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  1. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    We could have had Robinson in 2012 but went with JJ instead. Now we can't even bring in Robinson as a part time consultant. Why?
  2. Sept. 18, Habs vs Bruins, 7 PM

    Just to correct it was 2010-2011 when that happened. Halak was just traded so everyone was on the edge of their seats on the decision. He had a great season and almost led us over the eventual Stanley Cup winner. Preseason means nothing except giving the coach time to play with lines and find chemistry. Don't really know if Julien is doing the best job there. Chuck and Danault on the same line look like a race car driver and a golfer being told to play lacrosse together.
  3. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    That wasn't even the worst Habs Vs Sens game, which was when the team only got like 12 shots on Hasek.
  4. 2017-18 Line-up

    The Gainey era brought us Carbo and Muller behind the bench. Maybe when Stephane Quintal becomes the GM, he brings in Markov and Koivu.
  5. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Markov wearing the C in Russia but never in Montreal really bugs me.
  6. Welcome to the new HW Forum

    Loads a little slower on my phone, but that's because I'm on throttled data. Looks great though.

    It's Ken Dryden's birthday and Poehling is getting more attention as a prospect.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Alrighty let's have some fun. Montreal is in win now mode, right? To Montreal - Henrik Zetterberg To Detroit - Artturi Lehkonen - 1st Round Pick 2018 - 1st Round Pick 2019 The Detroit Red Wings are $3.9M over the cap and still have someone to sign. They need to cut some of their cap to play this season. They are also in a rebuilding stage (but in denial about it) so they would need skilled young players. Zetterberg is 36 with four more years left on his contract but the deal was signed before he was 35 and the final two years are at only $1M (he could also play all four years just fine). He had 67 points last year and can play left wing and centre. Zetterberg allows you flexibility with Alex Galchenyuk. He can either be your #1 centre with Chuck on the LW, or he creates a 1A/1B situation with Pacioretty with Chuck at centre. Losing Lehkonen sucks but Montreal needs a Cup in the next two years. With Zetterberg, Montreal could potentially have a Top 10 offence in the league. There's no real sign of his game dropping as he had his best offensive season since 11-12 despite the Wings having their worst season in like 30 years. While only six points in his last 14 playoff games, he's in the past been a real gamer. Multiple Cups. He might be real hungry to win another before he retires. If this team is going after the Cup, those first round picks won't mean much. This is about getting one of the best in the league, maybe older, but still elite. Top 25 in the league, 13th among centres. You want a top centre? Here's what you can do to get it. It ain't Tavares but that's a pipe dream anyway. This is realistic, and could make the Habs an actual threat in the East.
  9. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Molson Coors profits went up after acquiring Miller for $12 billion. They are fine. They are pretty much in control of basic beers.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Not to sound like Mr. Insider (My former job was a guy connected with a lot of NHL players and even agents so I heard stuff but it could always be BS) but according to the banter, John Tavares wants to stay in New York if he doesn't stay on the Islanders. He wants to be an Islander for life and be responsible for their success (similar to Stamkos in Tampa) but if ownership can't figure out their arena situation and spend to compete for a Cup, he wants to stay in the NY area. If you pay attention to the New York Rangers, they have a burning hole in the middle and Rick Nash is a UFA soon. Even if Montreal has oodles of cap space and a spot for Tavares, the Rangers are going to be in front of them if Tavares hits the market.
  11. 2017-18 Line-up

    I would be calling Brad up in Calgary and offering Gallagher for TJ Brodie. Do whatever it takes to make that deal work.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I would take that deal any day. Pittsburgh wouldn't because Murray has similar stats to Price at the same age.
  13. 2017-18 Line-up

    Drouin has said he doesn't like to play centre as much as wing when asked.
  14. 2017-18 Line-up

    I'd probably go with Pacioretty - Danault - Gallagher Lehkonen - Galchenyuk - Drouin Byron - Plekanec - Hemsky De la Rose - Shaw - Mitchell Schlemko - Weber Streit - Petry Alzner - Benn Jerabek Price Montoya Pacioretty line gets toughest matchups Young Guns line gets easier matchups Plekanec line gets more ES time on the road Shaw line is a big throw up your hands and don't give a care what happens (third or fourth line, $3.9M per season, Shaw contract looking good here!)
  15. Fire Bergevin

    Volchenkov was 28 when he was signed by New Jersey as a free agent. He was falling apart that first season with the Devils and couldn't stay healthy. His overall play dropped because he couldn't play the way he used to in Ottawa anymore. Why am I laughing? Anton Volchenkov is only 35 years old. He's right now in his mid 30s. He's been out of the NHL for two years now.