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  1. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    I would've sent Sherbak, Chucky and Drouin!
  2. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    Oh well, We got a point...although at this point, I would've rather lost in regulation!
  3. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    I like what I've seen from Sherbak and Chucky tonight!
  4. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    Agreed! You gotta love the little guy! He is without a doubt our sparkplug!
  5. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    uh oh! 4-3! PP goal by Gallagher!
  6. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    Even though our boys are probably gonna lose this game, I've liked what I've seen from Chucky and Sherbak tonight.
  7. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    7th time this year the Habs have been shutout! I really feel for Carey! Poor guy, he knows that if he gives up ONE single goal, their chances of winning the game are reduced drastically!
  8. The Market for Max Pacioretty

    Like I've said before, I seriously doubt Tavares will sign anywhere but in Long Island. Our chances of signing him are extremely slim. If you can get more for Max this year, then I think that option should be seriously considered (as long as the offer is worth it).
  9. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    Sucks to see our boys lose, but I think this is what needs to happen!
  10. Jan. 25, Carolina vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Horrible play by Mete on that 4th goal!
  11. Jan. 25, Carolina vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Dammit! We've scored two goals. DOn't they understand that they have to lose this game?! THankfully Carolina got a one two goal lead again!
  12. Jan. 25, Carolina vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    2-0!! I feel bad for Carey!
  13. Jan. 25, Carolina vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Not a very good start!!
  14. To answer the original question, I would say hell no! The League probably wouldn't allow it!
  15. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I don't think Tavares is gonna leave Long Island. Our chances of signing him are very slim...I wouldn't count on it! Trade Plex and maybe another forward like Byron and get some more picks for the draft!