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  1. 2 point larceny. Get out of the building before the cops show up.
  2. They didn't even deserve a point, but I hope they steal two.
  3. Habs pin the Blue Jackets in their own end, and Julien brings out his 4th line to capitalize? Uh, and a Columbus player is down with an injury but the whistle isn't blown until the Habs get control of the puck? Wtf?!? What am I even watching here?
  4. Don saying "you people" was meant to be "everyone" doesn't hold much water when the full sentence was, "You people who come here, who love OUR milk and honey, who love OUR way of life." Ya, no, that is definitely not "everyone." A shame the reporter kinda sucks here. Sportsnet not even asking Don to apologize pretty much proves they were done with his shtick long ago. I would have liked to have seen him get the chance. Saying "I would have apologized" is not the same as actually apologizing. You still can, Don. You don't need your show back to do the right thing.
  5. Rough goal. Kulak never got comfortable after that hit in the neutral zone, and was late getting the man in front when Fleury wandered to his wrong side to take the man. Habs get scrambly in their own end, stop me if you've heard it before.
  6. Price looking sharp. Not sure if Weber's illness is leading to these tripping penalties, but Petry and Fleury might need to step up their minutes tonight.
  7. "I believe others can treat you improperly without any repercussions, and if you voice your displeasure you're problematic." "I don't need to actually consider a side of the story that challenges my preconceived notions." "Life is good when I don't need compassion for other people's strife." "I judge groups that challenge me by their worst persons because it's easy and makes me feel better for not growing." "Taking in information from many sources is a "bubble," ignoring others is what makes you truly free." "Don't shine a light on ignorance and hate, and don't fight for what you believe in. Just ignore it and hope it will eventually go away while they get the spotlight." and finally: "You being fed up with my uncaring attitude is the only thing I'll latch on to from this experience so I can continue to dismiss anyone who dares to question my world view." - a dramatic reenactment by We, the Privileged Many
  8. Trudeau apologized, showed regret, and promised he'd learned since then and will continue to learn. His actions have backed up those words. Cherry refused to apologize, didn't acknowledge the problem, and is loudly steadfast about his unwillingness to learn or grow. Proudly ignorant of his own damage, or worse: just plain proud of his own damage. If Trudeau's response to being called out for black and brown face pics was, "Nothing wrong with it, happy I did it, everyone is overreacting" then he wouldn't have a job now either. The people who are equating the Trudeau and Cherry situations while not recognizing that regret and intent to improve are important aspects of being forgiven... man, I dunno... get help. If Cherry had showed up with Ron on Hometown Hockey and said, "I'm sorry for what I said, I shouldn't have singled out anyone. I believe all Canadians should show more support for our veterans, which is a cause that is very near to my heart, and I'll be better at wording that from now on" then this would have died by Saturday, and those of us who dislike Cherry on the airwaves would have to go back to the other hundreds of reasons why he should have been fired a long time ago.
  9. This is a hell of a comeback after injuries practically derailed his development last season.
  10. Ideally they don't even try, but go in a different direction entirely (at least to start.) Wouldn't be shocked if the first week is some kind of "hockey is for everyone" promo/segment. It would be like an apology segment, plus anyone that complains about it and doubles down on wanting Cherry back would just comes across - rightfully or wrongfully - as xenophobic.
  11. So glad that anachronism is off TV. I wonder what they'll do for the first intermission going forward?
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