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  1. I think this signing has alot to do with Seattle. Also, I believe that if we need to trade Allen 12 or 18 months from now, at 2.75 million, it shouldn't be too difficult!
  2. So happy this signing has been taken care of. As many have mentioned, Gallagher is the heart of this team. All the sacrifices he's done over the years for the Team, is why the Habs gave him the extra 500,000$ per year. (I thought he was worth about 6 million per year). Paying him 6.5 is a little more than what I expected, but if there's on guy who's worth it, it's Gally. I also love the fact that this isn't a 7 or 8 year term. I love Gally, but I have a feeling he might not be very usefull by the time he's 35 years old! ON a different note, I have to give a two thumbs up to the work Bergevin has done this off-season. All of his signings were good and he addressed all the needs the Habs had! Well Done MB!
  3. I agree with the opening statement! Bergevin has done his job. It's up to the coaching staff and the players now!
  4. Seeing that video with all of Toffoli's goals last year, makes me like this signing even more. He's got good hands around the net and a very good backhand shot!
  5. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by this signing. I love the added grit that Toffoli brings, without forgetting that he can score 20+ goals per season!
  6. ON the 4th line, that could be interesting. Even though Perry is slow as a turtle, he does go to the net and has a nasty side to him!
  7. True, Although I don't think that Bergevin overpaid by alot. Maybe 500K per year... To get a player that has the size, speed, grit and skill that Anderson has, I think is well worth it!
  8. Agreed! Imagine Anderson with some quality passers (Drouin and Suzuki). He might light it up (35+ goals!)
  9. Agreed! Imagine Anderson with some quality passers (Drouin and Suzuki). He might light it up (35+ goals!)
  10. Sorry If i'm being anal, but doesn't Drouin make 5.5$ per year?
  11. Agreed. Max I would go with Gallagher is 5 years...maybe 6 years. I love the guy, but but 8 years would be way too long!
  12. I read from Arpon Basu of the Athletic that apparently the final two years of the contract, his salary is much lower, meaning that if he does slow down alot in teh final years, he'll be easier to trade!
  13. I must say, the more I read about this guy, the more I like the trade. If he can average 25 goals and 25 assists per season, I'll be happy!
  14. Oh well. WE traded the 57th pick for the 124th pick this year, and probably the 62nd pick in 2021. (we all know that Tampa Is gonna have a good team next year as well!)
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