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  1. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    I like to see this.. Byron Danault Gallagher Galchenyuk Audette Scherbak Carr JDLR McCarron Marty Mitch Waked This is definitely Jerabek's opportunity to create some distance between himself and the competition. ( Davidson, Morrow, Gelinas & Streit.)
  2. Meh loss smosh, lots of positives. Lindgren, Mete and Hudon made managements job that much harder. Scherbak seems lazy. Davidson out played Streit by a large margin. And Jerabek didn't look out of place. Hemsky has a nice blend of IQ skills and speed to compliment Jo & Pax. I hope he can stay healthy. Drouin came as advertised. I look forward to when the roster is trimmed and guys are gearing up.
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    RNH Shaw Davidson Juulsen 1st
  4. 2017-18 Line-up

    Ouch. Words hurt, soupy.
  5. 2017-18 Line-up

    I picture much older and grumpier, like you spit soup while you swear and type with ferocity. I made a slight addition/edit to that quote from myself btw lol
  6. 2017-18 Line-up

    Ya. Fire Bergevin. I get it ole timer. Kick the dead dog! What do your lines look like retired habs fan? Or would submitting a line-up be too unbecoming for such an astute critique? To me the only Brian Burke-esque action would be submitting an offer sheet. No Gms break that code and Bergevin can't really be singled out for not doing so. To me, Bergevin has made some amazing moves in regards of asset management. Except for King. But, King just didn't want to be here. He was shell shocked. Its like blaming Bergevin because Kassian crashed. Someone should have warned him about those NDG girls. The Canadiens haven't had a 1st line center since Turgeon. Koivu could be argued for but if we're all honest with ourselves he was arguably the best 2nd line center in the league. Yes this burns everyone like post chilli burps. But how many top centers get traded? UFA are slim and 1st round draft picks haven't been the organizations strong point. It's like the Flyers and goaltending. Odds, unlucky or incompetence. Probably all three. The Markov debacle. Is really, Markov's fault. I love him. He's my fav Habs D of all time. Which would indicate my age bracket, but I digress. He should have got his stubborn a$$ an agent. Period. He self sabotaged the whole affair. It's like when he got married, he divorced the Habs. Maybe he wants to play in the Olympics. Maybe he had enough of Montreal, the City, Cause I know I have. lmao. Regardless. Markov ran for office as an independent and tried to run game. To me, Markov, f#cked the Habs. Im sure Emelin & Radulov not being kept or protected had alot to do with it. Again the fixation on an offersheet. And mentioning Brian Burke truculence in the same paragraph. Hemsky hasn't even played a game yet. And, yes hopefully he plays over 60 games next season. But when healthy, Hemsky is a very efficient smooth skating player. He'd skate circles around Semin. Destroy's Kassian's hockey IQ, skill level and professionalism. And still has some years left in him, unlike Briere. Simmer down. AND! It's finally happened! They finally got Plek that Czeck winger to play with! All these years! Granted, maybe 5 season's later than we generally envisioned. Regarding Plek. Yep. He's overpaid, for last season. Maybe last season was an anomaly. Maybe not. If he's still on the roster come opening day.. Im optimistic he'll rebound and be a staunch defender no matter the case. Next season he'll be gone and his contract will go to Danault and Price. And, the Habs are down another center. But, Alas, there a plethora of projected UFA centers in 2018! Radulov. $7.5 - 8.25M over 5 years!? How are you paying for a center? That's a heft price tag to pay for another winger. I don't think Pacioretty sign's another contract with the Canadiens. Trading for Drouin was a win now move. A 22 yr old at substantially less cost than what Radulov was demanding. Furthermore, had Bergevin traded the 9th overall pick in 2016 for Jonathan Drouin, instead of their being a name attached to it. People would be calling MB a thief. Apellez la Surete du Quebec! I'll say this for Sylvain Lefebvre. He was coaching Therrin's system. So, my hopes are that Sylvain is just a good soldier and Mike's system just stymied the pipes. And limited creativity and growth like a cancer in the organization. Lastly, finally, it's only August.
  7. 2017-18 Line-up

    This discussion in going on in multiple threads in different varieties, so I thought we could condense our sentiments. I'll go the record by saying that Im not impressed by this roster. I have been a patient and optimistic faithful of Bergevin's. Imo no one can do a perfect job, and there are a variety of reason's to love or vehemently loathe him. But come training camp MB will be on the hot seat with me if this roster isn't at least tweaked or a substantial move isn't made. If he goes into the season with $8.5M in cap space, that thin ice. Not spending, the money that watchers put into the organization is worse than tanking imo. If tanking is frowned upon. Inability or unwillingness to spend accordingly would be suicide for Bergevin. That being said. I'm sure he knows this. I have to believe that he has his eye on a situation and feel's THAT optimistic/hungry about it. Because Bergevin not handing out contract's to guys he needs is very out of CHaracter. Here's my Line-up as of now: Pacioretty Danault Drouin Lehkonen Galchenyuk Gallagher Byron Plekanec Hemsky Hudon Mitchell Shaw Martinsen delaRose Alzner Petry Schlemko Weber Benn Streit Davidson
  8. If it were pre-season. I'd be on board with this point of view.
  9. Exactly. This off season has been peculiar for Bergevin. He's usually quick to dish out contracts to guys he NEEDS to retain. I don't see him going into the season with this much cap space. That would be fan base suicide and essentially worse than tanking. He must have something in the works. I think/hope we're going to see a blockbuster with unexpected core pieces leaving. Unless the Ruski clique was bad for Galchenyuk/room. in general. *tongue in cheek. Markov will be missed. He should have hired a proper agent. He shot himself in the foot and essentially stubbornly priced himself out of the only team he's known. It's a shame, but Streit is 1/100th of the cost and cements a LD by committee approach. I have to wait to see what that cap space turns into. Right now Im optimistically skeptical.
  10. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    With or without Markov, I feel this defense is already more complete than last season. If/when Markov signs, we will be very happy. To me this just means Davidson is probably on his way out. 700K is nothing. If it were for the reported $1.5M I'd be 180 degrees in contrast. Markov Weber Alzner Petry Schlemko Benn Streit Davidson Redmond Jerabek Juulsen Morrow Lerout Taormina Parisi Mete Bourque
  11. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Reway weighing in at 193 lbs today is a great accomplishment considering this last year.
  12. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    check out PK at 8:45 lmao.. the Durant roast was magnificent.
  13. Development Camp Roster

    I was wondering what size Scherbak has gotten to. Any word?
  14. Hab A Listen The Podcast

    1h12m of verbatim that lacks cohesiveness.
  15. Maybe things aren't as bad as.....

    Mitch Gallo 690 was saying that yesterday.