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  1. *meekly, from the back of the room* I still believe in Mete...
  2. Joe Thornton signs with the Leafs. They should sign Kovalchuk too and play him, Spezza, and Thornton together on the "We wish it was 2007" line.
  3. Ya, this deal is so perfect that I feel like I'm missing something because SOMETHING has to be a risk, right?
  4. A currently cap compliant lineup? Tatar - Danault - Gallagher (Why fix what ain't broke) Drouin - Suzuki - Anderson (Big man creates space, Drouin and Suzuki use it) Byron - Kotkaniemi - Toffoli (Transition OP, plz no nerf) Lehkonen - Weal - Armia (This is a line that can start in their own end, and 10 seconds later they're cycling in the opposition end for the rest of their shift.) Edmundson - Petry (Fly Petry... join that rush) Chiarot - Weber (It works, kinda, why mess with it) Romanov - Mete (Mete has the experience at RD over Kulak) Kulak Price (Call me crazy, but I think he might be a really good goalie) Allen (Also a good goalie, but I dunno, something about that Carey Price guy just screams Franchise Player to me) Potential cap casualties: Armia, Kulak, Weal
  5. I've generally got Armia bumped to the 4th line on my mock lines. Edit: Also I miss you bb come back.
  6. For what it's worth, Canucks Twitter is livid at Benning for not finding a way to sign Toffoli.
  7. Possibly? But the right shooting wingers on the team are Gallagher, Anderson, Toffoli, and Armia. The left shooting wingers are Tatar, Drouin, Lehkonen, and Byron.
  8. Forward. If we operate under the assumption that Ouellet will be sent to Laval, then the Habs lone extra player will be a defenseman, and the Habs will only have $383 691 in cap space. So... more moves coming, even if it's just a guy like Weal sent to Laval.
  9. The Habs are now officially over the cap by a few hundred thousand with one roster spot still needing to be filled..
  10. Very much a Bergevin kinda player
  11. Montreal's A/V team has been horrid this week. First the technical difficulties during the draft, now during Bergevin's press conference.
  12. I thought he'd be an option Bergevin would look at as a 4th liner RW.
  13. Hmmmm.... done already?
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