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  1. We Have A Trade To Announce

    The Montreal Canadiens trade Torrey Mitchell to Los Angeles. If the Kings miss the playoffs, the Habs get the Kings 5th round pick. If the Kings make the playoffs, the Habs get back their own 4th round pick, which was previously traded to LA for Dwight King.
  2. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    It kinda went without saying that i was saying if the habs can acquire the centres and puck moving defencemen they need.
  3. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    We kinda want ND eliminated in one of their first two games so the Habs can offer evans a chance to play an nhl game and burn a year om the elc which would be a bonus in trying to sign him. If he makes the final four we wont have any games left after his national semifinal.
  4. Courtesy http://habsprospects.hockeyhq.net/ Moncton Wildcats 3 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 2 (Final) Morgan Ellis - one assist Drummondville Voltigeurs 3 Gatineau Olympiques 6 (Final) Archambault - one goal (3), one assist Blainville-Boisbriand Armada 4 Shawinigan Cataractes 3 (Final SO) (SO: 3-2) Bournival - one goal (10); also scored in the shootout. Bentley University 1 University of Michigan 5 (Final) Mac Bennett - one assist Greg Pateryn - one goal Air Force 3 University of North Dakota 4 (Final) Danny Kristo - two assists Mark MacMillan - one assist - First NCAA career point
  5. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Evans 2 assists... Notre dame wins big 10 tournament. Poehling a goal... scsu loses the final of the nchc tourney to denver. Hawkey one goal against... providence loses final of hockey east All three teams plus northeastern (primeau) are locks to be in the national championship tournament. Regions and seeds announced today. Tournament starts this weekend and wraps up april 7th and 9th.
  6. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    The other issue is the draft might bring us another winger if it doesnt deliver dahlim 2-3 on my list are wingers in svech and zadina. The 4-8 spots include 3 d (boqvist dobson and hughes) and 2 wingers (tkachuk wahlstrom) Its in that 4th tier we start to see centres. A couple d in bouchard and ty smith. Centres like veleno, kotaniemi, hayden, kupari, lundestrom. Wingers like farabee. To me it looks like the draft could bring another young winger which isnt ideal but im a big proponent of always BPA ... especially drafting this high.
  7. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    Karlssons season is screwy. 25% shooting percentage. Hes a number 3 c with a fluke season. Marchessault on the other hand. Hes a legit centre
  8. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    I think Hudon can really play and has had a solid first season. Put him with a team that can score and hes going to get more points. Hes a really smart offensive player. I like our wingers a lot right now. Especially the young ones. The biggest issue is that the NHL is a game where centres and D are more influential than wingers and we really need help there. Which is another reason i deal both pacioretty and byron this summer. Galchenyuk ---- drouin Lehkonen. ----- gallagher Hudon ----- scherbak We have the wings to run three lines. Now at c we have danault and need two more.
  9. Injury news

    Gionta - bicep tear - underwent surgery Jan. 11 - out indefinitely Moen - concussion - not skating - resumed off-ice workouts Mar. 4 Darche - concussion - placed on IR Mar. 6 - resumed skating Mar. 16 Diaz - groin - unknown - out since Mar. 1 Gomez - concussion - unknown - out since Mar. 12 Kaberle - practicing with non contact jersey March 26th Price - Concussion unknown
  10. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    McCarron is.just useless though. Ive been banging.that.drum since before he was drafted. Never saw him as being close to.worthy of where he was drafted. I had him as a third rounder.
  11. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    If i wanted to help.my team tank... id play de la Rose and Mccarron 20 minutes a night
  12. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Tanking to perfection
  13. Injury news

    Craig Ludwig
  14. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    Buffalo and Edmonton win. Good start to the day.
  15. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    He doesn't? Why didn't he step up with the 12 wheeler drove off the cliff? Why did he go in a cold streak as the leafs choked away their playoff chances with a long losing streak that year. Or does going cold in the spring not include falling apart in the last 15 games of the regular season to miss the playoffs? We'll just ignore any data that might contradict the arguments about being clutch.
  16. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    Play him 18 minutes Tank like a boss.
  17. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    kessel was a 35 goal, 70 point player in Toronto with Tyler Bozak as his centre. Pacioretty did the same with DD. I'd take that right now...
  18. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    And Team Tank is back on track.
  19. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    I never said that. I was adamant that we should get him, cause we couldn't score enough goals.
  20. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    My bad, he sat the Dallas game. He played against columbus and that was the last of 4 in a row, and 10 of the last 12 games. He's even been given the chance at centre in a bunch of those games which is weird, but i guess its anything to keep Galchenyuk out of centre.
  21. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    Carr missed the Dallas game, but before that he played the 4 games in a row... and 10 of the last 12.... its not "finally he's getting a chance"...
  22. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    He didn't sign either one... and he definitely had the cap space to do it. Contracts to other players were never the issue. there is one issue.... it was the GM...
  23. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    He couldn't get either one. Even with more cap he wouldnt have gotten both. Hed have traded for erik gudbranson or some shit.
  24. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    Because Bergevin played hardball with Radulov and Markov. Why did he do that? Because he just signed Alzner at $4.6M and the year prior gave up two second round picks for a middle line grinder at $3.9M. Without that $8M spent there would be no excuse not to go $7M on Radulov and $6M on Markov. Instead he penny pinched like an idiot, Markov went to Russia, Radulov went to Dallas, and Montreal went to the basement. 1 Did Bergevin make mistakes with Radulov and Markov? 100% yes Were those mistakes caused by what he paid Shaw, and this meaning he didn't have money left over? No it wasn't Both of you are letting your bias against Shaw get in the way of rational analysis. Bergevin had the money to sign at least one of those players. He struck out. Thats a mistake on Bergevin and has nothing to do with Shaw or his contract.