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  1. I'm worried about Price. I don't like what i'm seeing from him!
  2. I expect to see them win a few games in a row (which is what usually happens when a team makes a coaching change). What I'm currious to see is how they will respond in 5 or 6 games from now!
  3. I have to say i'm a little worried about this move by Bergevin. Seems like a panic move to me. I get that the PP has sucked for the past 5 years and that has been Muller's responsibility. I can understand letting Muller go, but I just don't think firing Julien was the move to do at this time.
  4. You can bet your next paycheck that Bergevin will not leave Shea unprotected!
  5. If they take Byron, then that's 3.5 millions$ less on teh payroll for a 31 year odl 4th liner. Don't get me wrong, I really like Byron, but for what he brings at the moment, he's paid too much money! As some else mentioned, I think most of the league knows by now that Allen isn't as good when he's the number 1 goalie. I think that might make Seattle think twice about taking him and making him their number 1. If they do decide to take him, then we've got Primeau who's waiting in Laval for the big show. By next year, Primeau will have played a full season as the no. 1 guy in Laval an
  6. I have to say, I'm very surprised that we won this game...in regulation on top of that! Nice to see the boys push back against the Leafies. Maybe our boys can stand toe to toe with the Leafs?
  7. Geez...they've worn them once and lost. I kinda like the new jerseys!
  8. I would argue that the 2013-14 and 2014-15 Carey Price was Hasek level dominant. .927 and .934 save percentages on average teams.
  9. Agreed. I think you need to have at least ONE cup to have your number retired. Asking for two cups might be a little exagerated seeing as the Habs don't play in a 6 team league anymore and don't win the Cup every second year like they used to in the 50's, 60's and 70's. If Carey can help this team win ONE cup, then there's no doubt in my mind his number will be retired, but without a cup, not sure it's gonna happen!
  10. True that Andersen had to make more saves then Price, but Andersen's saves we easier to make compared to the saves Price had to make. The Leafs took a helluva lot more QUALITY shots compared the the Habs. MOst of the Habs shots came from the outside or wrist shots from 50 feet out. Their coach even said it after the game; last nights game was the game where they gave up the least amount of good chances all year...and that includes the games the Leafs played against the Canucks and the Hens. As far as Price giving up bad goals, I don't think any of the goals he gave up were as bad
  11. Really disappointed by the effort level in the 2nd period and a good portion of the 3rd. Was expecting them to show a little more like they wanted it!
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