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  1. I'm no business guru but I do own a small business that has a profitable history. For example, let's say that I want to employ the best workers available on the open market for my business - and negotiate a CBA with their union that will attract the best workers and negotiate contracts with "free agents" in the industry. If, in my bid to be the best business in my field, I have created a situation where employees' salaries are detrimental to the survival of my business, how is this the fault of my employees? And, if I have a history of corruption (as many NHL owners do) how do I expect my em
  2. that was negotiated in good faith between players and owners. Bettman B.S.: "It is important to note that the twenty-four percent rollback by the Players' Association is a recognition that our labor costs were too high and that a $1.8M average annual salary was not appropriate or sustainable under our level of revenues. "The Union, by its offer, has finally acknowledged the magnitude of our losses. Depite all of The Union's rhetoric to the contrary, The Union has confirmed the accuracy of our financial reporting. "There is no other rational explanation for a $269 M reduction on player con
  3. Post an opinion opposite to that of Habs77 and he calls you a sore loser. And he's a Moderator? What kind of bullshit site is this? ###### you asshole.
  4. Habs77 sees it that way it must be so? Habs77 says a TB victory is a victory for NHL fans everywhere and being omnipotent it must be so? You have the megalomaniacal audacity to believe that your opinion is supreme? You think the better team won? Good for you but it doesn't make your opiinion right. TB Sycophants want to believe the puck wasn't across the line then they can delude themselves into believing so but it doesn't change reality. And read the rule book. Directing a puck into the net is not a goal but having it careem off one's skate is. If the Flames had benn blown out like the
  5. That's a joke. The penalty at 18:59 of the third on Ference was a major joke - I'm starting to think that Sutter was right about the NHL. Face it, TB needed the NHL to wave off a Cup winning goal & put Fraser onto the Flames to win therefor they suck.
  6. Wow... 90+ point season the weakest division in the NHL - only one +500 team. TB did a great clutch & grab job on Iginla. I saw the replay repeatedly - it was a goal, IMO. Calgary was robbed. ###### TB and its sycophants.
  7. Both Iginla & Calgary'll pick it up. Go Flames - don't let some shoddy US team whose home rink can't even produce a half-decent ice surface win our sacred Cup! :can: [Edited on 2004/6/8 by habitual_hab]
  8. I was watching CBC last night and they had some US apologist from the National Post on spouting the usual right-wing reasons for the invasion and occupation of Iraq: Saddam Hussein murdered thousands of political opponents and tens of thousands of members of ethnic minorities, repressed the population, and waged wars of aggression against Iran and Kuwait. But before August 1990, Sadam Hussein was serving U.S. interests. It was during this period that his worst atrocities took place -- his invasion of Iran, his use of chemical weapons against both Iran and Iraqi Kurds, his Anfal campaign of
  9. The International Committee for the Red Cross, in visits that started months ago to Iraq's US-administered prison, has been documenting abuse that was not the 'exception' but was tanatmount to the norm - abuse that was 'tantamount' to a policy of torture, and tolerated by coalition forces. Jeezuz, look back at Vietman and the Pheonix Program run by William Colby and the tortured used against Vietnamese citizens and you'll see a policy of torture promoted by US govt agencies.
  10. Come on now, you are going to let isolated incidents convince you the US is torturing the Iraqi people? The mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners in US custody is not limited to isolated cases but forms part of a systematic pattern, the Red Cross has said. A spokesman said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) had been warning the US about such cases for more than a year. He was responding to the publication of parts of a leaked ICRC report. The document concluded that abuse of Iraqi detainees was widespread and in some cases tantamount to torture. The Red Cross mentions a n
  11. Native America, both north and south, experienced a sustained and incredibly impactful process of genocide, extending over a period of three to five hundred years, depending on which locale you're talking about. When we take the hemisphere, North and South, various numbers are given of indigenous peoples that were here before the Europeans came. At present, the best estimates that I'm aware of bracket it at somewhere between 100 and 150 million people, hemispherically speaking. That is circa 1500.And how successful were the Europeans at “cleansing” the Americas of its first inhabitants? Appro
  12. I didn't say it was GWB's fault but what I did imply was that that type of action - the disrespect for international law, the disrespect of the lives of people in other nations - is systemic of US foreign policy. And while the US has not performed ethnic cleansing in Iraq it does have a nice history of it. To complain about Saddam's ethnic cleansing and celebrate Columbus Day is hypocrisy at its worst. [Edited on 2004/5/5 by habitual_hab]
  13. I am not trying to pass off these horrible incidents. I am just saying that this is not the norm. If it were, we would have heard about it long ago. The people who are doing this torture are idiots. And even bigger idiots are people I have seen calling the incidents nothing more than "a little hazing." There are idiots out there, in every place on earth. The people responsible are being dealt with via court marshall. Bush and other leaders have made it clear this behavior is not acceptable. These incidents are terrible, but are not the norm. And I finally found a site with numebrs of
  14. Come on now, you are going to let isolated incidents convince you the US is torturing the Iraqi people? And where are you getting these Iraqi casualty numbers from? Passing off the torture of Iraqis by US forces by calling them isolated incidents doesn't cut it as there are reports from Afghanistan now about US torture of prisoners. Add to that the Canadian citizen who now claims he was tortured by the US in Iraq. Saddam tortured the Iraqis. Now the US, after killing ten thousand civilians, tortures the Iraqis. What's the difference between the US and Saddam? None that I can see. IBC a
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