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  1. I just see it as supply and demand. So many teams want this type of player.
  2. Evans is probably playing the best out of all the forwards right now.
  3. The price point was based on him being a rental. I see now that he's an RFA and not a UFA this summer, so you can probably change that second to a first, or that prospect to someone like Poehling.
  4. I agree Montreal needs a forward like Anderson. I like the player and the thought of adding him. Around the NHL, i bet at least half a dozen teams could use him though and if he was on the market, there would be bidding. At minimum i think it will cost a 2nd rounder (chicagos that will be a high second) and a lower prospect like cole fonstad or something.
  5. Why is Columbus selling him on the cheap?
  6. Let me be clear. I havent made a decision one way or the other on what to do with Bergevin in april of they miss the playoffs. Depending on what the circumstances of that miss are... what moves are and arent made... and what happens over those four months has to go into the equation for me. Its not as simple as get in and keep your job or lose and get fired.
  7. Scott is right... Lehkonen, even if he scores 10 goals a year, will always have an NHL place in someone's lineup for everything else he does. If Hudon isn't scoring, he doesn't bring anything of value.
  8. Honestly, there is no poster I respect more on this site for the posts they make. I hope that is clear. I was probably too snarky with the strawman comment, and I apologize for mischaracterizing your posts like that. That said, this whole debate, on Bergevin, on the trades, on whether the team has improved or regressed, on what the timeline should be for being a playoff club. All of this. I feel like its a discussion we've had in the last 6 months, on a number of occassions. I know we see things differently, but thats ok, lets see if I can summarize our two positions. 1) You and H29, and others: Bergevin inherited a good team that had a huge hole at Centre, he didn't fill that hole for many years. Now his team has a hole at LD and he's did nothing to fill it this past summer. Based on that, he should be fired. You are also skeptical of the prospect depth. 2) Me, and others: I agree, Bergevin's first 4-5 years in charge, mistakes were made particularly at centre. I felt he should have been fired in 2018, but he wasn't. Since that time, I think his moves have shifted into a rebuild or retool of the club, and I actually like the moves he's made (Domi, Kulak, Suzuki/Tatar/Romanov for Pacioretty, overall drafting and prospect development. I agree we need a LD but I look around the league and no big LD moved in the last 18 months or so. He made a pitch on Gardiner who took less money to get out of the media spotlight after being in Toronto. So a stop gap was acquired in Chiarot, and I said at the time that Chiarot was an upgrade on Jordie Benn. Chiarot struggled his first two-three weeks of the season, but since then he's been really, really good. I think this signing is a win, even the need for the top pair guy hasn't been adressed. I don't know what is out there in the trade market and what the cost is, cause I haven't seen a top pair LHD get moved in quite some time. So who knows what the cost is. This isn't centre all over again where we watched Bergevin not make moves while Tyler Seguin and Matt Duchene and other centres were traded. The only person who might be close was Jake Muzzin. So this is different cause no one close to that calibre of dman that we need is moving right now. So what has Bergevin done? He's had the organization draft a crap load of LHD, Romanov looks like a future stud. Norlinder, Harris, Struble are all doing well. Leskinen was signed and has played well in the AHL, lets see what he is (though i doubt its more than third pair), and there are others in the system. My opinion is that in filling this hole all he can do is stock the system full of good prospects. That has a dual effect in that if a legit D becomes available he has the prospect capital to move for him, or one of those prospects develops. I think in KK, Suzuki, Primeau, Caufield, Brook, Romanov, Fleury, et all, this prospect group is one of the best in the league and could be worth waiting for if nothing sensible emerges on the trade front. With that evidence in mind, I don't know where to criticize the job Bergevin has done since I wanted him fired in the spring of 2018. The last year and a half, I'm not seeing miscues from him. Yes, there are things I'd like him to do on LHD, but I have no idea if something was available and he passed on it. ---- We've gone in this circle several times in the last six months, and I'm not sure what has changed for us to re-litigate this position over again. Without some sort of change in fortunes of the club (ie... they were a bubble team when this started... looking at the standings, despite an 8 game losing skid, we are a bubble team today)... no moves have been made either by the Habs or others to get that type of LHD. So until something changes, I just feel like we are having this circular debate and no one is going to change their positions without more evidence being generated by the team, either on or off the ice.
  9. That was part of it. The overall looks at bergevins tenure though, weve had those discussions a few times. As for the idea that if some posters arent ranting and raving that a LD must be acquired right now means that those fans support mediocrity. I think thats the same strawman arguments weve had too
  10. Ever feel like weve had this conversation before?
  11. I agree. I want to see what Vejdemo can do. Barber and Belzille (when healthy) and Evans are other options.
  12. It also.saves cap room. Not sure what the plan is there.
  13. They will call him back up on monday night They are just saving his days cause once he hits 30 days in the NHL he has to go on waivers again. They have done this with him every time they have more than 1 day between games.
  14. Yup. Reilly has skill but he makes so many dumb plays.
  15. David sklenica has been placed on unconditional waivers for the purpose of mutual contract termination.
  16. UNCLE NATE WINS IT Price had a great game too.
  17. They didnt even call anyone up for this one. I expect someone up for tuesday
  18. Hes also got to move suzuki to c due to the injury to kk. Thus a shakeup was necessary. Basically hes got domi centring kk's line.... suzuki staying with cousins and adding weal on rw.
  19. Obviously there are other problems too. Thats why i said it was PART of the issue.
  20. For some reason, both Weber and Petry were on the ice at the same time on the second goal. This meant that Petry was playing on the left side of the ice. On the first goal WEber was on the left and Chiarot was on the right. I don't know why they were inverted. Why do we have D playing on their wrong side? Well shit all gets screwed up when they are only using 5 D basically cause Leskinen was limited to under 8 minutes. Thats part of the issue here. we can't roll three pairings cause Julien only has 5 D he trusts and its screwing things up.
  21. Plus/minus is a garbage stat... absolute garbage. Look at the Leskinen thread for the advanced stats on Petry.
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