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  1. "Expect the unexpected." - Marc Bergevin.
  2. 2-0 Laval in the first. Dauphin has both
  3. I hope.hes better than last year. He got destroyed, barely getting the puck out of.the zone when he was on the ice. His analytics were amongst the worst in the league in that short stint. He does seem better in Laval though.
  4. David savard is apparently going to tampa for.a first. Deal is close but not quite done.
  5. Wasnt comparing them.. i said that above. Was just noting the rarity of winning it as a u20 and how that list is significantly better than those who won it as seniors.
  6. Kariya, Eichel, and caufield are the only u20 players to win the award in the last 30 years.
  7. Disagree on Petry not carrying the puck enough... but the rest seems accurate.
  8. Hopefully but im not gonna compare him to a hall of famer.
  9. Seperate those who won as seniours and those who won as freshmen and sophmores and you see the difference. Lots of players dominate as an older player in their fourth year of college. When you do it as a teenager in your second year there is a big difference.
  10. Caufield scored 30g and 52 points in 31 games and won the hobey baker in his last college season. Poehling had 8 goals and 31 points in 36 games in his last college season before that game. One was a fluke performance even by his college numbers. This was not
  11. He's just dominating this game. Every shift he's dangerous.
  12. Butcher had a strong rookie season and fell off a cliff. His issue is that he is a below average skater. He's not a fit. Vatanen could play on the left side even though he's a RH shot. He's one of the few RH shots who can play both sides (most guys who play both sides are lefties).
  13. He never had one to waive. Nashville didn't have to honour the clause when they matched Philly's offer sheet because he was not eligible for such a clause until 1 year into the contract, and Poile choose not to honour it. If he had a clause and waived it, he'd still have it, you only waive for 1 time only for a trade, not get rid of it forever.
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