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  1. Armia 2yr $2.6/yr

    Solid. Entering his prime. Needs to play better and should if he plans to get a bigger pay day down the road.
  2. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    He’s a fantastic top ten player at his position and at only 21. It needed to be 9.5/10 million. Yes. I’d be laughing at MB too, if I was Carolina.
  3. Deslauriers traded to Anaheim

    I realize he’s basically an energy guy. 4th or 5th liner. But a fourth rounder has a what...6 or 7 percent chance of making it to the NHL? Again, it’s just opening space for Mitchell who will likely shift to the wing this year.
  4. Has July 1st passed Trade Deadline day???

    I find both deadlines and windows prior to be exciting. In season def has more allure for me as my spirit is more about hockey.
  5. POLL: How do you feel about the future?

    5 years? Bit broad. Teams fade out of contention and turn it around almost over night these days. I answered thinking about two years. I’m sure most did. A top tier FA away on O. And a mid tier on D. Or vice-versa.
  6. Chaput traded for Weal

    Weird. Same agent. Both probably whispered they’d like a change of scenery to the agent. And he said, “Done”.
  7. Deadline Day Discussion

    I’m trading Armia and Drouin for Stone Or Panarin
  8. Deadline Day Discussion

    We need one more W. then we have the winning team necessary for a playoff run. LOL. Weise and Weal and ?
  9. Who ? Just kidding. The tinkering begins. Can Weisse still skate? Is this the year Duchene is added?
  10. Game #54 Feb 5 2019, 7:30 Ducks at Habs

    For the right price would it be a good idea to add from Anaheim in a trade. It’s a timely game in a way. Up close look. How much salary room do the Habs have? I like the depth on this team but they still need one really good player imo. To make a run at it. Closer than most think with Weber’s return and Price back to being super stellar.
  11. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    Byron is correct in his apology. The hut was illegal. Players need to be more careful. It’s thst simple. He deserves the punishment. I’m glad the league continues to hold players accountable. No debate on this once the video clearly dnd accurately explains what happened and what was wrong.
  12. Odds for being claimed? Anyone care to bet?
  13. Michael Chaput recalled

    How did Sherbak go on IR. Did he even play? Waste.
  14. The Impact of Shea Weber

    Hell not be the same. Maybe never. Father Time is not nice to mid thirties who lose a year. He’ll be good of course. But a top 3 league defense man? Nah! Not again. And just how long is left in this forever waiting game?
  15. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Someone is a bit pumped too soon
  16. Fighting in pro hockey... Good-Bad?

    I’ll just say the best hockey I watch is the Olympics and no fighting is tolerated. End of discussion.
  17. Sept. 29, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7 PM

    He’s getting a long look because this is not a good team. Truly. I’m not meg cuz they lose every preseason game, typically by a wide margin. I knew it in the off-season. This is a BAD TEAM. THE GOOD NEWS - higher draft pick.
  18. You are not wrong. It was quite obvious that this defense was going to be pretty horrid. And the O lacks the pizzaz and talent required in the modern game. It just not a playoff team. It’s pretty simple.
  19. David Desharnais

    Still productive in his role.
  20. Bouillon named player development coach

    Lame. Good job stirring the pot.
  21. David Desharnais

    Well. He went to Edmonton and made a difference when he played with people who could make a difference. Just saying.
  22. Qualifying offers

    No. But there are unintriguing players who will be signed.
  23. Qualifying offers

    Addition by subtraction.
  24. Schlemko a Hab...

    Ok. Firstly, yes the Habs have major work to do in the left defensive side. It's Empty. Obviously at least one right defendemen will shift. That's fairly common. But it's likely two that will play other side. Secondly, Markov now can ask for more money then the market. Just out of desperate need to keep him and be a left sided dman. Third, the team is missing a star Centre. But apart from that, I think there's a good balance of all four lines type of players. So the comment about fourth liners is out of line. With that said, the Habs are short their 4th dman. That's a given when you trade for offence, which was needed, and losing your fourth to expansion, when you can only protect three. And trading another fringe 4th/5th dean or second pairing -- in an expansion year. Which is why I just didn't get trading Beauliau for a third. I would rather have lost him and still had Emelin. Management felt otherwise. Which meant they were happy with the thought they could use Emelin's contract money to snag a FA better for the price. Or the same quality for less. I personally don't think so. It's a big gamble to me. One or or two of the blue chip drafted prospects needs to step up. Sign Markov, snag a Benn ish type FA, and it's all good. Go Habs.