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  1. That's like saying if you strike out with the hot chick at the bar, at least the ugly chick can punch you in the dick... That there is no joy in this situation is what I am trying to convey here.
  2. Is the plan to combine all the #7 defensemen we have like the Power Rangers Megazord and create one super-defensemen who can play with Weber?
  3. Seeing as how nobody made a thread about it, I'll just quietly note here that Lindgren signed a 1 year, 2 way deal worth $700 000. The Habs have no more RFAs needing contracts.
  4. Our depth at centre is worse than Vegas. 375 days ago we had 5 mobile/puck-moving defensemen who were projected to be able to play top 4 minutes. Today we have 1. If anyone doesn't think that is a downwards trend, we need to find their time machine and send them back to the mid-90's where they came from. We are deepest at goaltending - a position with 0 trade market. So it really doesn't matter to me if the glass is half full or half empty... because the liquid it's holding is urine.
  5. Vegas is still in sell mode with the players they have now. Currently 7th in the league in cap hit, and you know they want to be in the bottom 3rd. The only teams sniffing near the bottom of the cap floor are NJ, Carolina, and Arizona.
  6. By any reasonable expectations of salary for Galchenyuk, Radulov, and Markov, this team does not fit under the salary cap, and it's not even particularly close. Pick 2 of the 3, or basically pick Rads or Markov.
  7. You can't bank on this anymore. The cap has basically been stagnant for years, with only the players escalator boosting it. And they didn't even do the full escalation this year, and are getting closer and closer to not at all.
  8. No one seems to believe he'll play all 3 years.
  9. He says while judging someone else...
  10. Patrick Marleau signs a 3 year deal with Toronto, $6.25 AAV
  11. This is really childish.
  12. 10.5 til he's 38.
  13. Signing

    More likely Molson told him, "I want a winning team in Laval."
  14. Not a favourable competition for Montreal. Dallas has tons of cap space.