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  1. But good enough to make the Habs next season?
  2. If the Blues win the Stanley Cup next season because of great faceoffs, I'm sure a few of us will oblige you.
  3. He must be pretty banged up to not even consider testing free agency and playing another year.
  4. Now that I think about it... so many teams in numerous sports MUST have uses Triple H's theme. It's too perfect.
  5. Kept hearing this during the broadcast. Nashville using it as their playoff anthem?
  6. 45 points in 65 games. And even if it was 45 points in 82 games, that's pretty comparable to other 4.5 million dollar players in the league.
  7. The only two people that believe in Lefebvre are Bergevin and Lefebvre, while the rest of us are just screaming into the darkness.
  8. I almost need a Nashville/Ottawa SC final just for the possibility of seeing this again, but in a playoff game: Laviolette v Boucher, round 2, FIGHT!
  9. I know this is said practically every year, but it looks like Chicago is going to have a lot of cap trouble this offseason. They are already well over the (presumed stagnant) cap and don't even have a full roster. I wonder if a no-salary-back offer involving our 1st round pick gets the Blackhawks to ask Anisimov to waive his NMC. 4.55 million off the books would give them some breathing room, and it looks like they have some offensive depth at centre with their prospects and could handle losing him.
  10. A spam bot whose favourite Habs is Maurice Richard though...?
  11. No one is prettier than Carey Price.
  12. I thought I had read that Niemi was the one on his way out (either through trade or through buyout).
  13. Hey, whoa, that is way too level-headed and lacks all hyperbolic enthusiasm for a Habs prospect. He's due at least 1 pro season before we start even considering he won't be a star player, and 1 season where we use him as a throw-in in a trade for another team's star player, and then 1 final season where we eventually capitulate that he was never really all that good and we complain about a wasted draft pick. As. Is. Tradition.
  14. Dallas trades the Habs 2017 4th round pick for the negotiating rights to Ben Bishop. Solid move, and quite a game changer for Dallas if he signs.