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  1. Tatar Suzuki and Lekonnen looks like a line that could surprise with some offense. Especially if they're going against 3rd pairing D.
  2. Aww man! Excited for the start of the season but still keeping my expectations in check. Really looking forward to see how Kotkeniemi develops, if Domi can repeat last years production and to see how Suzuki does in the NHL.
  3. Really scared of the deal MB might give Duchene. Big UFA signings are not typically his M.O Who knows though I could be totally wrong. Should be an interesting day tomorrow
  4. I honestly don't understand why this team is so desperate to trade pacioretty. Soon to be 30 and wants too much term? MB incapable of having positive relationships with large number of players?
  5. Carolina did draft Martin Necas 12th overall last year. He was the one playing center on Zadina's line at the world juniors.
  6. I can't wait till this season is over so everyone can finally move on and move forward.
  7. I thought max looked OK last night. Good battle level and contributing more small details. Chuck is looking better. Imagine he got the opportunities that max and Drouin get.
  8. Ugly At this point with all the cap space still unused, I think its safe to say that Bergevin's biggest mistake so far is not being able to resign Markov. What the hell was he trying to save the money for? Can't be a good manager if ego gets in the way.
  9. Maybe it was just me, but after giving up that first goal, they looked like a team that wanted out.
  10. I think we're finally going to see the Shlem. Maybe Weber too if we're lucky.
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