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  1. We can all thank Carey Price for the point last night. Goalie stole the show!
  2. PLeasantly surprised by the win last night. THe boys are on the right track. Hope they can keep it up!
  3. Normally i'd be one of those people complaining about his small size, but I really like this pick. I saw a few of the goals he scored this season, and I have to saw I was impressed. The kid has a wicked wrist shot. Can score from almost anywhere! All the experts say that this was a steal for the Habs. Caufield should have been drafted in the top 10 but dropped right into our laps at 15. Beautiful!
  4. I just saw that that the Habs have a 1% chance of getting the first pick, a 1.1% chance of getting the second pick and a 1.2% chance of picking third. Lastly, a 96.7% chance of picking 15th! Basically, if the Habs logo doesn't pop up for the 15th pick, it automatically means we have a top 3 pick! I'm not gonna get my hopes up by thinking we might pick in the top 3...15th in this years draft is supposed to be a very good pick!
  5. I'm cautiously optimistic about the next 5 years. Alot will depend on how we develop some of our top prospects (KK, Suzuki, Poehling, Brook, Juulsen)
  6. Well, the kid had a pretty decent first NHL game! Hat trick and the winning goal in the shoot out! Looking forward to seeing him with the Habs next year!
  7. Just got home from the Bell Center. What a crazy game it was! Loved every minute of this meaningless game! Was nice to see all those leafy fans leaving the Bell center much quieter than they were at the beginning of the game! I agree about Poehling. The kid is built like a man. You can tell he's heavier than KK. I did not expect him to have such good hands! Really looking forward to seeing where he will end up next season! Just another reason to look forward to 2019-2020!!!
  8. Gentlemen, I have to say this has been a good discussion! ON a different note, what really worries me for next year is that we had 7 players who had CAREER years in 2018-2019. What are the odds they will have career years again in 2019-2020? Will Domi put up another 70 point season? Will Gallagher score 30 again? Will Danault get 50 points and dominate in the faceoff circle? Will Tatar score 25 and get 60 points? Also, the Habs were spared major injuries to key players this year (With the exception of Weber). Will we be as lucky next year? Lastly, Can Bergevin find that elusive d-man to play with Weber or maybe find another top 6 forward? A few tweaks could ut us over the top for next year, but nothing is guaranteed yet!
  9. Where I have a problem with Drouin is that he was a complete no show for games 55 through 75. True he didn't put up many points during the final 5 games of the season as well, but at least he gave the effort necessary (skating hard, hustling to get back in the d zone). As mentioned by Fran├žois Gagnon on RDC.ca, Drouin had no points in 49 of 81 games....and no points in 23 of the last 25 games. That is what I find disappointing about him. There were too many nights where JD was a passenger. Last point, I don't think Drouin is a THE guy we should be counting on to lead the Habs. Just like Kessel is not THE guy in Pittsburgh! Kessel might not be THE guy, but he's still a very good player. I think the same applies with Drouin. If we could find THE guy who could lead the offense, I think Drouin would be a good follower! I might be wrong, but that's the way I feel about him!
  10. Yeah, but if Columbus wins tomorrow, it's over for our boys!
  11. too bad! not enough offensive firepower!
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