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  1. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I had been saying that for years but people act like the difference between a 25th overall pick and a 34th overall pick is a franchise forward and a bottom six grinder. The McCarron pick was too early, DLR was bad draft philosophy (you don't take the guy who has trouble scoring with good defensive IQ in the top 50), and Fucale was a goalie gamble. Crisp was a terrible selection based on a single mythological story. Lehkonen was a solid pick, Andrighetto, and Reway were acceptable picks. Gregoire was a late pick. I care less about hindsight drafting and more what the draft philosophy was at the time. And in 2013 we felt pushed around by Ottawa, not needing D due to Tinordi and Beaulieu, and after Price was shaky in 2013 they wanted a just in case high goalie pick. Timmins draft philosophy that year was weak.
  2. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    The other problem is that the original plan was to draft De la Rose there. McCarron was going to be a 2nd round pick but they heard he was high on Anaheim's list and felt they had a better shot at DLR in the 2nd round.
  3. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Did Joel Ward practice once?
  4. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    I said he had the skill to be, not that he is. I would agree that Drouin has the highest ceiling out of anyone offensively. But I love Lehkonen's drive, and I put a lot of stock into how he played against the Rangers in 2017. He would take shots, go after his own rebound, get in tight and pay the price, all while retaining skill and offensive awareness. If he can grow into that, he could become one of our best wingers. Or we mess with him and he plays elsewhere. He also stays out of the box which is an important and overlooked trait in today's game. Hudon is low key good too and I honestly think they should put him at centre. Once we get better centres he can still play wing but I like his game down the middle. I certainly prefer him at centre over Domi or Drouin.
  5. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    Been an important preseason for Lehkonen. Too many wrote him off after a cold sophomore season. He has the skill to be the best forward on the team. Julien needs to find him a spot and keep him there
  6. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    Lehkonen from Kotkaniemi. That's what happens when you put the Finns together.
  7. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    Wait, the Leafs signed Jordan Subban!? I totally missed that. He's been absolutely terrible but hey good luck to him. He was drafted right before Habs picked in the fourth round and took Martin Reway. Probably for the best he never played here.
  8. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    Armia was Kotkaniemi's idol growing up so I think he's gonna try hard to get Armia on the scoresheet. (Which is still not the weirdest "player grew up idolizing a non-superstar" in Habs history. That goes to Pacioretty, who idolized Jed Ortmeyer. Yup. Jed Ortmeyer.)
  9. Streaming

    Find a friend who has a cell phone with Rogers but doesn't watch hockey and ask to use theirs.
  10. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    I, like John Lu, am disappointed they didn't go full Finland with Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Armia. I haven't seen a lick of Chaput but this is a big shot for him to be the first callup. Shinkaruk... man this is your last shot. You haven't done a thing to get off that fourth line. Better do something big tonight or you'll be for sure in Europe next season.
  11. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    People are desperate for the Habs to have a 100% win again. The team has had a shadow of doubt for the past couple years. They just want something everyone can agree with was good for this team*. People are exhausted from the punching. Which I get, but we're not responsible for the decisions. I've said it before and I'll say it again, boy would I love to be 100% wrong and have to eat crow every night for dinner. Aside from thinking Nathan Beaulieu would thrive in Buffalo I don't think I've had to eat it very much. Most of my doubts have been confirmed. *Even though I would say the hirings of Bouchard and Ducharme were universally praised by the fanbase, and the trade with the Jets that got Armia was a complete steal.
  12. Could our lineup look like this

    Personally I prefer Reilly - Petry and Mete - Juulsen as the pairs so I agree with you. Not so much on size but more that Reilly is the new shiny "did we just pick up a top four defenceman for nothing?" and we might as well see what he has before he either flames out like Benn did or does show some mustard. As for size, I personally don't care about size. I just know that's the logic as to why he may play top six in the lineup. He's kind of a Lars Eller/Dale Weise hybrid to me. Probably belongs on the third line but they will see what they can get out of him. He definitely plays though, since he's actually a natural righty. With this current team, my ideal lineup on opening night is probably Byron - Peca - Drouin Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Domi - Hudon - Scherbak Lehkonen - Plekanec - Armia Deslauriers, Ward Reilly - Petry Mete - Juulsen Schlemko - Benn Alzner Price Niemi
  13. Could our lineup look like this

    Jets fans have often said every 1/4 games he has a great game, but the other 3 he's just average. So the hope is that the Jets just didn't have room or patience for him and he breaks out the way guys like Weise and Danault have. And with the lack of size in the lineup, Julien would likely play him up in the top six just for that reason.
  14. Could our lineup look like this

    Centres: Danault, Peca, Plekanec Natural RW: Gallagher, Armia, Scherbak Any Position: Shaw, Drouin, Hudon Natural LW: Tatar, Domi, Deslauriers Either wing: Byron, Lehkonen Fringe: De la Rose (LW/C), McCarron (RW/C), Froese (C/RW) Rookies that could crack lineup: Kotkaniemi (C), Suzuki (C/RW) That's 19 forwards for 13 spots. Even if we cut the rookies and Froese there is still too many guys for the spots. Someone is going to sit or play 4th line when they shouldn't.
  15. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

  16. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Sometimes young players can't deal with the mistakes and losing but the good players thrive on the lessons. While Mete can be put with a veteran RD in Petry or a returning Weber, Juulsen is screwed in having to put a guy like Alzner with him where all he will learn is that you can find a sucker when you hit free agency if your career has been covered up by a better player. All Juulsen can do is make Alzner look better or be pulled down by him. Let's say we had a guy like Yandle on the left side. Then I would be fine doing Mete-Petry and Yandle-Juulsen. But in our current situation, it is better to develop chemistry between Mete and Juulsen than tie an anchor to either player.
  17. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    I'm fine with it because it guarantees we losing 40 games again. I just don't want anyone to think it's a recipe for success just because Tom Wilson got away with near murder.
  18. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    Same contract length as Drouin, only Price and Weber longer.
  19. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Yeah I am all for keeping Mete and Juulsen together. Petry can play with Reilly. Alzner and Benn can either play together on a bottom pair or rotate in the press box.
  20. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    Not a fan of this. Team has way too many wingers right now and will down the road. He had some value at the deadline to get a good pick. That said, good kid, seems happy to be a Hab.
  21. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Because it's a symbol of mediocrity in the NHL today. Unpredictable means they can cost you the game by getting too many penalties. Nobody fears the Habs with Deslauriers, Shaw, Domi, and McCarron. Add Weber and still nobody is scared of this team. If Tom Wilson wants to crash Price or hit Drouin high he would have no hesitation. It's more likely he draws a penalty out of the team than any retribution occurring.
  22. Fighting in pro hockey... Good-Bad?

    I'm not gonna act like I don't enjoy fighting. I've watched pro wrestling my whole life, watched UFC since the first show went on VHS, I've watched the precursor to UFC like RINGS and UWF-i and Pancrase. One of my earliest memories is when Nolan Ryan put Robin Ventura in a headlock for running up to him after a bean pitch (the best part of that story is that the dugouts cleared and there was a pileup with Ryan on the bottom. Ryan said he was suffocating underneath and going dark and if it wasn't for Bo Jackson grabbing guys by one hand and tossing them off him, he believed he would have died) I have been in fights, I've broken up fights, I've had to stand up for friends. Fighting happens. While I believe the momentum thing is BS and just an old wives tale we have told to make it seem like fighters are necessary (if players need a fight to realize they need to win something is wrong), I understand when a game reaches a boiling point and tempers explode. It happens in any Athletic competition and it is not just a men thing (I used to goto girls softball games in high school because there was a better chance of seeing two people punch each other in that than our junior B hockey). But with hockey we mythologized the fight. We act like if there isn't some meathead on the bench to punch someone then every star player is going to die on the ice with no call. We act like if someone does throw punches after a player on the team got hurt it makes anything better. It doesn't. If we were honest and said it was just two people getting way too angry to play hockey and that's it, I wouldn't have so much of an issue. And as someone who has had a serious concussion, and has watched people I know who had serious concussions begin to deteriorate in their 30s mentally, and fear of it happening myself, I just can't watch a hockey fight anymore and think I'm seeing just some gladiatorial battle with everyone hunky dory after. I think back to the former NHL hockey player I met two years ago at a banquet in his 40s whose wife had to tie his shoelaces privately because he couldn't do it, with her repeatedly telling him to go see the specialist again. You can still watch his fights on YouTube though. And people came up to him to tell them how much they loved watching him play hockey. And I wonder if he could go back and protect his brain, would he? And better question, would any coach or locker room in the 90s/early 00s even allow him to play safer?
  23. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    Flying elbow to the back of the head on Brock McGinn when he didn't have the puck. OHL only gave him four games because they are always soft on London Knights players. Domi once grabbed a guys beard in Calgary to goad him into a fight but he wouldn't. Domi I guess wasn't mad enough to pop him. Don't forget how he broke his hand, which was fighting Garnet Hathaway. Like I said, he's a goon in spirit. He will throw a predatory hit if he feels justified. He will grab players and tell them to fight. He will risk his career to punch a guy during a 1-1 tie at the end of the second because Hathway tried to hit him. Arizona lost that game in OT by the way so good job energizing the bench. This won't be his last incident. He likely will be a good boy until December or something when a Bruins game comes up. Maybe he can start throwing with his other hand and break that so he can join Karl Alzner in needing someone to open his pickle jars. This feels like we traded Pierre Turgeon for Shayne Corson again. At least we did it one for one this time instead of gifting Conroy.
  24. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    He is tough to compare at this point but I think maybe Michael Peca would be the comparison. A guy with skill who does some seriously boneheaded decisions from time to time that gets remembered more than anything skill wise he does on the ice. Maybe sprinkle a little Darcy Tucker in there but Tucker knew how to get the puck in the net. He isn't a goon in role but he's definitely a goon in spirit. I'm guessing this will be just the first of the moronic decisions he makes as a Hab. Him and Shaw on the ice at the same time will be like two time bombs ready to blow each other up. The perfect guys to have when you want to go nowhere but down in the standings.
  25. Fighting in pro hockey... Good-Bad?

    I didn't know that was your point but yes.