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  1. Ticket Exchange Thread

    I only wanted one game, but knowing I had to get 3 tickets together meant I would likley be on the outside looking in. to my disappointment, I was right.... and not going
  2. Habs Hocky Down Unda?

    There are streaming sites..... ask me via PM and I'll hook you up
  3. Habs Fans Re: Price

    I couldn't agree more about the idiocy of the fan base montreal has now. If you really want to know if they did the right thing, watch for the fans reactions. If 80% hate it, it was a great move. The higher it goes the better off the move was.
  4. Habs Fans Re: Price

    I'm sure Halak will look good in St.Louis next season, but all new goalies in the league look good for the first year (Halak's first in the west). After that the players know the tendencies and weakness. The real Halak will be evident in year 2 with St.Louis, good or bad.
  5. Habs Fans Re: Price

    Roy in 93' and to a lesser extent 86' is the definition of playoff hero for a goaltender. Maybe the use of the word is too lose now. How many people were running around talking up Gary Shuchuk as a playoff hero after a stellar playoffs?
  6. Habs Fans Re: Price

    If it was something you should know about, I would assume you would know. It's isn't something "Juicy" like you want it to be, but the impact was enough for the room.
  7. Habs Fans Re: Price

    Yeeahh ok. Here is what you don't know. Halak lost the dressing room early in the Philly series for reasons better left unsaid. Halak worshipers forget that he isn't a team player AT ALL and yet have no issue taking the same stance against Price saying he is immature and not dedicated. Halak asked for a trade mid season remember? He wasn't a playoff hero then and his record suggests he isn't now. When the team quit on him it was a 5 game series. Halak took the exact same stance and quit on the team in game 5 when he came out of the crease to colide with Hamrlik for a loose puck (while on the PP ! ) giving the Flyers and easy empty net SH goal. His performance to that point was average at best. Do you have any idea what that says to the rest of the team when you don't trust a veteran Dman that is respected on the team to make the easy play and force the attacking player wide? Why did leaving the net empty while a man up become an acceptable option on that play? It wasn't, it showed what Halak thought of the rest of the team, and the bench noticed it as you can see by the rest of that game. Given the chance the players would have voted Halak off the team after that. That is not the unity that Gomez, Gionta, Cammy, Gill and Hamrlik (among others) spent the season preaching to the guys.
  8. Habs Fans Re: Price

    Halak the savior and Halak this and that.... blah blah blah. Price is the guy, so for once in a century try to back this kid (yeah just a kid) and see how it turns out. Chicago fans aren't this pissed about losing the cup winning goalie and yet in Montreal a .500 playoff goalie is something to go on and on about.
  9. Habs Offseason Moves

    It's been done..... we don't have the cash. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/hockey/20...03_section_POS1
  10. Habs Offseason Moves

    Sure it sounds great in theory, but every player is paid based on potential and they always have been. Every entry level contract does it with a $800K- $1M salary, then tack on the bonus structure ($2.2M total salary for Price's entry deal) and voila.... a potential based contract. It has always been that way, hell, even Michael Ryder got a deal like that and when he didn't live up to it, he walked as a UFA (Now the Bruins don't want his $4M ass either). I know what you're trying to say, but it really doesn't work that way right now in the NHL and I highly doubt the Habs will be the next trend setter in that regard.
  11. Avtsin broken up with Dynamo ?

    Or having their fathers sign a contract for them when they come home for a family funeral.
  12. Avtsin broken up with Dynamo ?

    Trunev will be in N.A. next season by all accounts. Then again the ruskies do have ways of forcing players to stay (see Valentenko, Pavel)
  13. Habs Offseason Moves

    Anyone hear what Lapierre signed for yet? I know it was a one year deal but nothing on the amount yet. EDIT:Edit #2 Nevermind he got $850,000 $900,000 for the one season.
  14. Avtsin broken up with Dynamo ?

    He has a passion for the game ala Ovechkin, and plays a similar style to Ovie. Now, I am in no way saying he will be as good as Ovechkin, these are just some things I have heard about him from a scout.
  15. Habs select US Defenseman Jarred Tinordi

    Let's just hope the refs give our "Pronger" the same leniency when the time comes. not to mention Buffalo at 23 wanted him.