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  1. I would give $9.8M a year to Leon Draisaitl and deal with the consequences later.
  2. He mentioned last year it had to do with the fact he got points but, "not the right way" or something to that effect. They felt he wasn't playing right. Don't know if they still feel that way.
  3. Montreal has a long history of finding good to great goalies. It's a franchise quirk like Boston and defencemen or Pittsburgh and centres. Montreal and centres... It's been ugly for the last 35 years. They just don't draft enough centres. They have a good record trading for them but that's it. You'd think as an organization Montreal would be aggressive at drafting them but instead this team is aggressive on drafting defencemen and wingers.
  4. Well that's something none of us have to worry about.
  5. I would have blamed him (and Julien) if Ott became an assistant coach in Montreal.
  6. Robinson is more than just a defensive coach. I'd love him in a President role. As for Ott, when Rocky Thompson is done in Windsor I bet he takes the coaching gig there. St. Louis is even more fratty than Montreal so I'm not shocked they made him an assistant when he has zero experience. Or maybe I'm underestimating the guy who thinks licking and kissing players is an effective strategy.
  7. Cap management. I don't think anyone would miss Emelin if he disappeared. That's $4 million for a middling defenceman. You got Plekanec underachieving at $6 million, and an overpaid Andrew Shaw at $4 million. Lose those contracts you got $14 million to spend. More likely you just lose Plek-Emelin. You also have Markov coming up on a new deal and hopefully he takes less. More than enough money to give Price a raise from his $6 million (he already makes 6 so you're just increasing $2-$4 million) and still field a competitive team. Now, what would make the Habs competitive? If they had good young players coming down the pipe to provide scoring at a low cost. Right now the only guys doing that are Lehkonen and Danault.
  8. Until they build a team that can win without Carey being Carey, they will never win. Everyone remembers Thomas becoming a superhero and winning a Conn Smythe. They forget April 21st when the Habs scored four goals and the Bruins had to win 5-4 in OT. They forget that Thomas allowed five goals in each loss to Tampa and one game where Boston had to win 6-5. They just remember the shutouts, and the domination against Philadelphia and Vancouver. Point being, for Thomas to be great, Boston had to be great. They had to be able to score. They couldn't point the finger at their goalie when he allowed four or five in. They had to go ahead and tie the game or else the went home packing. Until Montreal builds a club that can dig Price out when the game gets tough, they will continue to lose like in 2015 to Tampa and 2017 to the Rangers. Series where everyone knows a few more goals as Montreal is in the next round. $6 million, $8 million, $10 million, don't matter. Can they score in the postseason?
  9. I like Addison a lot but if he becomes anything it'll be Laval favourite. Sergachev does stuff one shift that gets you hyped for him to be in the NHL and the next you hope he plays three seasons in the AHL to work it out. He's a bit frustrating like that. More than Scherbak was/is.
  10. Ah, Berkshire. He's gonna milk this one for every second he can so we forget about his Diaz predictions.
  11. So when Houle and Corey traded Roy, we were supposed to just shut up and support the club? When Gauthier traded Cammalleri mid game against the Bruins, just shut up and be happy? Nah. My hockey fandom don't work that way. You want to still think the team has a future? You do you. I supported Bergevin quite a lot in the past. Maybe I eat crow next year but this year has gone almost exactly as I suspected. The only thing that surprised me was Therrien getting fired and Julien being worse at handling Galchenyuk. If this is the Habs I'm being given, I'll wait for the Habs I want. I spend most of my time in the out of town thread and will continue until Bergevin is the one out of town.
  12. They can bank on Soderberg reversing his bad season to be their 2C. Maybe sign Brian Flynn as a 4C. 3C has options with Stajan, Krueger, Plekanec. Wouldn't hurt to try Matt Perreault at centre even though he plays a lot of wing in Winnipeg. It's really not so bad after signing Shipachov. Also Craig Smith has experience at centre. He's not just a right wing. Again, versatility. But Jarnkrok has like six years at $2 million and I think he's only 24. It's such a safe choice.
  13. It'll be up to Jarnkrok (great contract, 24) or Craig Smith (versatile, former 50 point player, decent years left) if I'm a betting man.
  14. I don't think Ellis takes that extra step without Weber gone. I don't think Ekholm takes that extra step without Subban as his partner. I don't think Nashville plays a style where they rely on two defensive pairings equally without Weber traded. I don't think Rinne has such a good postseason without Ekholm and Subban shutting down the best the opposition had to offer. I also don't think we've seen the best of Subban in Nashville. He's clearly nursing something still. Nashville is being talked about like a powerhouse in the league when they barely made the playoffs. There's a lot of reasons to it but trading for the best scoring defenceman in the playoffs next to Karlsson certainly helps.
  15. Still waiting on this benefit having Weber instead of Subban. Maybe it will come next year? At least the Habs made it to the ECF in Gomez's first year. Or maybe October/November is when it's better to have Weber than Subban. You know, when the regular games matter the absolute least. Maybe Weber can win a few more World Cups. That'll make October so much more exciting.