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  1. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    Agreed. As much as I like Giroux, he's on the decline and has been for the past 3-4 years. Trading Giroux for Chucky would be a monumental mistake by the Habs and I would be the first person in line to throw rocks at Bergevin!
  2. I hate this move. No way should we have let Markov go. I get that Markov wanted a 2 year deal and Bergevin wanted him to sing for one, but without Markov our defense is not any better than last year. It's not like we didn't have any money to sign Markov! Now we have 8 or 9 million$ under the cap and we can't do nothing with it! Bad decision bergevin! Thank you Andrei for the 16 seasons you gave to the organization! One of the best d-men who ever played for the Habs!
  3. Price Signs 8 Year Extension

    Just got back from Europe, so I'm a little late with my comment! I was hoping for a cap hit under 10 million$, even though I knew it wasn't likely to happen. BUt at 10.5 million, I think it's a pretty good deal. 3 years from now, the cap will have increased by another 3 or 4million$ and Carey's contract will be easier to swallow. In any case, like many have mentionned, Bergevin had to sign Carey. He would have never gotten equal value had he tried to trade him and we all saw what this team is like without Carey in nets two years ago. So good on bergevin for getting the deal done!
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I'd love to see the habs pick up Tavares, but i would want him signed long term. Also, I'm not sure if giving up Chucky, Beaulieu and Juulsen would be enough to get Tavares out of N-Y.
  5. Sergachev will be 19 years old on June 25th and Drouin turned 22 in March. So he's basically 3 years and 3 months older...
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. Let's not forget that Duchene is 4 years older and at least 4 inches shorter then Chucky!
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I really don't like the idea of trading Chucky for Brodin. We would get screwed on that one! Minny would have to offer more...but again, i don't want to give up on Chucky...he's only 23.!
  8. I seriously don'T get why everyone has such a hard on for Duchene? Yeah, he's good, but I still think Chucky will be better!
  9. I gotta say i like this deal. Sucks to see a blue chip prospect like Sergachev go, but you don't get anything without giving up something! I just hope the Habs will be able to sign Chucky and Radu. If not, I don't think we would be moving forward! More like a sideways move! I do think we have enough money under the cap to sign Radu, CHucky and Price! I really don't wanna see Chucky, but if we do trade him, it's not for a d-man I also believe that this will be Beaulieu's coming out party. He probably won't put up 55 points, but I expect him to get better in all aspects of the game. Yeah, i think it just gave Beaulieu a second chance!
  10. I agree that you can't get something without giving up something. That's why i recommended trading either Galchenyuk or Sergachev. These are the two players we have (with the exception of Price) that if traded, will bring back the most in return. Last time we traded a star goalie, we suffered for a decade. Last time we lost Carey Price for an entire season, we choked and failed miserably. For these reasons, I don't think trading Price would be beneficial for this team in the long run,
  11. Carey Price is not the problem! The problem is that this team can't score. I would trade Chucky and/or Sergachev before contemplating a trade involving Price.
  12. What agreat game last night. As close to perfect as a team can get! True that the Rangers are gonna come out Guns a blazin' tomorrow night, but if we can weather the storm for the first 5 to 10 minutes, I think it's possible the habs can come back to the Bell Centre with a 3-1 lead.
  13. I can't believe we started the playoffs by NOT scoring one single goal! their shots were so easy...they made Lundquist look like a god out there!
  14. Playoff Wishes

    Holy shit would it ever!!! It's gonna take a minor miracle, but it would be cool! The only thing I wish for is for Carey Price to remain healthy!