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  1. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Davidson has played well. Better than Lernout has shown. Davidson has actually impressed me since returning to the lineup. Morrow sucks. and Benn has earned his spot in the press box. Jerabek - Davidson would be good (and eventually schlemko in).
  2. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    Not exactly true. The tape doesn't lie. These are high end opportunities. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/whats-behind-max-paciorettys-playoff-goal-scoring-woes/
  3. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    He's not the same player as byron. One is a pure north/south guy who has blazing speed. He doesn't need linemates. The other is a skilled and creative player. If Galchenyuk is making moves... finding open spaces... making great passes, and his linemates are plugs... it won't work. You need creative players to play with a creative player. Again, you want to treat all players as if they are the same, as if they are robots. They aren't. A skilled coach has to work with each player in his own way to get the best out of him, for the sake of the team.
  4. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    I agree with all of that. (well except for the Record since we are conveniently ignoring 2 wins against the rangers, 3-8). However the fact that Pacioretty is the team's offensive catalyst, and that he is put in that role and not as the goal scorer supporting a true catalyst, falls not at the feet of Pacioretty, but at the feet of one, Marc Bergevin.
  5. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    He didnt float in the playoffs. He had the most shots in the series (either team) and was a huge positive possession player... just could not score.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I meant one good year since signing his big deal in Colorado, but point taken. It says something when Vegas couldn't find many centres in the expansion draft and didn't want him.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Zero interest in Soderberg, who has a huge contract and is a regular healthy scratch in Colorado. The guy had one good season and a whole bunch of garbage ones.
  8. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    Pacioretty hasn't scored in four games and here come the complaints. Its almost like people have forgotten that Pacioretty is a streaky scorer and always has been.
  9. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Exactly, even if he is partially to blame... he's not going to get his confidence back if the organization doesn't show confidence in him. He scores a beauty goal last game. Plays a pretty good game at both ends. What is the reward? Stays on the fourth line all game, back to the fourth line today. How is he supposed to break out of the funk like that?
  10. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Are we really using +/- in 2017? Seriously? +/- has very little to do with defensive play, especially in the 2015-16 season when Carey Price was injured and we had the worst goaltending in the NHL from December 1st to the end of the season. Anyone who played a lot of minutes in front of Scrivens and Condon that year was going to be a minus player, despite that Chucky was a positive possession player. He was also a positive possession player for most of last year. When he was at Center he was over 50% corsi. On the wing, he was slightly below. But when playing center, a positive possession guy. This year, again, he is a positive possession player, even though on the wing. A -2 over a five game sample is meaningless, especially when the team PDO is so bad. Sorry but +/- just isn't a meaningful or reliable stat when we have so many other things to look at now.
  11. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Poehling with his first goal of the year. Now 1g 3a in 3 games.
  12. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Again, it was only after you were downvoting every single person in the thread that I went back and got more of your posts. I did that to make a point when you were hitting everyone. I would have been more than willing to remove them if you understood. Instead, I see you are still downvoting all of my posts even after this was supposed to be over though.
  13. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    Yes i too fully expect that Price's play over a couple games is "very worrisome" and he won't be Carey Price again. Come on. Its fine to say he didnt' play well last night, or even a couple games this year, but there is no reason to believe that he isn't still Carey Price and won't bounce back quickly.
  14. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    They've played like this 3 games in a row... Its what I've been saying. We are much better than our record.
  15. Leafs vs Habs 7:00p.m. Oct 14 2017

    Son of a bitch. Again dominate the game.