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  1. More self righteous passive aggressive jargon from the "professional blogger". Get a life tool.
  2. Actually, that was directed at you with you self righteous pompous egocentric garbage. So, yea. Exactly.
  3. Apparently, Duchene just started following Price, Gally & Domi on twitter.
  4. TJ Brodie Schlemko Mete 3rd 2019 3rd 2020
  5. No penalty? Tim. Peel. C'mon he already gave us a 2 on 1. Now it's all down hill.
  6. Gregory Charles is some overrated tripe.
  7. My friends and I are all big Radiohead fans.. .. so we call Kotkaniemi.. Kid K. Coconut is pretty lame. Like Patches was/is. His self proclaimed Pacman was/is much better.
  8. Easy. No more ceremonies, until there is something to be ceremonious about.
  9. I hope. That this is the last time the 93 stanley cup is ever mentioned. Ever again.
  10. Already 3 Doughty penalties that go uncalled. Then another interference infront of the net by a King fwd right before they call Kotkaniemi on garbage. What a joke.
  11. 29-39-7-7 72 points 7th in the division 14th in the conference 202 goals
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