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    most of you guys already know me, but for those who don't, im a highschool student who loves sports all kinds. My fav team is obviously les habs, but the sport to play that i enjoy the most is football.
    now you know me, haha
  1. really, that sucks, i thoght there was extra sites to chat on thanks anyways
  2. so that is the easiest way eh? i thought there was another trick thats you could actually see exactly when the post appeared without having to click again
  3. about these other foreums, i get 6, and there are 11 right? what are they all about, theres got to be some id like to see???:can:
  4. ive seen teams luckily come back like that, how do you think toronto comes back, what nevermind, thats just refing
  5. thanks for the info, im guessing we played with an extra defenseman this game, seeing as kosty didnt play. Who dominated play? was it just a luck win, or did we come out with a bang?
  6. This seems kinda odd seeing ive been on this board for so long, but i never took the time to find out how to keep viewing new messages as they come. Do we keep having to refrsh the page, or is there an easier way to do this? kinda what im asking is there a way to get it like an online chat room, where we can see ppls messages on one screeen, for each topic?
  7. What were the lines? who else played solid, im guessing the usual markov, bouilion, ?
  8. awesome, i cant believe that game didnt come in on tv, im so mad about that but happy, make that ecstatic about the win, way to go boys!!!
  9. just got here, give me the recap, sounds like we won? please be so
  10. i dont think the older generation on this board willunderstand that bulis
  11. ya everyones been emailing that around, actually the reason it was done cause the guy was having to many parties and his neighbours complained about the load music, so he did the display to piss em off
  12. My brother got that card, he took over my collection and is adding to it (he doesnt know in a couple years ill take em all, haha
  13. i played the recorder in grade school, does that count? hehe
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