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  1. ok--nevermind...lmao i guess i was thinking of those decoration shows on the Home and Garden Channel.... :king:
  2. ???? y'know i've really got to wonder how much hockey you actually wacth....:guru: first you confuse souray for the next coming of scott stevens and now you think that gordie ######in dwyer is a suitable substitution for perezhogin???? sorry but the consensus is that perezhogin is playing on a scoring line or none at all. [Edited on 2003/8/5 by un_habitant]
  3. does anyone remember the show "sports night?" it ran from 1998-2000. it was penned by the creator of "the west wing," aaron sorkin. all of its reviews were outstanding but ABC pulled the plug on it w/ out reason. i cant stand 99.9 % of whats on TV but this show was one of the best IMO.... they have the DVD set for sale and reruns play on comedy central. [Edited on 2003/8/5 by un_habitant]
  4. lol....quebecois---curb your enthusiasm is a decorating show...
  5. i just wasted 30 minutes watching 'sex and the city.' i could have better invested that time procuring pornography, or taking a terrific shit, eating a burrito....ANYTHING else! i really cant undertsand how ipossibly trite, shallow, and completely humorless this show is! why in the friendly ###### do people watch this? really. how interesting are 4 whiny, over-dramtic, yuppie women in their 30's....:puke::puke::puke: (one more for good measure) [Edited on 2003/8/4 by un_habitant]:puke: [Edited on 2003/8/4 by un_habitant]
  6. watch them pick up nieuendyk too.... "money, money money.... always money--in a rich mans world..."
  7. hey huz, did you ever head out to phoenix?
  8. all the major message baords have been discussing the same rumor regarding : theo+brisebois to col. for morris+tanguay+ rights to roy go figure! :nono: seems like it came from fan 990. anyone hear this?:eyes:
  9. interesting that you have beauchemin in the # 1 pairing with komi.... all reports say that he has a pretty well rounded game but go on to say that he is no more than a 5th or 6th d. imo, if his game is already multidimensional with little fuss made over him, he might prove to be a darkhorse and sruge through the depth chart. its players like beauchemin and korneev im more intruiged by than a hainsey or hossa. :hlogo:
  10. for all of you lurkers out there.... START POSTING! CONTRIBUTE!!!!!!:clap:
  11. its odd to think that he has been given up on--myself included however, whats intruiging is the fact that places like russianprospects still have him ranked as a 6.5 or so to make the nhl... we also have to consider that he is still a kid at 21 years old or so... of course no one is banking on him to be a success but we all wrote off ward at one point....:eyes:
  12. "It also seems as though we've traded our #109 pick to the Caps... for what I am not sure. " does anyone know what was the reason for doing this??? :hlogo:
  13. this M B X thing?????????????????????????????????????????????????:guru::guru:
  14. pretty steep price for worrell, imo... the 2nd rounder isnt too bad though
  15. <me i would say that sometimes a break (1-2 years) has positive impact (cf. saku, mario). Souray might get pumped up and have a real desire to play now. If he's 100% healthy, he would like to use his body and make rock hits. He'll feel alive, after many months of rehabilitation and suffering. Souray is still a key dman on our d-chart. We need his size and physical presence. What I like about our defense, it's his size.. habs are building a good, solid defense > i do see your point.....but.......we are talking about sheldon souray. while he was playing he was one of the players that frustrated me the most saku and mario are another story....they have always been very talented determined players so it isnt much of a suprise to see them reclaim their game.... also remember that saku came back playing a few shifts his 1st game back then had some additonal time between the regular season and the playoffs....same for mario too--largely he was dtd.... i just think it is far more realistic to assume that souray will need a bit of a segue to get back into the habs D let alone top 4. but hey....he could prove me completely wrong which i would love but based on what i know of him as a player, i would wager otherwise. :hlogo:
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