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  1. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    And being that even I can't care about the difference in getting the 61st or 62nd OA pick* GO CAPS! *I will care if the 61st OA pick ends up being so much better than the 62nd OA pick. I will care an unhealthy amount.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I mean... Max did say the rumours affected him. It's the answer everyone would give, but he did say it.
  3. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Capitals vs Golden Knights is the Stanley Cup final, as predicted by literally nobody at the start of the season.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    St Louis is in need of centremen, and the word is that Thomas will have every opportunity to make the team out of camp. That may change if the Blues get someone they want in free agency, but Thomas doesn't appear to be currently on the market.
  5. Canadiens Re-Sign Antti Niemi

    A hill I will die on with you in regards to guys like Deslauriers, Schlemko, and Shaw. But it's likely that Niemi would have gotten the same contract elsewhere this summer based on his play in Montreal. And if Niemi outplays Lindgren, he'll be worth the extra $200 000. If he doesn't, he's the best paid player in Laval, and it doesn't affect the Habs' cap situation at all.
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Seemed to have had a bad year stats-wise... any known reasons for that?
  7. Canadiens Re-Sign Antti Niemi

    The question is will they also give breakdowns of salary per year on multi-year deals instead of just cap hit, and also specific information on NTC stipulations.
  8. 2018 draft thread

    For those that care about the Habs' draft positions outside the first 2 rounds, Winnipeg's 4th rounder that we got in the Joe Morrow trade will be 122nd oa. Caps won tonight, so we continue to wait and see if their 2nd round pick will be 59th, 61st, or 62nd oa.
  9. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    I am not in favor of Vegas making it to the SC final. 3rd round was bad enough.
  10. Next Olympics in China, right? This potentially gets him as assistant coach of their hockey team.
  11. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    Adam Cracknell had a video on his instagram of him reading to his daughter in (bad) French... he might come back if the offer is right. Haven't read any reassuring reports that Chris Terry will come back, unfortunately. I think it's pretty likely that they'll try to get some top tier AHL talent for next season. A last place finish in their inaugural season is pretty embarrassing and I expect everyone wants much better results going forward.
  12. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    Hopefully it was Bergevin's decision. He's still the GM, and I'd rather he be making good decisions instead of bad ones. This is a good one.
  13. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    He's inheriting the last place team whose top scorers are mostly either UFA or graduating to the Habs next season. Also the newly signed prospects all lack top-end talent. But we won't have a clear picture of the team until mid-July, probably.
  14. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    First time I've felt good about a head coach on the Habs' AHL affiliate since Guy Boucher almost a decade ago. Since then it's been either ambivalence or outright horror.