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  1. How to Fix the Habs 2018

    I must admit that I also have somewhat high hopes for Sherbak. I assume he'll start the season in MTL next year. At that point we'll have a better idea is he's really at top 6.
  2. How to Fix the Habs 2018

    I also listened to the press conference in my car and I have to say that I was a little disappointed with what Bergevin and Molson had to say! I'm willing to give them one more chance to see what they can do this off season, but if Bergevin can't find that elusive 1st line center before the season starts, i'll be asking for his head!
  3. 2018 draft thread

    Agreed! I feel like this administration (and the coaches) have messed up Chucky's development! True that Chucky didn't always help himself, but I can't help thinking that if he had been drafted by another team (and allowed to play at center these past 5 years) he'd be a much more productive player!
  4. Sucks to see our boys keep losing like this, but at least we're tanking in the right direction! Three more losses and our chances of getting that elusive 1st overall pick improve dramatically!
  5. It all depends on what will happen at the draft and on July 1st. If we can win the draft (and Pick Dahlen) and then manage to find a way to convince Tavares to come to MTL, then I'd say we could turn this thing around pretty damn fast. BUt both of these are LONG shots...not sure either one will happen!
  6. Plekanec traded to Leafs

    So long Pleky! Thank you for the many years of service. Maybe we'll see you next year (at amuch lower salary)!
  7. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    I would've sent Sherbak, Chucky and Drouin!
  8. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    Oh well, We got a point...although at this point, I would've rather lost in regulation!
  9. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    I like what I've seen from Sherbak and Chucky tonight!
  10. Predators @ Canadiens 7PM

    Agreed! You gotta love the little guy! He is without a doubt our sparkplug!
  11. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    uh oh! 4-3! PP goal by Gallagher!
  12. HABS VS FLYERS, FEB. 8, 19:00 ET

    Even though our boys are probably gonna lose this game, I've liked what I've seen from Chucky and Sherbak tonight.
  13. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    7th time this year the Habs have been shutout! I really feel for Carey! Poor guy, he knows that if he gives up ONE single goal, their chances of winning the game are reduced drastically!
  14. The Market for Max Pacioretty

    Like I've said before, I seriously doubt Tavares will sign anywhere but in Long Island. Our chances of signing him are extremely slim. If you can get more for Max this year, then I think that option should be seriously considered (as long as the offer is worth it).
  15. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    Sucks to see our boys lose, but I think this is what needs to happen!