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  1. Parrish would vote for the government, Cadman against (But only able to vote if the doctor OK's the plane trip), and Kilgour....probably against.
  2. Ah, but thankfully, it doesn't. From living here, Americans only really pay attention to the Presidential elections, and the house has something of a 94% incumbancy rating. At least in the Parliamentary system, there's a clear element of who to blame for problems and problems can be cleaned out. Sponsership compared to what's going on in the House of Reps is a kid taking a sucker in a candy store. Westminster has flaws, but it's a lot better then the American system.
  3. Harper is the real sad display. He doesn't want the inquiry to do it's work cause he knows Martin prolly knew nothing about that. That would translate into support for the Liberals. It is humerous to hear Harper hanging on the alligations from a man facing fraud chargers. The right-wing media are the ones driving all this. They're making people think alligations are true without going threw the judicial process. Odd how they're all for law and order any other time, except this time. Oh well, three quarters of Canadians don't want an election. Should be funny when Harper calls a vote next month. The voters will turn on him and he'll become yet another joke in a long line of right-wing leaders in this country. Even if he does win a minority, who's going to do any of his objectives with him? Gay Marriage will probably pass on the way to an election, and the other 3 parties won't revoke it; all three won't support further tax cuts (The NDP especially); and just about any cuts to medicaire/social services won't happen. So, he can't please the Westerners for risk of making the government fall apart. This is smelling like 1979. Hopefully the Liberals can give a minority to the Tories this time, bring in a new revitalising leader (Tobin or Manley?), and then take back what they lost when the next minority falls.
  4. Jeez, that image in my head....getting knocked between the door and breaking one's pelvis...I don't wish that on ANYONE.
  5. Habsfan21


    Ah, but he creates the income for the owner...without the stars, they get no gates, no TV audiences, nothing. If people are 50k fans are willing ot shell out that much for those tickets 162+ games per year, the players deserve a share.
  6. WOO! Tie game, we advance!:/)
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/bob_mckenzie.asp McKenzie is saying that they may go to 20 teams, with 7-10 in each confrence playing a "Play-in Series" of 3 games to move into the real tournament. Thoughts?
  8. NDP? Maybe McDonough or Nystrom I could vote for, but not Layton. Not enough exp. (He was only a city counselor), and too focused on social issues.
  9. Did you see what some of the Juventus fans did? They whistled, turned around, and stuck their middle fingers up during the moment of silence.
  10. Wow! I can see my house, the pool next door, the route I walk to school, and just about every portable classroom there. I suddenly feel paranoid....
  11. Oh, I know, I was talking to Fanpuck. My uncle said it's been non-stop. I'm kinda glad, though, that it's sticking. Chretien was made of teflon, nothing could stick to him. [Edited on 2005/4/5 by Habsfan21]
  12. Long story short, the Liberal party ( A centre/Centre left party that has been in power for 12 years) in Canada gave many millions to government agencies in Quebec which did nothing. It's a major fraud, and the trial is going on now. There was a gag order on the trial (A publication ban) that the media couldn't print out anything, but some American internet guys "published"(I don't really trust blogs for accuracy, especially biased ones that only put forward one view) the material. It's pretty damning stuff, and an election might be held soon (I want it to be later, so that I can vote in it...) that could kick the Liberals out of government and into opposition. Also, politcaly in Canada, the Conservatives typically need a miracle (Or tacit PQ support) to gain government. This may be it. But, Leafs is pretty much right on the latter, because if you play with the numbers a bit, the Conservatives can only realisticly gain a minority in parliament, and the other 3 parties are ideologicaly opposed (The Liberals, the NDP (Social Democratic), and the Bloc Quebecois, a Social democratic/Separtist party), so if it does happen, it might be a 1980 style short parliament. If I had to choose a party, it would have been the PC's of 1997-2003. But, they merged with the western Alliance, so it would be kind of a strange choice between them and the Liberals. I don't like Martin, but I like Harper even less. He looks like and acts like a freakish combination of George Bush and Al Gore [Edited on 2005/4/5 by Habsfan21]
  13. Habsfan21


    I've read the testimony on an American blog, and it's pretty bad. Do you guys think this is it for the Liberals in government? I'm thinkin' the Bloc might gain a good deal more seats.
  14. There's a private TV station in Austria which always broadcasts the World Championships. They also have a free live programme via the internet and I suppose you can also watch the afternoon games of this years WC. Oooo, very cool!:/)
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