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  1. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    It's fun to pull out copies of 80s NHL and see teams flying out there with firewagon hockey. And then the fun stops when some team is basically given full permission to try and murder those players with head shots and slashes. Friend of mine had a tape, I think from 1992 or 1993, of the Penguins absolutely running circles around teams and the best those teams could do would be to literally grab onto Jagr or Lemieux to stop them. That was all they had. Basically barehug them and hope they can't stickhandle through it. That's why I don't blame Pavel Bure at all for being a cherry picker. Cherry picking meant there wouldn't be some useless defenceman hanging off of him when he took a shot. And you still saw countless times some defenceman swinging Paul Bunyan axe bombs at him when he's ready to shoot at whatever goalie is in net. This stuff is usually forgotten. Most of analytics was just reminding people of what good hockey looks like when referees actually call what they see and penalize players properly.
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Sergachev for Drouin for...
  3. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Hey guys. I'm calling it now. Shea Weber for the 2016-17 Norris! What a trade.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I meant trade him before he accepts an offer sheet.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Tough pill but losing him for that package would be much worse. More likely they trade him for a blue liner.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Something around $8M would be a tough pill for them to swallow but they would match it to keep him as a 1/2/3 wouldn't be fair to them for Nylander. I would rather wait for Matthews though. I would easily offer a Max contract that expires right when he is to become a UFA.
  7. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    They got prelim plans for a new arena in LeBreton Flats. That will solve some issues. The real issue is Melnyk. And if he keeps running the worst circus in the league, I expect him to be pushed out. The league likely knows at this point they have an ownership issue and not an Ottawa issue. Things seem ridiculous with the Sens but they are not 31st for cap hit and not the worst in the league last year for attendance. The longer Melnyk is there the worse things will get, but I think the league would rather contract the Sens and then give them an expansion not owned by Melnyk than move Ottawa to Quebec City.
  8. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    When it rains it pours... beach balls.
  9. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    As a gamer K.K. reminds me of both King K. Rool and K.K. Slider.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If the first game was any indication (which I'm sure it isn't), Drouin is the Ryder, Scherbak is the Halak, and the 2nd is... well, a 2nd.
  11. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    Best case scenario: he gets a free buyout from the next lockout Average case scenario: he does one of those swaps where he gets a player that costs more per year but has a shorter contract, like for example Andy Greene. Worst case scenario: He trades him for Brent Seabrook
  12. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    The rumour is that Juolevi, a Canucks prospect, was a gaming addict. Banning gaming in the locker is expected to be a message to him and future Canucks players. But again, if for some crazy reason the Canucks got Sidney Crosby, is Bo freaking Horvat gonna tell him to stop playing SoCom? All to keep up some chest beating locker rule? I get your view on this, I honestly do. But if a player is a gaming addict, you get him help. You don't give him a reason to hide his problem from you. If a player is a drunk you don't ban drinking. You get that player help. Treating videogames like some locker room no no will just amplify the problem.
  13. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    They already claimed it wasn't a problem in their locker room but they wanted to make a stand.
  14. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Playing cards leads to gambling. There have been several players and management who have had gambling addictions, including Jagr. There is also alcohol addiction, pain medication addiction, and sex addiction, all of which people say are wrong but little is ever done to curb it. All of the recent player suicides and overdoses where players were hooked on pain medication were pretty much ignored or supported by the medical staff of the NHL clubs. That actually kills people. Videogame addiction is barely a problem compared. Laine was right in saying this is just making excuses for the Canucks sucking last season. Create a scapegoat and claim you're doing something to fix it. They probably learned that from Marc Bergevin, though he'd never ban videogames with all of those trades he does on his Playstation. That's the claim, which even if true, it's stupid. It's a bunch of guys thinking they are being old school.
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    You touched on the hypocrisy of it. People are fine if our athletes are out having sex and drinking because it's their business. But play some videogames late and it's wrong and has to be stopped. It's forgotten now but Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury are big gamers, particualrly SoCom, and have been playing it throughout all the Cups and awards Crosby has racked up. Hasn't been a single issue for them. But Fortnite becomes popular and a couple prospects go overboard on late nights playing it and it becomes a story to the point where the Vancouver Canucks are banning videogames. I'm glad Laine slapped them for that. I'll just end with this. If you're gonna ban videogames? Ban cards. No card playing for anyone, including management. You make that the ultimatum? That game ban dies fast coming from the GM. The old codgers can't survive the road without cards. Which is a GAME.