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  1. Alex Kovalev interview

    Nice article, had no idea he had played so many minutes last game.
  2. Do you guys accept being paid in beer? Maybe we can work something out That sucks though, I don't see the point of hacking a message board.
  3. Obligatory go habs go post.
  4. The guys near the canadian flag, does that mean their from Canada (double nationality) ?
  5. Team Canada - Official selection

    Wow, so many guys were left out.
  6. Czech Team for Torino!

    Nice Bulis made the team Not so good news for Bonk. I was watching the journey on TSN last night and when they showed Bonk getting drafted he had one funky hair style.
  7. Sykora to Habs/Bruins

    Zednik is clutch. He's always there when something big needs to happen. If you got someone like that on your roster why bother trading him.
  8. Dumbest Poll Ever

    Couldn't help notice your avatar JLP, they actually make poutine's in Japan? If so how good are they?
  9. Any info on PLEX?

    Ah crap four to six weeks? That sucks, Plekanec was playing so great in his recent games.
  10. Upper Deck Rookie Cards

    When does the new set come out? I want to start collecting cards again.
  11. Game Thread | Sens vs. Habs | 12/20/05

    Obligatory go habs go post.
  12. Game Thread | Sens vs. Habs | 12/20/05

    Wow, what the hell is going on with all these injuries.
  13. Dan McGillis on Waivers

    The cap only caps on players on the active Devil's roster, by sending Dan down, he isn't considered in the 39 million salary cap. If he is recalled by the Devils, he must pass waivers again in order to play for the Devils, but if someone claims him then, New Jersey must pay half of his salary which is 1.1 million. That money New Jersey will pay will be included in the cap.
  14. Dan McGillis on Waivers

    Wow, I was sure someone would have claimed McGillis. Probably if he gets called up. No one would miss a good chance to pick up a top four defensemen at a sweet cost of 1.1 million. Edit: Forgot to add the obligatory *cough*Columbus*cough* [Edited on 2005/12/18 by Tony]
  15. Crosby gets an A

    Hehe, your spelling is ridiculous. No offense intended, it's a bit of an inside joke at my college. To set up the joke, Communication majors are made fun of by pretty much all other majors in the university. So in response, a communication major wrote an article in the school paper saying that communication majors were just as smart as anyone else on campus. Her article, however, just weakened her position even more: "Communication majors just as bright as everyone else, to think otherwise is ridiculous." What a way to show how smart communication majors are, by mis-spelling a word in the title of the article, LOL. Worst part is I even looked up at the word because I wasn't sure how to spell it and I still messed up.