own first rounder) Chances are if you miss the playoffs the pick at 12 or 13 (currently wed pick 9th).. could be just as good as 3, 4 or 5. So why give up domi and that 9th pick just to get to 3-5. Its a deep draft from 3 to about 14 or 15 .. no point giving big value to move up.
  13. This comment/argument makes me realize that you cant see the forest from the trees and do think running a team is like playing playstation. You cant accept that a good team is built and is not created instantly... and even if they followed your plan to tank... youd be screaming that the players drafted are busts and they need to fire everyone and tank again when they still arent making the playoffs three years from now. Tanking guarantees nothing... especially when the last place team is 18.5% for 1st overall. The last 4 teams are only 53% COMBINED to get 1st overall.
  14. Yeah.... no Domi is 24 and had over 70 points last year. Hes on pace for between 55-60 this year Philly's pick is going to be in the later half of the first round The best case scenario for a first round pick there (happens like 10% of the time) would be to get a first line forward capable of 55-60 points a year. So basically you'd be trading domi while hes still young for a 10% chance of drafting the new domi. Why?
  15. This has already been explained multiple times. You have a number of kids on the team. You dont put them in an environment that losing is acceptable. You give them the experience of playing in high pressure games surrounded by a group of leaders who are trying to win and teaching them what is necessary to win. Its not a video game. You are dealing with actual people and you have to work to develop them... not just say lets put a bunch of high draft picks in a bowl and it will work out. We see what is happening in Buffalo. You saw what happened when edmonton had the yakupov, hall, rnh team, arizona did this for years, toronto too. You want to make this ten years of living in the wilderness.... sure... trade away all the vets... tank for high picks and develop the players you have and get in an environment where it is okay to lose cause we dont want to make the playoffs, we want a high pick.
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