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  1. I think that the best think for us and him is for him to be traded for maybe a draft pick and bring up pyatt for the time being until Metropolit comes back. I don't think that Chipchura is a bad hockey player, he does still have the potential to become a thirsd liner i just really don't think a plce like Montreal is good for hime. I see him more in the western conference in a city where the funnest think to do is to go to McDonalds.
  2. I really don't post that much but i found that beacuse of way that this topic is written and the amount of time and effort put in, it was essential for me to say that this post is one of the best posts that i've read. Thank you Wamsley.... I agree 100% with all of your analysis.
  3. Who do you guys think will be in nets for tonight game? Will Halak end up in Hamilton, or is Gainey going to pick up a goalie like Belfore or Joseph?
  4. After the 3:00 deadline passes today, is it possible for teams to demote and promote players to the AHL and NHL. And can players get waivered, and if so can teams claim players that are on waivers? Thanks for your responses
  5. Gainey shoud get a guy like....hmm, Eric Brewer is available, and he's only worth 2 million. What do you guys think?
  6. Maybe Samsonov is getting treaded soon. He's been playing really well recently and the canadiens don't want to take a risk to make his stock drop lower. Maybe its that.....but somehow i doubt it
  7. Are you sure Downey is better for team chemistry, didn't he get into a little fight with Begin during practise weeks ago?
  8. Second line center = Higgins maybe???? = much better than ribeiro
  9. Hey guys, does anyone know what's happening to Mikail, if he's still injured, if he's still in Canada and if he would be playing with the bulldogs anytime soon? Thanks
  10. Sorry i meant Los Angelos, during the draft i too like kopitar over brule
  11. Guys, i'm probably the only one who likes Tucker but don't get me wrong i hate the leafs. If tucker was on the habs roster i thing everyone would love him. Yes he complains but he has so much heart and determination. He a decent player thats not afraid to get down and dirty. Except when he sees Komisarek.
  12. I think this could be Buffalo's year. Lindy Ruff has done a great job with this team. They gel well and are freaken fast. And Briere is showing alot of heart and looks like he might put up career points.
  13. We need another bouillon.....but taller
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