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  1. Perry cared too much and was sent to the dressing room. It didn't fit the lazy effort of the rest of the team so they had to get that influence out of there. I mean, good lord, someone might have even tried out there.
  2. What an embarrassing, sloppy effort. And that's what they show in the last game before the trade deadline? Yeesh.
  3. Bad change by Leskinen, bad hockey by Petry.
  4. Clune to Caufield: "hurr durr *drool* welcum to the big leegues, kid" Pezzetta to Clune:
  5. This is also the year to do it because the pandemic will stop Hoffman's toxic AF girlfriend from bullying any of the other wives of the players.
  6. Only presenting this because of the blue checkmark, but if Hoffman is indeed heading to the north division there is a 25% chance it is to Montreal... 33.3% if you take into account Winnipeg is probably not looking for another scoring forward. BUT WE GOT A 66 2/3 CHANCE OF HOFFMAN CAUSE DUBAS KNOWS HE CAN'T BEAT US AND HE'S NOT EVEN GONNA TRY! SO EDMONTON YOU TAKE YOUR 33 1/3 CHANCE MINUS OUR 25% CHANCE AND YOU GOT 8 1/3 CHANCE OF HOFFMAN AT THE DEADLINE. BUT THEN YOU TAKE MY 75% CHANCE OF HOFFMAN IF WE WAS TO GO 1 ON 1 AND THEN ADD 66 2/3 %. I GOT A 141 2/3 CHANCE OF HOFFMAN AT THE
  7. Bumping this thread because I've seen a great discussion on the forum about if Weber would be picked up by Seattle if he was unprotected at the expansion draft. I think he would be (and then flipped with salary retained), but it still might be worth the risk if Bergevin can bring in another top 4 defenseman with term at the trade deadline. The Habs aren't getting enough points from the back end, and the left side in particular is rough. I'd risk having a hole on the right side next season if it means filling a hole on the left this season. And who knows, maybe Allen is
  8. I will scream into the abyss and type till my fingers bleed that Ducharme should be subbing as many players in for back-to-backs as possible, and starting Allen again when Primeau is RIGHT ####ING THERE is a ridiculous idea.
  9. I know we can't really trust the word of Marc "I not gonna make a trade never mind I just made a trade" Bergevin, but when a reporter brought up the possibility of a bonus overage next season he wasn't all that concerned about the ramifications, even in a flat cap world.
  10. Yes, and Ekholm might not even be available anymore. Nashville is on a bit of a tear right now in a division with a wide open playoff position available.
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