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  1. Nashville drafted BPA. Turned Seth Jones and Sam Girard into Ryan Johansen and Kyle Turris. Nashville has the best D core in the league and won't look depleted for years. Especially after scouting Trevor Murphy and signing him as a free agent. He's looked great in Milwaukee. Smallish but still has NHL potential.
  2. Bergevin......

    If that's 96-97 you're correct. He had zero goals in 82 games.
  3. Trade Price

    Islanders, Oilers, Flames, Canucks, Hurricanes, Blackhawks, Avalanche, Jets, Ducks, Sabres, Senators, Coyotes, Panthers, Golden Knights, Red Wings, Flyers, Blue Jackets, and maybe the Maple Leafs should all be interested in Price. All of those teams have goalies underneath Price and would likely trade their goalie to get him. The Wild would probably move Dubnyk if he struggles in the playoffs again. You can argue some of those goalies as not being a huge gap or being young and affordable (like Helleybyuk or whatever his awful name is) but if Price calls his shot and the team is in there, they will make the move. What about Tampa, Washington, Dallas, Nashville, New Jersey, and whomever else I missed? I bet they'd still sniff. A team getting Price would be treated like when Dallas got Belfour or Detroit got Hasek. Or heck, when Colorado got Roy. It's a big big deal. It would motivate the team into feeling like it's the last piece to their Cup team. Who would Price waive for? Who knows, he got his NMC extended to this season to ensure what happened to Subban couldn't happen to him. Right now he only wants to play for Montreal. Where would I guess he would go? The Pacific division teams like Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton is a guess where he'd want to go. Calgary is near complete except a goalie with lots of assets to give. Vancouver is ready to build around Boeser and Price is a local boy coming home. Edmonton is McDavid Land and that'll always be interesting. He'd be their best goalie since Joseph. Darkhorse would be Carolina. They offer Elias Lindholm in a package and Montreal's head is gonna turn. And seeing they just got new owners, they might.
  4. Trade Price

    Price leaves if Price requests a trade. Which has a higher probability than this team making the playoffs.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The only reason we have Byron and DLR as centres is because of Julien's coaching decisions. And because the other 2C middle six nothing special guy Danault is out. If Danault returned the likely situation would be Nelson and Danault as the top two centres, if they even play Nelson at centre. It's such a nothing trade I think it'll happen to be honest. And we will probably see Nelson put up 15 goals and everyone can talk about how he's going to improve next year and look at his chemistry and if he played all year long he'd be a 50 point centre and it's a start and then womp womp the team sucks and we simply had a middle six guy on a hot streak. I have about as much passion for this trade as I would if we acquired Craig Smith convinced he'd be a solution in the top six at centre. Hey at least he shoots right, right? This club is doomed. No point getting middle six guys unless we are flipping them for a team in division. You are either part of the future going forward or you are on your way out. And Nelson as a future guy going forward is hilarious.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Just what the club needs. More middle sixers without high end talent to clog up the cap being above average at best. You like Shaw so it's no surprise you'd be fine with it.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I for one love the idea of Bergevin in mid January acquiring an RFA centre.
  8. New practice lines

    Pacioretty will ask for at least $7M. Not worth it.
  9. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Bergevin was very high on Benn. Like people already forgot the top four defenceman talk. Alzner was hyped as a top four defenceman as well who can play first pair as he did in Washington. You add the underrated Schlemko and Stanley Cup winning Streit and that's why Bergevin thought he improved from Markov/Beaulieu/Emelin/Pateryn. He knew he couldn't replace Markov but the other guys would make up for the loss. The issue too many forgot is when Markov was a hab the team was still down one left handed defenceman who could crunch top four minutes. So losing Markov meant they now needed two. And Bergevin thought Benn and Alzner would do it. Then they got too excited about Mete. Now they are stuck with the original analysis.
  10. New practice lines

    It's really frustrating to have watched multiple teams in Montreal coached not to lose instead of coached to win. That said, Therrien and Julien are different. Julien is competent but has certain issues that come up every city he coaches in. Therrien was just bizarre. Handed a small, fast puck moving club and told them to grind and wear teams down physically. It was like he didn't know who he was coaching. That said I don't care for either. Julien is a more competent coach but if the next GM fired him I would be happy.
  11. New practice lines

    Nah he was terrible. Julien is good at getting the Habs to play a smart style of offensive hockey that shows up on the statistics sheet but not the scoresheet because the style is allergic to attacking the net. It will do everything else though. It's a rebound fearing style of play. Defensively it's not his fault, he's playing with the worst Habs defence in like 15 years. 2012 with Gorges - Subban was better. But again it's a well coached defence but they seem allergic to protecting the goalie. And when a play gets through it usually has a ton of time and space, so people point at the analytics and think things are good but when they give up a scoring chance it's almost always a goal because they give it all up. Alzner might be the worst Habs signing since Samsonov. Maybe worse.
  12. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Sergachev is pretty much the new Vladimir Malakhov. Positives and negatives. He has a chance to develop better than Malakhov did, who definitely stunted in Montreal, but the skills are similar. Same to the hot start season.
  13. New practice lines

    Full lines at practice Pacioretty - Byron - Hudon Galchenyuk - de la Rose - Drouin Lehkonen - Plekanec - Gallagher Deslauriers - Froese - Carr Hemsky (no contact) Alzner - Petry Benn - Jerabek Mete - Schlemko Morrow Price Funny how looking at it now it's no surprise the team is out of a playoff spot.
  14. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    1. That was Bergevin's fault. Could have had him for $6.5 million for eight years but he insisted on the bridge. 2. Subban making $9 million is not the problem. Guys like Emelin and Alzner and Shaw filling up $4 million doing a job a cheaper player can fill is always the problem. Pay your stars, budget your depth. 3. Subban is currently a Norris Trophy contender. If he is nominated that's his third nomination in six years. Yeah that's worth $9 million.
  15. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    Weber is $200k away from $8 million.