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  1. where woodcock go again? ps i like his name
  2. I would have chose Lemeiux purely for his leadership but Stevie-Y's vision is gone and he's not the player he used to be. Time to retire from hockey and pain.
  3. When u put it that way i guess ur right put i agree you should still have perrault on the team in case of any big faceoff you have that extra 10% chance of winning it. 10% could mean a win or a lost at the end of the game.
  4. What i meant by the slovaks have no golaie was that even though what-his-name is a good prospect the slovaks need a good goalie if they want to win. Aka (a Broduer, Lungo, Belfour, Thoedore, Turco, or any other canadian goalie.)
  5. Amazing tribute to a great man. Montreal will never be the same without you. And while ur up there in heaven tell some of those "old form ghosts" to wake up and figure out they have to move to the bell center now. ROCKET THE GREATEST #9 EVER! :hlogo:
  6. Dryden was one of my favorite goalies before he jumped ship to Toronto. He backstabbed the Habs. But i think he will be a good minister in whatever hes gonna do.
  7. No way an Oleg Tverosky type of player would be too soft something the Habs already have trouble with. I thnik let Komisarek and Hainsey have thier shots but also sign a good new defencemen like Sean Hill, Dan Magillis, or Bob Boughner. The o-fence is supposted to score let the d do their job. (Which they already have alot of trouble doing)
  8. Although Darrly Sutter is probobley the one most responsable for the amazing run of the Flames one person often over looked is the ex-g.m . In this case Al Coates. I found this on Hockey Trades Rumors.com and i think its pretty good. Al Coates, now a VP with the Mighty Ducks, is responsible for bringing in many of the key players that are sparking this cup run. Coates was fired four years ago by the flames but he made some significant moves. In 1995, Coates traded Joe Nieuwendyk to the Dallas Stars for a package that included Jerry Iginla. One deal that was squashed was Nieuwendyk going to MSG for Ray "chicken parm" Ferraro and Dan Cloutier. Coates also wanted Mattias Norstrom in the deal but the Rangers were not buying. So Coates got Iggy instead. I think that one worked out. Chicken Parm works for ESPN. Cloutier, the fighting goalie, can't win playoff games for the canucks. Mattias who? The Theo Fleury trade to Colorado brought Robyn Regehr to the flames. Coates had a choice between Regehr and Martin Skoula (who ironically plays for Coates and the Ducks). He chose Regehr. In another trade he swapped Gary Roberts for GS Giguere of then Carolina. As we know Giguere did not stay long but that is besides the point. So regardless of the Cups outcome, I believe the Bolts are going to take this one, the Flames have made quite a turnaround and has Canucks up north cheering about the home team again. And the turnaround can be linked to a man that has not been around for four years. The flames would be without him.
  9. (Thats 14 million gone... so we're spending an extra 4.5 which isn't much since we did make the second round of the playoff and had 5 home playoff games.) The Habs bring in about 1 to 1.5 million doallars every sell-out plus add the playoff parking prices and raise ticket prices its almost 2 mill in the end.
  10. Watch out for Yann Denis or Danis (whatever). Give him 3 years maybe two and he's gonna take the backup role from Garon. Also it's time to get rid of Fichaud for SOME REAL PROSPECTS. Fichuad was drafted something high like 5th overall but now i think everyone can say he's a bust. Good-bye and Good-rigdings (i hope)
  11. Don't even think about trading Theo. He's one of the best young goalies and even though he's overpaid he's the backbone of this team. Plus 'magine what the (crazy) french media would say. Not only would Theo get death threats, like he already did, but also Gainey. But knowing Gainey anything is possible to him no matter what the results are, good or bad.
  12. Now if only the Islanders would understand....:eyes:
  13. Basketball has one big problem. THERES NO CONTACT. Wheres the fun in that. Football, hockey, rugby all have contact and are great sports but this sport.... well it saddens me not to see any contact. I love
  14. Both of thier carrers are over. Amonte may have one more year but leclair is finished. I just wished we kept him when he was 23 or something. :nono: but anyways i like
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