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  1. I like the line of Grabber, Tits & Ryder!!! Go Habs!!! :hlogo:
  2. Some points I would like to make. #1 - Price will be fine. I balme our goaltending woes on goaltending coach Rollie Melanson. The past several season, our goaltending starts out stong & continues to spiral downwards for the entire season then. Look no further than just last season. Huet starts out as being voted to the All-Star game & Abby was voted Molson player of the month for November & where did the goaltending for the team go from there?? Melanson style IMO has the goaltenders going down way to early on plays, opening the top of the net up for the opponents. #2 - Speaking of coaching styles, I believe Carbonneau & Muller may well be in over their heads in the NHl with very little coaching experience & Doug Jarvis proved in Hamilton he is not exactly Grade-A coaching material!!! The Habs are constantly beat by teams that pressure their puck carriers, yet the Habs style is to set to a 1-2-2 forecheck in the offensive while playing a box or diamond setup 5-5 in the defensive zone. That box setup gives te opponent too much time to setup in the Habs end IMO & this can be backed up by the shots on net numbers. Rarely does this team out shoot the opponent. #3 - Ribeiro. I foolwed Mikie Rib throughout his junior career. He had/has talent ozzing out his ya-ya, but he bought into the idea he was a superstar who survive on just skill, without putting any effort into his game what so-ever. He was moved from the Habs because of work ethic & attitude. He played 99.9% of his hockey career, junior & pro in the provine of Quebec until the Habs traded him. Again his talent was never a question, but I really believe it was a real wakeup call for him to be traded from Montreal. In Montreal he seemed to think he was above the pecking order of the team, but it seems captain & linemate Brendon Morrow has helped Mikei Ribs mature alot!! #4 - Habsfan mentioned about Gui. I don't believe that will be the case with him. He doesn't have the work ethic or attitude problem Mikie Ribs had. My biggest concern for Gui was that he was brought along too fast & truly believed some huge minutes in Hamilton this season for part or all of the season would have advanced his progress more so than playing in Montreal this season. #5 - The young core group of this team IMO is as good as any in this league!!! Now it is looking to me like maybe Koivu & Kovalev are not the type of veterens this team needs to lead this young core!!!
  3. http://www.habsinsideout.com/boone/1268?page=0#comment-40164 I wonder what kind of an unknowledgable hockey fan accused of not being a Habs fan said the exact same thing just last week, eh??? BTW as far as the insults, I was riped a new one & was told I couldn'd be a Habs fan for suggesting such a move, I wonder who deserves the apology after all??? & as I did before on this board, I'll take my thoughts elsewhere, no need to upset the applecart by coming in & expressing some new & fresh thoughts!!!
  4. Yup I remember Jean & seeimg as I'm older than you!!! Thanks for being a real asswipe BTW, I'll take my opions else where!!! Cool the insults and name-calling please, these things always escalate and stink up the board. Of course we will disagree with one another, but if you want to argue which of you is older then please do so by disagreeing in a mature manner. Thanks.
  5. Do you watch all the Habs games or just the odd few?? & BTW, the +/- is rarely something you can build an arguement on. It is watching a player play the game every night that gives a true read of how that player plays. & yes, Streit is by far a better wing than a D-man. Both he & Brisebois fumble & bumble the puck in their own zone far too much. They are both soft on the opponent & Brisebois especially is far to soft on his clearing attempts. As for Gorges, had you read what I posted, you would have realized I said IMO that Gorges' play would elevate in my estimate of 20gms, especially if he were paired with Hamrlik. Actually I'm not sure which team you follow, but it apparently isn't the Habs!!!
  6. Streit's game excelled last season a winger 5on5 & I was sure that that would be where he would play this season, but as is the case with many things on this team, Carbonneau just seems to go against logic. Why Carbo ever swapped Dandenault out to be a winger & sent Streit back to the D is beyond me??? Streit could have played the point on the PP & IMO would have been a great linemate for Chipper & Tommy Kop. IMO, Gorges should be paired with Hamrlik, while Dandenault & Cube could be paired up again. Thus leaving Brisebois, who is still as much of a liabilty in his own zone as was the first time on this roster, should be relegated back to being the 7th D-man where he belongs!!! I truly & honestly believe that if Gorges is given 20 gms to build his confidence, especially along side of Hammer, he would make great stides in becoming a very safe D-man for the Habs.
  7. I noticed late last season when Latendresse & Kostitsyn were on the ice together, that there seemed to be some good chemistry.
  8. IMO, the Kovalev signing could be just what the doctor ordered!!! A strong Russian influecent could very well bring the skill that André Markov possess' to the forefront. If that is indeed the case, Markov could become that very elite D-man the this team needs!!!
  9. A future Captain of the Habs, Chris Higgins!!!
  10. Awesome stuff guys, keep it coming!!! I'll be back daily for updates throughout camp!!!
  11. Quite honestly, I wanted to pick Petr Sykora in the first round that season & I figured they would take Gigger in the second round!! If I'm not mistaken, Sykora had been touted as a top five, until he suffered a serious injury that season!!
  12. I can't help but think the Habs could ice three decent scoring lines. Now I'm not talking dominating, but three lines that on any given night could lead the team. They have to move this on intregrating some of their kids into the lineup. Several have paid their dues in the A & now is the time to make the step.
  13. BTW, the Habs were tied only with the Devils for have the largest amount of draft picks play thru the '90's. Though it seems they were bad drafting early on in a draft, they seem to be head & shoulders above the majority when it came to finding NHL players in the latter rounds.
  14. On another note, from the highly touted group known as The Red Line, the Habs were ranked 7th in overall draft performance last month. 7. Montreal Canadiens Quietly had a very solid day at the draft table joining Anaheim as the only clubs able to nab two of Red Line's top 10 prospects. Overall, they had only two picks in the top 120, yet came away with five of our top 115. Shored up their long-term depth in nets with mature and mentally strong Carey Price, then couldn't believe their good fortune when they were able to trade up and grab homegrown power forward Guillaume Latendresse, a top 10 talent, at #45. Got Andrei Kastsitsyn's younger brother, Siarhei, in the 6th round, and homegrown sleeper Philippe Paquet in the 7th. In between, forwards Juraj Mikus and Mathieu Aubin were solid values. & This was their ranking of our second round pick : 7. Guillaume Latendresse An absolute horse who has ultra strong legs, keeps low centre of gravity, and knows how to drive the net. Physically dominant below the circles; can camp out in crease all day and no d-man can move him. Throws thunderous clean hits and is so freakishly strong that he hurts opponents without trying. Impossible to knock off puck. We love his no-nonsense style ‹ he's going straight to net every time and doesn't care if he has to carry two d-men on his back the whole way. Also has soft hands and touch around net, slick moves, sees the ice quite well, and can make nice touch passes. Has deadly shot from slot with quick release. Big problem is he lacks both first step quickness and lateral agility. With great size and all the other attributes we can overlook the skating deficiencies as long as he shows passion on a consistent basis. Projection: Classic scorng line power winger. Style compares to: Tim Kerr Infact they ranked him one position ahead of the guy taken second overall, Bobby Ryan!!!
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