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  1. What Id do with the defence after seeing them this season so far. Edmundson - Petry Kulak - Weber Chiarot - Romanov
  2. Drouin has been really good all season. He may finally becoming a top level winger.
  3. The win clinches the Big10 regular season title for Wisconsin.They look like they could go on a long playoff run.
  4. Playing like someone who has barely played for 3 years.
  5. The team controlled the game for the most part but the mistakes made were absolute killers like toffoli's giveaway, weber being out of position on stastnys goal and the two players running into each other in OT. Absolute back breakers.
  6. As mentioned by Brian, anything in Hockey30 needs a huge grain of salt unless confirmed by more reliable sources.
  7. Im fine with switching goalies every game. In such a compressed schedule it will keep Allen sharp and give Carey plenty of games to find his game at the same time.
  8. The Danault line still has strong possession numbers... 6th in the NHL last i looked. That line should come around if they keep getting chances in the offensive zone. There is no reason to believe the line just stopped knowing how to score and every reason to think its just a run of bad luck.
  9. Watched it but apparently he didn't even know about the firing when he met with the media last night.
  10. I have a theory, but its just a theory for now What if waite was always going to be fired with Julien and Muller... but they had to wait cause Burke needed to quarantine and hes been quarantining the last week and can start tomorrow?
  11. Price played well enough to win the game. Strong comeback game from him. Now to string a few together.
  12. Seeing how Danault is going to play against the other teams top line, he is going to get minutes. Playing Byron, Lehkonen, Armia, etc... whoever you put on his wings more, and playing Gallagher and Tatar less is not the answer.
  13. Price has slumped before and has come out of slumps before. If he feels that he is better off working through this with his coaches, on his own, with his own supports, then seeing someone new as a sports psychologist, you need to trust your goalie to know his body/mind better than anyone else.
  15. He was very good in Sweden earlier this year too.
  16. How do you get Carey back to playing well by sitting him on the bench though? Its the catch-22. maybe you give him a week to get his head straight, but after that he needs to play close to half the games to get in a rhythm too.
  17. No one will argue that Price is currently playing well. However, I don't think this team is going anywhere with Allen as a number 1 goalie. I don't think he can handle that workload and I think this has been proven in the past. This team still will go as far as Price is able to take it. Which means you need Price to play better. The goal has to be not to replace Price, but how do you get him back to being Carey Price.
  18. Of the last four seasons, Tanner Pearson has had one decent one and even that decent campaign was not as good as Tatar or Gallagher. Not interested in #1 or #2 at all.... #3 I'd do
  19. Part of the bad has been PK which you dont get a minus for. Other areas hes been bad and bailed out by petry or price or allen. Its high on sample size, hes not playing well.
  20. Joel Armia asked Tyler Toffoli for tips on torturing your old team.
  21. I like Romanov on the right better than Mete on the right, and we need at least one skater on each pair. I think Mete has been better than Edmundson this season.
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