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  1. Dec. 9, Bruins vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I hope Tokarski gets a shot and shuts some know it all's up. We don't need another goalie. So foolish to get one when we are fine. Price is our guy for awhile and either Condon or D.T will get it done.
  2. Line combinations?

    Mt has to quit messing with the lines i agree with you guys. Pick the lines and leave them be. If we go out first round i hope he gets the boot. We are winning because this is a good team not because of great coaching.
  3. Valentine's Day Massacre: Canada's Shame vs. Canada's Team (7PM EST)

    Glen healy wants man love from price
  4. DD NHL's Third Star of the Week-Where Are the H8erz Now?

    Where did you get he isn't physical? You must just read the box scores and make comments. If you watch the games you will see he does goes in the corners and he goes to the net and stays out front. Who labeled him as a number one? How many big true number ones are out there? Under 4 million and plays hard and gets points. The problem with a pass first player is if the shooter doesnt score it looks like he didnt do anything. DD has proven He doesnt need patches to be effective and can you blame him for not wanting to give him the puck?
  5. Who would you take-Kessel or Pacioretty?

    Homer much? So kessel isn't a good hockey player based on his voice? And you can't blame a player on getting paid. Would you turn down a raise? I didnt once say trade one for one. And the players you mentioned are superstars so in your eyes patches is? See i can spin this crazy too. Don asked a question i answered. Neither is captain and neither should be. Patches was labeled a power forward but is more like a scorer if the game was on the line and we had one shot kessel would be shooting for me.
  6. Who would you take-Kessel or Pacioretty?

    We have a lot better puck moving d men and our c men are much better then what he plays with. Patches lets little guys fight his battles when does he ever get into scums? A leader shows up and gets his hands dirty. So i guess princess dion is a great leader as well then eh? P.K or T.P will be the next captain. I don't hate him at all so glad we have him but to call him a power forward or a leader is funny
  7. Who would you take-Kessel or Pacioretty?

    Money a side yes. If he played on this team his numbers would be better then what he has now. Our d is much better and would get the puck to him more. Is kessel a great build your team around guy? Hell no. he is a kane. Game on the line you want him. Patches isnt a leader either To me they are the same phil is a better scorer patches hits more both no heart or guts.
  8. Who would you take-Kessel or Pacioretty?

    So you do know that kessel isnt even 30 yet but he is finished? 80 pts last year and will get around the same again. Just awful
  9. Who would you take-Kessel or Pacioretty?

    If kessel was on this team and patches on the other kessel would be a lot better the patches. Hands down kessel is better with puck. He is not built to play like a power forward. Patches is and doesnt play like one. He is finally starting to hit again but he is no captain or should ever be. Does anyone here think patrick kane sucks? I wouldnt trade patches for kessel either based on money.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Gilbert will get you something and remember we signed him so if we get a pick or young player then thats a big bonus. Allen was a salary dump and teams want and need dman depth for the playoffs so we will get something. We got weaver for a 5th i think i am sure we can get more then that for him now. Weaver isnt a problem and i like his game. I just hope One or more of our young dmen are ready next year. Question about yak is with all that talent to play with why arent we seeing a promising player?
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Not sure whats the hurry to trade a hard hitting d men we have waited for for quite sometime . Emelin had a bit of an unfair advantage playing on the wrong side for awhile and he is still young and can put it together still. Play him on the bottom pairing let him find his game. how soon we forget lucic flying thru the air and put on his backside a lot. Who else on this team can do that and keep doing it and not shying away from the tough going. We can never have enough guys that hit hard and play decent hockey. Same for DD the guy doesnt quit ever. Goes to the net, gets in the corner and battles. He is a 50 to 60 point player and has shown he can play with others not just patches. We are getting a head of ourselves look at our record. This guy is very happy and we have a great young team yes young look at our core and we have guys coming that with make use better. Guy's that will be traded are allen weaver and gilbert. MB has done a lot of great moves this year and i believe he will do the right thing. Bourque gone meon gone budaj done. We improved in every one of there spots on the team. Mb is making room for young guys and making players ear there spots. Cheers follow habs fans and have a great new year.
  12. Pacioretty for Captain

    P.K way before patches. P.k stands in there when to going gets rough patches lets little guys fight his battles. Captain shows heart enough said. Markov is the first choice but i don't think he wants it.
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    How do you know that? DD not get him the puck enough? Thats all he does is feed him the puck. Patches has to go to the net more
  14. Habs trade Rene Bourque for Bryan Allen

    Seems like a great trade kinda can't lose. If Allen is awful the kids take his spot. From what i remember Allen isn't bad at all. bottom pairing and lets face it nate and tinner haven't ripped up the ahl so they can play a ton of mins pp,pk and take the step next yr. Both are very young still. Our d on the dogs will be very strong and if they can get into the playoff thats a great way to learn. I think Gilbert is the one that will be traded and should get a good return. The trades and signings MB has done sets up for good returns come Trade deadline.
  15. Tokarski, Moen on trading block?

    So if price gets hurt you guy's would rather go with Budaj? Not a chance, nothing wrong with Tokarski at all. The guy played great in the playoff's and deserves to stay. 15 to 20 could mean a playoff spot so why would we give it to budaj just because hey he knows his role. NO THANKS!!!!!