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  1. Montreal at Ottawa

    I believe he's five for five now for the Sens. No blaming Price on that bullet.
  2. Montreal at Ottawa

    And Alfie... THAT'S GAME.
  3. Montreal at Ottawa

    Big stop by Price, Michalek is dangerous.
  4. Montreal at Ottawa

    3 goals.
  5. Montreal at Ottawa

    I'm guessing Plek, Patches and DD.
  6. Montreal at Ottawa

    I want what is best for the team. And what is best for the team is to look to the future. I also still want everyone to play well. If Price is going to let goals in, I want it to be like Spezza's goal. No goalie in this league could have got that.
  7. Montreal at Ottawa

    Zack Smith grabs his razor blade and jigs himself...
  8. Montreal at Ottawa

    Does Gomez even belong in the NHL?
  9. Montreal at Ottawa

    Maybe it would be best to showcase Campoli by not playing him...
  10. Montreal at Ottawa

    I like Milbury admitting he handled speaking to every GM in the league wrong. He went up to every one and said, "I plan to trade Palffy. Give me at least ____." What you do is e-mail every GM in the league and when one says, "I'd give you _____" you say, "Sorry, I got a better offer from x with _____." That creates a bidding war. Not asking every GM your ridiculous standards for the player.
  11. Montreal at Ottawa

    Gomez tries to force ass to mouth on Anderson. Ineffective.
  12. Montreal at Ottawa

    GOAL! Or... not?
  13. Montreal at Ottawa

    You know it's a rough year when the fourth line and third D-line goes out and you don't recognize any of the numbers out there and think you might be watching a hockey game from 1999-2000...
  14. Montreal at Ottawa

    I must say, this is a damn sleek forum.
  15. Montreal at Ottawa

    This won't be an easy game to watch unless Anderson lays an egg.