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  1. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    LOL! Good one! Seriously, I had a bad feeling about this game, but I didn't think it would be this bad. We haven't played a good game in at least 4 games! I wonder what we could get for Price and Pacioretty? I would normally include Weber but his contract is so awefull that nobody would want him...
  2. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Well, that was a pretty lousy performance...again! Really shameful especially on a Saturday night! I'm not panicking, but I'm starting to wonder if its time to blow this team up and start over? Just a question...
  3. Nov. 16, Coyotes vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I can't believe we lost to the worst team in the league... This is unacceptable! Our PK sucked just as bad as our PP!
  4. Nov. 16, Coyotes vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Alot of G.M.'s in MOntreal this week-end of the 100 year celebration of the NHL. I gotta say I like what I'm seeing so far by the Habs...then again, the Coyotes look horrible out there!
  5. November 14th: Cannons @ Habs

    I'm starting to think that Bobrovsky is now the no.1 goalie in the League. He is putting a clinic out there! Carey has been living on his past accomplishments for the past 2 years!
  6. Nov. 5, Habs vs Hawks, 7 PM

    Holy shit! Did we just beat Chicago? First win in the windy City since 2002! About time!
  7. HABS @ WILD, NOV. 2

    Not much Carey could do on that goal! Game over! Good night!
  8. HABS @ WILD, NOV. 2

    Another great ######ing start to a game! Once again we give up two goals in less than 45 seconds. I think this is the 6th time it happens this season! Carey should've made the save on the first goal!

    The truth of the matter is that none of us can actually predict what Chucky's career will be like over the next 3-5 seasons. My argument for not trading him is that his value is at its lowest point since he was drafted. Let's be patient and let him get his confidence come back. Trading him right now would be a mistake because we won't get anything good in return!

    I believe we need to remain patient with Chucky! Many seem to forget he's only 23 years old. If he really had/has substance abuse problems, I hope he's getting the help that he might need, and will be able to get over his addiction. I also believe that if we were to trade Chucky in the next few months, we would not get anything close to what he could be worth. Better to be patient and slowly get his confidence back to what it was 18 months ago rather than trade him for an older player with a lower ceiling (Kreider).
  11. I think we've found our top 6 center. Drouin. Sure he's not 6'3" but he's got amazing offensive skills. I also believe this team is a little too small up front.

    Maybe NOW they'll move Chucky off the 4th line?

    What a highlight real goal for Gallagher!
  14. Oct. 26, Kings vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Notice a difference in the quality of shots between the Habs and the Kings. I mean that last goal by Kopitar was perfect top corner...not much a goalie can do against that!
  15. Oct. 26, Kings vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    game over? This team is so fragile mentally, I doubt they'll be able to bounce back!