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  1. GDT

    You missed the point. He's scoring goals in a new way. Radulov is really good at controlling possession and making plays. He scores goals in different ways. The area that has been lost is the transition game. And that effects a lot more than just max. This team used to score a lot of goals on the rush... Max, Gallagher, Weise, Plekanec, Gallagher, etc... all would get their fair share of goals off of 2 on 1s, 3on 2s, breakaways, etc.... we don't get those now.
  2. GDT

    Weber and Emelin are not making those breakout passes. The thing is you need to able to skate with the puck to make such a pass. They don't. They can't skate the puck out of danger. Any bit of pressure and they bang it off the glass and out. Markov is not able to play 24 minutes a night on top pairing, and a Markov, Weber pairing would be too slow.
  3. GDT

    Two Veilleux?
  4. GDT

    This team can not score in transition, when was the last time they scored off the rush. Pacioretty used to score off the rush, and get breakaways all the time. It doesn't happen now. If you don't think switching Subban (who had more assists on Pacioretty goals than any other player, including forwards)... for Weber (who has done near nothing 5v5) makes a difference there, I don't know what to say. Its not just Pacioretty though, Galchenyuk scored a bunch off the rush. So did Gallagher, and Plekanec, and others too. But the pairing who plays the biggest minutes for the team has no puck moving and transition.
  5. GDT

    Galchenyuk is winning most of his faceoffs, if you care about that.
  6. GDT

    I don't even think that touched Byron's stick
  7. GDT

    This reffing is such horseshit.
  8. He's also a RHD so not a need.
  9. The fact that Hainsey gets a second just shows that NHL GMs think that this draft sucks.
  10. Its classic grass is greener syndrome. He is what he is... and what he is, is actually pretty good... but he's being treated like a guy who is elite, and he's not that. He's pretty good. He's not a franchise changer. He'd be a nice add to our top 6. A Chucky-Duchene-Danault trio would be great. Taking Chucky out to get him though, is at best a marginal move.
  11. sure such a lineup looks great. You don't have the cap space to acquire Duchene, Kane, and Vatanen though.
  12. Don't think its good enough. Duchene is merely a 60 point guy at this stage of his career. He's actually less Points Per Game than Galchenyuk this season. He's better than Chuck defensively, but is still not a defensive stallwart. Its a minor upgrade at best (for more money and an older player). Danault should be a third liner. Plekanec has lost nearly all ability to produce offence.
  13. Danault is playing at a 40-45 point pace (and thats only including games while playing with the teams two best wingers). Thats not fine. He was good to fill in for a pinch, but he's not an ideal top 6 solution. Even with playing with Pacioretty and Radulov (and thus handicapping every other line), they only can carry him to the point that he's putting up numbers that are middling 2nd liner numbers
  14. GDT

    I'd be fine with another year of Markov at 4.5. Let him teach Sergachev.