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  1. I have never once said I'm smarter than Bergevin or that I would do a better job. But that's the thing. GMs should be better than a fan on the street. If they are not, they shouldn't be running an NHL team. If you have left a hole that any person on the street could see for literally years, you can't just smugly say oh well, let's see you do better. It's not my job to do better. I don't have a job in this. I'm a fan. And I'm not pleased. Bergevin don't get fired one day because he was completely incompetent. He will be fired because he didn't do enough and made decisions that ultimately didn't make the change he wanted. That's a common reason for a GM to get fired. Honestly that's why I understand why folks defend Bergevin. He rarely makes a decision that can't have an excuse. He's a great politician. You can always pass the buck with something. And when he takes responsibility for something like 15-16, he does it to deflect focus on his staff while making a big trade that didn't address any real team problem. It bought his staff more time, and the only guy to take the fall was Therrien. And that's because the golden boy wanted him gone. I don't think people are crazy for defending him. It's not like he's lost the plot. The team is still good in the season, they still have a guy who could be in the hall of fame, and the 15-16 season is forgotten by most fans now when it was completely preventable. But at some point I wonder who sees how they always have a defence for the team he is in control of, yet supposedly he can't fix. Ah well. Enjoy the season. I certainly won't until Bergevin is fired.
  2. Looks like someone figured out the hurdle Nill had. The team he took over was a complete disaster. He fixed their prospect pool and has been developing them. It wasn't anything close to perfect but his trades have been excellent. Bergevin has done nothing to fix the prospect pool and has ignored fixing problems because hey he's got Carey Price. And he's right, he does. And that's what holds the team back at this point. He works around his issue instead of fixing it. Then again watch Drouin or Galchenyuk play centre this season and everyone will say he fixed the problem because one of them broke out.
  3. I become a UFA as soon as possible and become a mercenary, signing one and two year deals with the best NHL teams. *remembers that you can get hurt at any point and have to find a new career, and being Canadian that means it's unlikely I went to college. And that injury could be a concussion, which rattles my brain and makes it hard for me to do a lot of normal things* Eight year deal, signing bonus for most of it.
  4. Could I see him going back to being a 60 point centre? Sure. But there's a chance he doesn't, and simply started his career hot and has cooled down since.
  5. Before Nill landed a GM job, people were talking about him like he was Kenny Holland 2.0, back when that meant something. He was the "next great" GM, credited for a lot of the Red Wings success in years prior. He was the best available candidate at the time. Habs did contact him, and Nill said no to an interview. It never got far enough. Also Molson never said a word about the GM not being bilingual. That's the thing. We've yet to see a situation where the best available coach/GM was out there, and Montreal ignored them because they weren't bilingual. I think the Habs were just handing Therrien his extension back when Babcock was available. I don't believe for a second that they wouldn't have interviewed him and had he selected Montreal, went with him as their new head coach. Reaching out to Gallant was another example of that.
  6. Duchene is grossly overrated. 16-17 Even Strength Points: 31 Powerplay Points: 9 15-16 ESP: 44 PPP: 15 14-15 ESP: 48 PPP: 7 13-14 ESP: 53 PPP: 17 He has been dropping in ESP every season, and hasn't been that great of a powerplay contributor either. So you're acquiring him thinking the past three years were just a fluke and he's still the P/PG guy he was in 13-14, or you recognize what he is today: a 2C that used to be a lot better. Duchene is a 0.66 P/PG in the past three seasons. Galchenyuk is just behind him with a 0.65. He just isn't worth it.
  7. Yes, that Nill. Before he went to Dallas, Molson/Savard reached out to him for an interview. He rejected it. No, it's not. It wasn't necessary in 2012. It's not necessary now. Habs also reached out to Gerard Gallant for an interview after firing Therrien. He still doesn't speak French.
  8. I was pretty defensive of Drouin when that was happening. Others were against him being a Hab. I guess time heals wounds. My only problem is that I would not be shocked if he gets a red carpet and space from Julien on and defensive errors while Galchenyuk still gets stapled to the bench for not breathing defensively enough.
  9. Oh man the reasoning just gets worse by the page. "Odds are low your team will ever win before anyone makes a decision on the ice, so why be critical?" Habs reached out to Nill in their GM search. Bilingual is a preference not a requirement.
  10. Benn was quoted to say he prefers the right side.
  11. If you commit to a temporary solution If you commit to an aging veteran If you put the blame solely on the player If you don't acquire anyone at free agency (except one washed up centre you play on the wing) If you don't develop anyone internally (and blame it all on the 2009-2011 management, when the guy running the draft is still there) If you don't trade for anyone (because you have a well documented reputation for asking too much of your assets, like two second round picks for Tinordi) You never have to take responsibility for your failure to acquire top six centres. (And I bet if you asked Bergevin he would tell you that's unfair. He got Danault, who had 30 even strength points at centre.)
  12. I would take Drouin.
  13. The heck are you talking about? He was already brought up in this thread. Nobody has a problem bringing up the good hires because you can count them on one hand. You need both hands to count the bad hires.
  14. He just won GM of the Year and his club was in the Cup final. And it wasn't a team he mostly inherited, unless you want to credit the current Habs on the acquisitions of Jeff Petry and... Torrey Mitchell? Honestly a big part of Poile not being fired right now was going with Laviolette. He pushed the team to a modern style. Bergevin had to be forced by his franchise player to fire Therrien. Yeah sorry if I'm not letting Bergevin off the hook. If Bergevin learned his lesson and the Julien Habs of 17-18 will be offensive minded and actually play the way the NHL needs you to in the playoffs, I'll be far more positive to him. But then he signed Alzner to a five year deal, played hard ball with Radulov, and has now played hard ball with Markov. He has also kept Lefebvre in charge of the clubs prospects. It's still a team trying to win 2-1, and I'm done defending that.
  15. Nashville has done a fantastic job building a hockey crazy market. (This next is more for Link) But the truth is that the expansion GMs from the late 90s all got nearly a decade to be GM before they lost their jobs, regardless of how they were doing. Doug MacLean was the first Columbus GM in 1998 and despite everyone agreeing he was huge mistake and bad for the Blue Jackets, he was GM until 2007. So why did Poile get longer? Basically he weathered major storms while always developing the team. Poile attracted major free agents and started making the playoffs. The team got purchased by a criminal, and then got purchased by a guy who only wanted to move the club to Hamilton/Kitchener-Waterloo. Then Ryan Suter walked and Shea Weber signed an offer sheet designed to be unmatchable in the same summer. Nashville rebounded and won their first playoff series, but then missed the playoffs back to back. Trotz took the fall and everyone knew if they didn't improve under Laviolette, Poile would be next. Poile started to change the image from Smashville to what they are today, which is less about hitting hard and more about playing smart. They made the playoffs again, the next season won a series again, and 16-17 went to the Cup final. In the meantime Poile acquired Neal, Forsberg, Johansen, and Subban. So yeah, Poile got a long time. But expansion GMs tend to, and the Predators were for a couple years more worried about their owner, and the past three years have been all because Poile's job had been on the line. None of this has been the situation for Bergevin. Bergevin didn't take an expansion team. He took a team that bottomed out the year prior but it's not like they were a terrible team. In the two years prior to 11-12, they went to the ECF and were one goal from beating the eventual Cup champion. Since then, Bergevin's job hasn't been at risk. Even after 15-16. It's a completely different situation. You don't get to be the GM of the Montreal Canadiens and expect the same rope as a guy who had to build a team for a brand new audience. Unless your job is to rebuild, you take the Canadiens to bring them back to the Cup. And if Bergevin isn't doing enough to do that, he shouldn't be GM.