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  1. Matt Bradley Scores... Medicine Hat up 3-0
  2. Breaking News: London Knights fans are assholes. (Its actually a well known fact in the OHL).
  3. Hamilton loses... up 2-1 in series still Pezzetta scores... Sudbury up 2-1.
  4. He's back out there. Was likely just winded.
  5. Hope Patch is not hurt.
  6. How did Danault manage to shoot that right into his pads.
  7. LMAO at Radulov jumping into Pacioretty's arms.
  8. I'm seeing a team that makes mediocre NHL goalies look like all-stars.
  9. That was a stupid play. There was another stupid play in the first 5 minutes though... WEber and Markov allowed Jamie Benn, of all people, to walk right up the middle and go for a breakaway. The team played well in the last 15 minutes of the period, but were not ready to play in the first five minutes.
  10. Its like 4 NHLers in 6 years. (McCarron makes it 5, but is still a disppointing pick.... Hudon and De la Rose could make it 7 but I don't have much hope beyond them. Reway seems a long shot due to health) 2014, 15, and 16 are too early to judge That said 4 in 5 years is below average. 7 in 5 years is pretty close to average but a little below... Trading all those picks in 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12 hurt the depth in the organization. We traded a 1st, and a shit load of 2nds/3rds.
  11. He's shooting 29% since the trade. This smells exactly like Devante Smith Pelly last year. Everyone freaking out after the trade, due to an unsustainable hot streak, and then not a peep afterwards. What is DSP doing now? Nothing.
  12. The Habs have made Zach Fucale an emergency recall (Probably easier to get a last minute Toronto to Montreal flight than one from St. John's ).
  13. He's also got a decent shot, but absolutely no hands, and so he rarely gets an opportunity to get it off.
  14. And just like that, Ott is in for McCarron. Also sounds like the plan was to start Montoya, but he got hurt in practice so back to Price.
  15. I'm glad that the kid we drafted in the first round is able to push steve ott (who we traded a 6th rounder to get) out of the lineup.