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  1. GDT

    There were more American kids picked out of high school than the QMJHL. That league has been lagging behind, seemingly since Crosby got drafted. Complete BS about effort level. There are only a handful of players like Kovalev that can play in the league while not going full bore. And if they can't find an extra level without a dose of Quebec nationalism, the Habs don't want them anyways.
  2. Markov in 2017 is Roman Hamrlik in 2011 all over again. I hope the team makes the right decision this time.
  3. My take from the office of Dr. Mark Recchi is that concussions are such a varied injury to try to predict lasting effects. There's severity and the different parts of the brain that are affected. Which is why you can have Patrice Bergeron on one side of the fence and Simon Despres on the other. I also think that they (players) aren't being honest and are trying to play with them or hiding them. “Well, I was sensitive to light,” Despres told the Orange County Register’s Eric Stephens before the season began. “Sensitive to noise. More emotional. I had headaches. Dizziness. Close to fainting. Stuff like that…It was a challenge. It was dangerous.” He came back in this condition and played in the playoffs...not good.
  4. GDT

    Total garbage. A week after trading for the pre-eminent Quebecois superstar, the jackals of the French Media complain about not drafting a Francophone.
  5. I agree with you here. Tiger Woods was really tearing it up and tearing up sluts, but when his wife found out and he had that accident, his career unraveled. I do wish people would stop craving the downfall of the best people in society. Nowadays, a hero can't be a hero. There has to be a sinister angle to their personal life.
  6. GDT

    You almost have to laugh as they list players like Pavel Datsyuk and Erik Kalesson as comparables. They should try Patrik Stefan, Hugh Jessiman, and Louis Leblanc for laughs.
  7. Yeah, I mean, he played an indifferent game or two with his next vacation in Sunny Isles on his mind, and then went out and groped some strippers at Chez Paree. Which of us would have done any differently? What the hell is wrong with that!
  8. They don't call him "Comrade DeBlasio" for nothing!
  9. GDT

    This has been the lousiest draft I can remember. My takeaway will be all the Finns. Uhro this, lainen, kainen, painen, that. After the second pick, I was lost. And it's not all to do with the draft, but moreso the circus of the expansion draft and the NHL Awards that stole the entry draft's thunder. I feel for the kids. The league usually sets them up with a few PR spots to showcase the top picks and maybe help those kids relax. They looked more like B celebrities at an expo center than top hockey prospects. What a sorry state of affairs.
  10. He doesn't have the same ceiling. At his age, Seguin already had two PPG seasons and a Stanley Cup. What I'm grappling with here is that Galchenyuk had his best year, and the best part of that season when the Habs were almost a lottery team. I think he's a 20/50 winger. He's barely a first liner and he's lousy on the other side of the puck. If NJ will trade Severenson and the #1 overall for him and Petry, I take it in a heartbeat.
  11. Maybe that's part of the maturity issue? He's dumb enough to make it into "a dinner thing."
  12. Isn't it "full contact" in Montreal? You would think he could just pay for it.
  13. I think the Panthers have a shot at Kovalchuk. They have a lot of cap space, and they just moved out two forwards.
  14. Dreger now reporting (after Pierre LeBrun yesterday) that the Devils have interest in Galchenyuk. This one puzzles me. To the naked eye, they only have three pieces that could interest the Habs: -#1 overall, of which the player selected might not be NHL ready next year. -Pavel Zacha, who played left wing last year and got 25 points in a decent rookie year. -Adam Henrique, a solid #1B/#2 center. They don't have much in the prospect pool. Don't see a deal happening that is a win for the Habs.
  15. You can draw a straight line from the development woes to Lefevbre's hire. The Habs never had issues before Sly, Breezer, Farty Lapointe and the rest of the know-nothings.