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  1. Reway weighing in at 193 lbs today is a great accomplishment considering this last year.
  2. check out PK at 8:45 lmao.. the Durant roast was magnificent.
  3. I was wondering what size Scherbak has gotten to. Any word?
  4. 1h12m of verbatim that lacks cohesiveness.
  5. Mitch Gallo 690 was saying that yesterday.
  6. Subban man crushes run deep. Subban man crushes ran deep!
  7. delaRose, Hudon & McCarron can make some people expendable. This is a good problem to have. But yes, I have a problem with Shaw penciled in on 4th line. This is why a trade has to happen. Bergevin's love of balance should motivate him. I would hope. Unless they see wing depth as a counterbalance to the lack of center depth.
  8. Do they post the height & weight's for development camp or is it only rookie camp?
  9. When/how did the NYI get Sebastian Aho!? Edit: Never mind. There are 2!
  10. Signing

    Benn & Juulsen are BC boys, too. Gallagher played for the Giants but is from Alberta. Along with Davidson, Schlemko & Morrow. With Lernout from Manitoba. Habs definitely like their western Canadian boys.
  11. So what's the Markov solution? He wan't 2 yrs at $6M. You had allotted $6M for Radulov and now have Hemsky with $5M in unexpected cap space. Do you send Markov a 1yr deal a $7M? Is Markov more important than excess cap space and principles?
  12. What if MB had signed Vanek to a 1-2yr deal at $3-4Mper instead of Hemsky?
  13. lol for real.. For Tavares late picks, jeez. Pacioretty Galchenyuk Lindgren picks.. Done. Since the Caps are strapped for cash what about Mitchell for Eller? Lehkonen Tavares Vanek Drouin Danault Gallagher Byron Plekanec Shaw delaRose Eller Hemsky
  14. Pacioretty Anisimov Galchenyuk Byron Plekanec Gallagher Hudon Danault Drouin Lehkonen delaRose Hemsky
  15. muhahahaa