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  1. Habs announce training camp roster

    I won't speak to any particular skill set that he or other players may be lacking. The main takeaway from the preseason so far is that no prospect or bubble player besides Hudon and Mete have showed up to give Bergevin and Julien a tough decision. A veteran not giving 100% in a meaningless game? Understandable. Guys like McCarron, Scherbek, and JDLR lacking effort and execution? Downright disappointing.
  2. Habs announce training camp roster

    That probably explains why McCarron wasn't cut, since he's certainly not still there on merit.
  3. Habs announce training camp roster

    So my mid-camp speculation is: Those top 4 forward lines are about as close to opening day lineup as you'll get, and (depth at centre aside) that's a 1st line, two 2nd lines, and a 3rd line. Unless I missed a Martinson injury, it appears he's locked in to the pressbox forward spot, or they forgot to put him on waivers today. Carr, JDLR, and McCarron are on the "last chance to show us what you've got" line. The Habs really want to showcase Mete as a top prospect, but he's probably just a placeholder until Schlemko is healthy. Jerabek is starting the season in the AHL unless Streit and Morrow actually manage to play worse than they currently are. Gelinas only gets a contract offer if one of Morrow or Taormina are claimed (or a trade happens).
  4. Habs announce training camp roster

    Can probably expect some guys on waivers tomorrow too. Claude Julien was reportedly less than pleased with the players after tonight's effort. Also, with Lernout cut that pretty much assures that Benn is playing on the right side instead of the left - unless a trade or waiver claim happens.
  5. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    He played RD and looked bad.
  6. Habs announce training camp roster

    Sassy Claude. Scherbek for sure. I imagine the situation on defense is less muddy now than they expected.
  7. Habs announce training camp roster

    Niki Petti, Yannick Veilleux, Stefan Leblanc, Simon Bourque, Thomas Ebbing, Antoine Waked and Tom Parisi will all now report to Laval Rocket training camp. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-release-seven-players-from-camp/c-291248800
  8. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Arpon Basu agrees with you.
  9. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Gallagher was leading a 5 on 2, but he slowed down to set up the powerplay. A little less structure and adherence to the system would have gone a long way there.
  10. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Ok, but... who else is he going to play with on tonight's roster? Is he better off with De La Rose and Waked?
  11. Sept. 18, Habs vs Bruins, 7 PM

    I see Shaw is in mid-season form for useless penalties.
  12. Habs announce training camp roster

    Ah Team C, the "Hey thanks for coming out, enjoy the poutine" squad.
  13. How long will Drouin last at centre?

    It will last until Bergevin brings in a true #1 centre. So forever.
  14. Habs announce training camp roster

    He's been listed as "injured" since the beginning of rookie camp. I think it's just an acknowledgement that he's still in recovery.