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  1. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    Boldy also could have been one of the three guys, as we don't know when in the draft it was said "we have three guys left and need florida to take the goalie" but considering the math.... It would have had to have been said before the Minnesota pick, as Minnesota, Florida and Philly taking 1 each of their 3 guys would have left them with none.
  2. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    When Timmins said they had three guys left.... and needed Florida to take the goalie I think their three guys were York Caufield and Newhook They didn't want to move down two spots to Vegas' pick... so one of their three guys was gone (if they still had 3 they liked, they could have moved two spots), that means one of the three has to be York. When the pick is up... they are still choosing between two guys cause Timmins and Churla have a discussion and opt to go with Caufield. The third guy is either Newhook or Krebs IMO, but I think its Newhook due to Krebs injury.
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    By the time Domi gets to RFA the cap will have gone up. The Jets will also be out from Kulikov's 4.3 million which is an over pay and can be replaced cheaper. Lets say they replace him at the same level. 3 of those forwards will make a total of under 3 million. Probably closer to 2.5 or 2.6, but lets say 3. They'd have 14.5 million + cap increase in 2020 for both Domi and Connor. Not an issue. The jets are in win now mode. They want talent.
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Its a tough deal, and if we didn't have the centre depth in Kotkaniemi, Danault, Poehling, Suzuki, I'd say no cause we've looked for a #1 centre for so long. but I think I would do it at the end of the day. Its just hard to trade the centre for the winger, but hey Laine is better long-term I'd say (even though Domi had more points last season).
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Winnipeg is in win now mode. I don't think they want prospects or picks. They also have 17.5 million in space right now... (though they'd need three more forwards even after Laine and Connor)
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    It seems a strange rumour anyways. I mean when Drouin was traded... we didn't go to Tampa and Yzerman didn't come to Montreal. When Subban for Weber went down there was no flights for management. Same for Pacioretty, Domi, etc... all of our recent big trades. its 2019, why is anyone flying to Winnipeg to make a trade? Just get on Skype/Facetime/Zoom etc.... So I think someone was just pulling your leg on this rumour.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    25 teams, at least, are interested. Who is Priskie interested in?
  8. Ticket Sales

    It will also be one of the first to sell out. Youll need to get lucky and be one of the first granted access from the virtual waiting room
  9. Ticket Sales

  10. Ticket Sales

    It was a 4 ticket limit in the past but given that they lost their sell put streak last year im not sure if.they will enforce that.
  11. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Hes done it so far. Hes also got.some skill to his.game as he can dig pucks out of corners and make plays in the cycle to get chances. Its not just set up in the circle and shoot. Hes also.a bit underrated as a passer. Weve all seen the goals from.those usa/canad/fin/sweden games last week. So we can see the shot. But if you watched the full games the most encouraging thing was his ability to drive possession and generate a high number of shots for himself or teammates Ovechkin, kessel, laine, pacioretty etc... all the guys near the top of the goals chart every year are also near the top of the shots charts. Are their shots better than other nhlers... yes thats part of why they score more goals than others but the other factor is that they know how to create a larger quantity of shots than others too.
  12. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    The whole team didnt have career years. Prices year was below his career average. Weber was hurt half the year. Lehkonen couldnt score despite all the chances. Mete couldnt score at all. Drouin went 6 weeks with one game where he scored points Byron fought injuries. Armia can do more. Then lets look at career years Ok tatar will regress. I buy that. Danault is 26 and got better every year. Hes in his prime. Its not crazy to think 50 points is repeatable. Gallagher has 30 goals two straight years no reason its not repeatable. Domi is 24. Why is his best year not repeatable. Hes young enough he could be even better as hes also going into his prime. Its not crazy to see him put up 65 even if he regresses a little. Kk had a career year but its also a rookie year. He should keep getting better too. He can make up some points others lose. These guys all had "career years" with a power play that was 31st in the NHL. If the pp is 20th... that's a lot more goals and makes up for any drop at ES from.some career years not being repeated. Its not crazy to think the PP should score a few more. Just like saying that a guy on a career year will regress to the mean... so should the pp. They dont even have to be a good PP... they can still be bottom 3rd of the league and score way more than they did as the 31st pp.
  13. Ticket Sales

    Organization will put individual games on sale in late august. You usually can only buy one game per credit card. Have yourself logged in at one computer and your wife on another computer at a different location. Ive always had my G/F on one computer at her house and me at my place on another to get two.games.
  14. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Caufield could be ready in 2020 yes. He can snipe. Ready is relative though. Hes notikely to score 30 as a rookie either...
  15. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Name your charity and ill send you the receipt tomorrow. Dm me your name if you want and ill do the donation in your name. Honestly forgot i had one with you too. I did give $100 to wounded warriors for chris. Ill do $100 here too cause i feel bad about forgetting. Wont get a better interest rate than that.