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  1. GDT

  2. Brook Ikonen
  3. He's also a Right Handed Defenceman. Can we stop suggesting players for positions that the Habs don't need.
  4. i have no interest in Methot, so thats fine by me.
  5. He was assaulted by his girlfriend. He was the victim for #### sakes, and he didn't hit her back. Thats his off-ice problem. I'm sorry, but i can't criticize him for that.
  6. GDT

    I like this kid alot. ANd I do think he can be a second liner. One thing in your post i have to comment on though, He might have a very good shot, but he had like 40 SOG in 34 games (not an exact stat, its almost midnight and i'm not looking it up, but its like 1.1 shots per game). He never shoots. All his goals/shots are deflections, or pouncing on a rebound. He rarely, rarely shoots. Always looking to pass when he has the puck. Thats my biggest criticism of him. But I like him a lot even without that.
  7. Lehtera sucks, but the picks are quite a bit.
  8. Scouting Report
  9. GDT

    Don't reach for guys who aren't as good.
  10. GDT

    Might have to take a Winger. The best Cs and Ds are off the board. Go for Tolvanen if he keeps falling.
  11. Don already preparing to defend Bergevin when he doesn't get a centre, AGAIN. But its hard.
  12. Not everyone can do it, but there are far more LHD who can play the right side than vice-versa. We also have one in Benn.
  13. Edmonton and Calgary are in the top 5 in the NHL for least taxes, but he has them on his list. Meanwhile the California teams are not on his list. Do You really think this is a tax thing?
  14. Its much easier to have a LHD play RD than the other way around. Benn already played RD for us last season and looked good. Our top 3 callups (Redmond, Lernout, Juulsen) are RHD.
  15. The league has gone crazy in the last 2 hours.