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  1. Drouin led the team in scoring in the playoffs and showed great chemistry with Suzuki. Why wouldnt you want to play the two together, at least to start. If it doesnt work, split them. But the way they finished the season you have to start with Drouin, Suzuki and Armia.
  2. I don't think either is an elite dman. Not today.
  3. 18 and 19 year old d usually dont play any minutes in the KHL and especially not for one of the best teams in the league (forwards do but d is rare) Thats the thing with romanov. Hes at an age where he should be in a junior league and hes cracking the best defensive group in russia.
  4. The guy is a regular 30 goal scorer, he's no third liner. His wife is f'ing nuts though.
  5. Marc "Mr. CHaracter" Bergevin is not signing Mike "crazy wife" Hoffman. I would bet on it.
  6. I agree that I want the proven player and I would give up Caufield to get him. However, Domi plus Caufield, plus a first is simply too much given the contract situation for Laine. All that said, judging players by one tournament is stupid. It's a two week sample size, where a player is playing with linemates he has never played with before. People overrate the World Juniors so much in evaluating prospects and its really dumb. Caufield scored 70 goals and set records for most goals ever by a player at the US NTDP. That's huge, especially considering the players who have come through the US NTDP... phil kessel, auston matthew, Patrick Kane, Jack Eichel, etc... etc... he broke all their records for goal scoring. He then went to Wisconsin, and on a bad NCAA team was one of the best freshmen in all of college hockey. He's done everything he possibly could to be a top prospect and deserves his ranking. A two week tournament, where a coach unfamiliar with him used him in weird ways.... meh, who cares.
  7. Petry, not Weber, is our best defenceman. Nothing against Weber, Petry is just better.
  8. Good contract. $6.25 million is a steal for a defenceman of his calibre. Complicates things with expansion, but oh well, at this price you do it. The videos of his kid alone are worth $5 million AAV.
  9. We have enough depth wingers. I wouldn't sign him cause he doesn't fit in the lineup. We need elite talent, not more filling around the edges.
  10. Ovi is not leaving washington so its a moot point, but of course you take him. He solves the PP issue.
  11. I don't see him in Laval in 2020-21, never mind the year after. He's our fourth line centre.
  12. Not a good look but not the first team to have it happen either.
  13. Cheap money for him. Barely above league minimum.
  14. You keep making this claim that MB wanted Glass... but i still havent seen a link for it.
  15. I dont like Lapierre's lack of a shot.
  16. We've been in a pandemic and locked inside for 6 months... it won't take much stroking.
  17. Given what Caufield has already done in the NCAA, id rather him in the SHL than OHL. There is more to learn playing pro against men.
  18. Thank you I stand by my assessment... He is shit.
  19. Buffalo has been trying tontrade ristolainen for 4 years... but everyone else knows he's shit.
  20. I dont care how many points he scores when his defensive game is a tire fire. Hes shit. And ill say what i want to say, thank you very much. If you dont like it, ignore me.
  21. Ristolainen is absolute shit in his own end. Pure shit.
  22. Ristolainen is terrible. Thats a massive overpayment for a shit player.
  23. I don't care what average fans think. Sam Pollock said if you listen to what the fans think, soon you will be sitting with them.
  24. We weren't Vegas, who was the only team who could trade for Theodore as they were the only team that could tell Anaheim, we won't draft Manson if you trade us Theodore.
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