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  1. Everyone points to Edmonton and says top picks don't mean success. Meanwhile I'm looking at Minnesota and thinking we're the next team to pick between 13 and 20 OA for a decade. But hey, I get to watch at least 4 more Habs games this summer so that's pretty nice.
  2. Team Tank is in shambles right now. I know this because I am on it. Proud of the players though.
  3. Would you say this team has a serious Weise infection? ...
  4. He got beat skating too. Probably one of his worst shifts this season.
  5. Which he also can't be blamed for right now because he sold at the deadline since no one was expecting a 24 team playoffs.
  6. Mete was so soft on that third goal that I thought I was watching a Charmin commercial.
  7. Our kind aren't welcome here. Long term outlook has no place at a playoff party.
  8. That game fit right in to the Habs 19-20 season.
  9. Sheesh, the body isn't even cold yet.
  10. Strictly TV? Basically nothing. Netflix? I highly recommend the Middleditch and Schwartz comedy specials. They are geniuses.
  11. I'm basing this off CapFriendly's numbers, but if Tampa matches a $6.3 million dollar offer sheet then they'll have around 3.5 million to sign Cernak, Cirelli, and 3 other players for a 20 man roster. Even if they trade guys like Paquette, Coleman, and McElhinney for league minimum contracts they're still only playing with ~6 million. Do you expect Cernak and Cirelli to give Tampa the Kevin Labanc treatment (that he no doubt regrets doing in hindsight)? Y'all trying to give up 2 first round picks, a second round pick and a third round pick AND really hinder the Habs' future salary structure for a guy who gets points by passing to Stamkos and Kucherov all game... his stats might be a tad inflated.
  12. Guys, Tampa can't match any offer. They are so unbelievably screwed this summer with a flat cap. Even if they offload Killorn (who has a 16 team NTC) in a no-salary-back deal they'll have just less than 10 million to sign Sergachev AND Cirelli AND 4 other players for a bare minimum roster. Unless you see them trading Kucherov or Point (the only really big money contracts without a NTC)? Or see Julien Brisebois convincing Palat, Gourde, Johnson, or McDonough to waive their full NTCs? (I'm sure they're just dying to help management out by leaving Tampa weather and annual Cup contending to go play in New Jersey.) $6 300 000 for 5 years (1st and 3rd round pick compensation), and Tampa walks away grumbling about hoping that Montreal is a lottery team again.
  13. Confirming what Bergevin said back around the trade deadline that only one of the four would get an ELC.
  14. Mete was playing the right side a bit. They might keep him on 3rd pairing right D next season in case they can't get an extension on Petry.
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