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  1. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    The pacioretty trade made tons of sense on the day it was made. The domi trade many questioned including me. I was wrong it worked. He gets credit for the result not for what we thought of the trade on the day it was made. Whether it was a headscratcher or not is irrelevant. He gets credit for the move today. Just like he gets blame if a good looking trade goes bad.
  2. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    A player who has 53, 46, and 53 points in his last three seasons is not a third line player. Michael sergachev has not proven to be a number 1 d. He was on the third pair last season. Bergevin is Trading all the prospects? What? How? We have one of the best prospect pools in the league thanks to prospects and picks we have added in recent years. Let's stop the madness people. There are areas to criticize but when you say that Bergervin is comparable to Milbury or that Drouin is a third liner. You lose any and all credibility and your argument becomes moot.
  3. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    An over the top negative statement? Of course, look who posted it.
  4. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Well said. Bergevin had some rocky years, but now I can see where he's headed with this team.
  5. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Yup, you can criticize the results. The idea that he hasn't been willing to take risks? This is 100% false narrative. No GM has made more trades, and no GM has made more major trades (top 6 fwds, top 4 dmen) then Bergevin in recent years. Argue all day if its working or not, but don't try and tell me he isn't doing things.
  6. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Wow... just wow. Do you really believe that the owner doesnt care about winning? Every playoff game brings in 3million or more to the team. A Stanley cup would have even bigger effects on the bottom line considering the merch they would sell. The idea that an owner doesnt want to win? It's such a stupid argument.
  7. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    The habs have fired plenty of french people over the years. He doesnt keep his job cause he is french. The issue is the pressure that the next guy be able to speak french too and that is a far bigger issue with the coach who gives 200 pressers a year than the GM who maybe gives 10. Still If they fired Bergevin they could easily find another french speaker so I'm not buying that argument on keeping his job.
  8. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    There is still a level between Crosby and Malkin and the Leafs players...
  9. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    No one is saying they are a bad team. However, the idea that they don't have cap issues, isn't exactly true. Barrie looks like a 1 year rental, as he's asking for 8 million per year, and I don't see how they fit that in.
  10. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    Brian has the salary cap thread. He does a great job with that
  11. Habs Salary Cap Info and FAQ's

    After sending Weise, Peca and Alzner the AHL, the Habs will have over 7 million in cap space. CapFriendly lists them on the team. The also list the Habs as having 25 players on the roster (when NHL max is 23). You need to look at these things and not just assume that the CapFriendly number is the final number.
  12. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    The Habs have 25 players on their roster on cap friendly right now. Every player they send down, they save the first 1.075 million in salary. 23 men is the max NHL roster... so to add a player they send 3 to the AHL. Sending down Alzner, Peca and Weise, means they would have 7.269 million in space. Most teams leave about a million in space for callups due to injury. They could sign a player worth up to 6 million with no other moves.
  13. Habs Salary Cap Info and FAQ's

    We have been right up to the limit in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Teams should only be up to the limit if it is worth spending the money on the player. He could sign a player tomorrow to get to the limit, but if that player isn't worth the money, then why would they? Its silliness to say the team is too cheap to spend to the cap. They tried to with Aho. They tried to sign Duchene. If the money isn't being spent, its not because they are unwilling to spend it, its because it needs to be on the right players. Another Karl Alzner or Scott Gomez contract doesn't help the team.
  14. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    I think you don't quite understand how the cap works. The Habs also have multiple contracts in excess of 5 million. Weber Price Drouin Petry all make more than 5 million. And the team has cap space to add one more player to that bracket.
  15. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    RIP Don's sanity
  16. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Between this and the video with his dog... poehling is jacked.
  17. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    Excessively cautious? Unwilling to make bold moves? There are many things to criticize but a guy who traded subban for weber, traded pacioretty, gave the price contract, traded galchenyuk for domi, sergachev for drouin, etc... doesnt suggest a guy overly cautious and unwilling to make a bold move to me. Then there is the alzner deal, trying to pay lucic a lot, bringing radulov back from russia, the aho offersheet. Being bold isnt and has never been the issue. Weber is also a freak. Im not sure he'll be a number 1 dman, i agree there, but a top 4? I think he will.
  18. Stuff moved from the Rumour thread that isn't rumours

    A few things I will say. 1) GMs, coaches, players... they all develop with experience. The fact that Bergevin made mistakes earlier in his career does not mean that he is destined to repeat those mistakes. 2) Yes Price and Weber are in their 30s. Chara is still a top 4 defenceman and an effective part of a team that was one win away from a Stanley Cup just this past year, in his 40s. Goalies, especially elite ones, have always traditionally aged well. If the rest of the team is young and grows into a contender, there is no reason those two can't still be core parts of that contender even if they are no longer the clear two best players (as hopefully Kotkaniemi takes the role of best player, and one of Romanov/Brook takes the role of #1 defenceman) 3) based on the two way metrics with Kotkaniemi, he is at that top-tier all-star calibre of prospect. It will just be more Patrice Bergeron/Anze Kopitar 75-80 point guy with Selke defence as well, then it will be Pettersson at 90-100 points. Which one is more valuable is up for debate. The defensive metrics at 18 were elite level, while he still showed he can contribute offence, doing all of this as the youngest player in the NHL.
  19. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If bergevin adds a forward, he adds a guy who is a PP threat. He could be any position... but hes gonna need a PP threat. Byron, drouin, lehkonen can all play both wings so wing doesnt matter. If your addition is lw, then one of those moves to rw.
  20. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Yes. I expect him to get a chance to fill shaws spot.
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Exactly. The complaints are all focused on missing the playoffs, they don't take into account the context. The young players on the team were a driving force in the improvement. At the same time the prospect pool improved to top 5 in the NHL. I'm happier with that, then if the Habs had been driven by older players, made the playoffs and got eliminated quickly.
  22. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    Sure he was interested 3 years ago... as a lot of teams were. A lot less teams are interested today. I doubt Bergevin was interested. I haven't heard anything that suggests he was
  23. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    I'd have expected him to be on the side of moving Alzner for Neal (if he made the deal). Probably would have gotten Calgary to throw in a pick too. Thats the kind of deal Bergevin makes with these contracts. If he can't get it, he just holds his guy. He's never made a bad deal just to get rid of a contract, so I don't think there was ever any real fear he would trade for Lucic.
  24. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    So you'd be against trading Alzner for another player on a similar contract? Were you against trading Moen for Gonchar (two overpaid players and we got out of Gonchar's contract one year earlier than Dallas got out from Moen)? Were you against Prust for Kassian and a 5th (we added a pick, and got the cheaper player). Were you against Rene Bourque for Bryan Allen (two overpaid players and we got out of Allen's contract one year earlier than Anaheim got out from Bourque) Were you against Cole for Ryder and 3rd (we added a third, Cole did nothing after we traded him, Ryder was good for us that year and we got out from his contract two years earlier than Cole) Were you against Weise and Folin for Schlemko and Froese (cap hits were the virtually the same on Weise and Schlemko and also the same length. Froese is nothing. And Folin is the only NHL player in the bunch.) Every single time Bergevin has made one of these bad contract for bad contract trades... we've won the deal. So why would it be bad for him to do another? He's not making bad deals when he moves out a contract he doesn't want anymore.