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  1. We have not seem Bonk play in a HABS jersey yet... he could be the missing big defensive Center we need to balance the lines. Huet is a relative unknown to me but Danis is still alittle green. Give him a game or two so see how he handles the pressure cooker of MTL but another season of "seasoning" in Hamilton will be a good idea.
  2. yes... yes you should... LOL
  3. touche Colin... I am 31 and no hair...
  4. ugh, that is not good news. PC gamers need a little option from EA from time to time... I heard they are running a new graphics engine... and they do have create-a-player.
  5. trade? for who? where do you think the biggest hole is that Gainey needs to plug?
  6. scary moves! That is a completely different and a dangerous playoff team now. All that to provide Crosby with a team to compete with... (and to get a new areana)
  7. NAWH.. not gonna happen. (at least - i hope) i can't see the impact he would still have after so long not playing on reconstructed knees. The Russian Rocket is Retired.
  8. now there is a combination that i did not think of. With Maurice hired by the laffs minor team, Sutter and his style under Burke would be a really strong combination.
  9. still, he has a point. NHL = 9 months? / NBA = 9 days?
  10. Sad. (and scary) The Laffs are one of two teams that I could not stand to get Crosby. The Blueshits* are the other one. Both their fans are so self important that are impossible to deal with now.. imagine listening to them brag about geting Crosby.... **shudder**
  11. Give them a couple of years and you are right. Burke will put his stamp on the team and they will do well. I don't know how long Babcock will last.. he tends to be too defensive and conservative for Burke. we will see..
  12. have you guys tried Battlefield 2 yet?? very nice and alot of fun.
  13. wow alexstream... I sense some not so hidden fustration at this whole process!
  14. oh man. there is potential here to really change the face of our team. I hope everything comes clean in the end.
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