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  1. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Agreed. Carey has been playing really well since Weber's return!
  2. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Classy move by the Habs to Shake BRad Watson's Hand!
  3. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    I just turned on the game! NOt in my wildest dreams could I have dreamed the Habs to be leading 5-1 with 4 minutes to go!!! THis team is really impressing me!
  4. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    I must admit the kid is impressing me more and more as the season moves forward. You would expect some kind of let down from KK at this point in the season, but he only seems to get better!
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I like that trade! I think it's fair for both teams!
  6. Game #54 Feb 5 2019, 7:30 Ducks at Habs

    I'd love to see Bergevin get his hands on Lindholm. He'd be a perfect partner for Weber!
  7. Game #54 Feb 5 2019, 7:30 Ducks at Habs

    Gallagher!!! Damn, I almost feel bad for the Ducks!
  8. Game #54 Feb 5 2019, 7:30 Ducks at Habs

    KK!!! Man the Ducks suck!
  9. Trade Deadline Planning

    I'd be willing to part ways with Mete or Juulsen and a high draft pick to get my hands on one of Gostisbehere or Matheson. I know that offering one of Mete and/or Juulsen and a 2nd round pick is not enough to get you hands on Gostisbehere or Matheson, but that's why I suggested picking up some dead weight from one of those teams (like we did with Winnipeg in the Armia deal).
  10. Trade Deadline Planning

    What about trying to pick up S. Gostisbehere or M. Matheson? Maybe if we offer the Flyers or the Pathers to pick up some dead weight off their roster, the cost would be lower... Both players are 25 or under, have lots of NHL experience and both could play next to Weber. If you could get your hands on one of them without having to give up Suzuki or Poehling.
  11. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    Great game last night! Aweful call by the ref to disallow the Danault goal! I really hope the NHL will look into this and let the ref know he made a bad call!
  12. Huge win by the boys tonight! The 4 points picked up in the western road trip is huge!
  13. Nice to see a Habs player who can actually pick the top corner!
  14. The Impact of Shea Weber

    I was thinking the same thing. When Shea does return, there will be a period of time where the other players will take their feet off then gas!
  15. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Midway through November, and Domi is definitely superior to Chucky! Yes, Domi had back to back 9 goal seasons, but he's already got 10 goals this year. He's on pace to score 99 points. Even if he does slow down (which I expect he will), he has a very good chance of finishing with at least 70 points this season (which would be amazing!) Not to mention that unlike Chucky, Domi is a way better defensive player!