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  1. Yeah id choose the st. Louis game as best just cause they dominated against a good opponent.
  2. The best way to watch it. With music. https://twitter.com/CaptMaverick85/status/1184983241062862850?s=20
  3. With you? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  4. Dont believe everything said in the media. "We arent trading P.K. Subban" said Bergevin three days before trading Subban.
  5. Last night, in his first game with Everett, Fonstad had his third straight game with 3 points... 1g, 2a. Norlinder had an assist Harvey-Pinard a goal Houde an assist LeGuerrier one assist
  6. I said Zucker as a nice Winger to play with Domi, be a two way guy and be a PP shooter in the right circle not a D. That said Brodin could be a decent add, but not sure what they would want for him. Previous management tried to trade Zucker twice so I don't know what this management wants to do with him.
  7. 1) Unless you were in the room, and inside Bergevin's head, how do you know he didn't want Tatar. 2) How do you know what the scouting report was on Domi and whether the team saw something in Domi's 20 games at C with Arizona that showed them he was a better C than Galchenyuk? I didn't like the trade when it was made (but love it now). I'm not willing to say it was luck though. Teams do a lot of work before they make trades and obviously they saw something in Domi and his ability to play in the middle, seeing as he was made a centre from the very start of training camp on his first day here. 3) What trades were available that he could have moved a prospect for? Which ones should he have done? Did you want him to trade Kotkaniemi? Suzuki? Romanov? Seriously, your Bergevin hate fest is tiring. If you actually made good points like some here have that would be one thing, but this is just asinine.
  8. Bergevin has made more trades than any other GM in the last two years. Being afraid to make trades isnt a criticism that is fair imo. Oh and with the domi, tatar, drouin, etc... trades its not like they are all small either.
  9. There has not been any trades because no one in the NHL is making trades right now. We have a couple of deals where guys cleared waivers and then got traded, but we have not had one significant trade in the NHL this season. Not one. There is a reason for that and its the same thing that happens every year. Big trades never happen this early in the season. Its usually around American Thanksgiving that trading season opens. That said, we've seen a couple that are done a week or two before that, so maybe you can look at the second week of November instead of all the way to Thanksgiving, but don't expect anything to happen now.
  10. On the first goal... tampa was in the montreal end for a full minute and a half and got in two full line changes before the goal went in. Are you going to tell me that Weber had no opportunity to clear the puck before that? I havent watched the other two.goals again and frankly i dont plan to. But the point is that there are many mistakes that lead to goals... its not just what happens in the last 3 seconds before the puck goes in the net.
  11. Looking at the advanced stats.... DO NOT WANT
  12. Thats all great, but you want him to be playing strong defensively too. So far he isn't. Last season, 54.47% CF and 54.14% xG So far this year. 49.75% CF and 49.63% xG a 5% drop off is not a good sign. That said, its 6 games so its a small sample size and he can definitely turn it around, but right now he's not playing well enough at 5 on 5. The penalty kill is even more concerning. GA/60 is 14.29 this year GA/60 was 5.36 last year. Thats nearly triple the goals against per 60 minutes of ice time on the penalty kill. Now I don't think its all Weber, there are a lot of things that are going wrong on the habs PK right now, but its a number to look at that shows how things have gone so far.
  13. Its not last night. Claude started diminishing his ice time against Detroit and St. Louis.
  14. Flat? I didnt see that at all. They might have lost the game but i didnt think they were flat. Vasilevskiy played really well. I thought they were flat against Detroit. Last night? They just got beat by a more talented team
  15. Weber-Mete was the only negative defensive pair on the night. Petry-Kulak were at 59%
  16. I think he's the best D on this team. and yes that includes Weber.
  17. Bring back the patented Gallagher shot of his butt and bump into the goalie from Saturday.
  18. I still think we need a LH shot for the pp too. I like Jason Zucker... 48th in PP Goals over the last two years, excellent one timer from the right circle, and an outstanding 2-way player at even strength. The Wild almost traded him twice in the summer but that was the now fired Fenton, I wonder if Guerin also wants to move him.
  19. Here have an upvote... for finally having a sense of humour.
  20. How do I change the title under my username from NHL Hall of Fame to NERD!!!!
  21. Go smoke a dube and relax or something, BRO. I'm trying to watch hockey, i don't have time for a silly internet fight...
  22. I want to frame this post as the funniest post in the history of this board.
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