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  1. Nashville lost all of Webers Leadership and CHaracter, gained a locker room cancer in Subban and is farther than they have ever been.
  2. We have to remember that Carey Price hasn't always been.... Carey Price, best goalie in the world. 2008, 2009, he was really young, and struggled. 2010 he lost the job to halak and when he did play struggled. 2011 he played well. 2013 he sort of fell apart late in the season and at that point the Habs decided to hire Olivier Waite. I'd like to know what his playoff save percentage just for 2014, 2015, and 2017. Those are the years after he was with Waite, after he went to the Olympics, basically after he took his game to the next level. Edit: He's a .922 over that span.
  3. I'd still give him every opportunity at C first, RW next....
  4. I'm not sure Galchenyuk is a 30 goal scorer at LW. Look where he scores his goals from. He needs to be allowed to float over to the right face off circle and shoot that one timer if he is going to maximize his goal scoring. thats not going to happen at Left wing. So even if he's a winger, left wing isn't his spot IMO.
  5. He was a .933 goalie in this year's playoffs. He was also a .933 goalie in the season when he won the Hart, Lindsay, Vezina, and Jennings trophies. Goaltending was not the issue in the series.
  6. I hate shootouts to decide games of this magnitude (And i would say the same if Canada won).
  7. If I'm moving chucky, and I'd rather not cause i think his value is as low as it will ever be, but if I'm moving him, I have to get a centre back personally.
  8. I honestly don't have a favorite CHL team. I cheered for Sergachev and Addison when they were in Hamilton this year. I'll cheer for whatever CHL team has the Habs prospects, if i cheer at all. Most times I just observe. That's not to say my way is right, its just what works for me. Everyone is free to cheer how he/she wants. Was just curious why you were against Windsor is all.
  9. I'd like the team with the most and best Habs prospects to win.
  10. 2 years too late. Doubt he's available now.
  11. Why is that too bad?
  12. Sergachev went beast mode tonight at the mem cup. He dominated saint john tonight. Coast to coast rushes, drawing penalties, 2 assists, great defensive plays twice on one on one with chabot, a monster hip check. He did everything. Saint johns two goals were both with him on the bench. Best game ive seen from him. Just incredible. Addison scored too. Bourque with an assist.
  13. I don't blame Julien so much. it was the last 20 games of the year and then the playoffs... no time to #### around. I want to see him put Galchenyuk at centre and teach him to play the position and work through his october and november mistakes so he's ready for April. I wanted to see Therrien teach him too, but we know Therrien had a weird relationship with youngsters. If he loved you, he'd love you forever, and if he didn't you were always one mistake away from a blasting.
  14. Mike Fisher (also hurt) 0 points in 14 playoff games Carl Jarnkrok 2 points in 14 playoff games Craig Smith and Colin Wilson seem to be out of favour with the coaches. Without Johansen, their centre depth is worse than the Habs.
  15. I also point out that his PPG and his advanced Possession numbers are better at C than on the wing.