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  1. January or February return for Drouin.
  2. Ryan Poehling is also injured.
  3. Being that Byron's best asset is his speed, and he's already looked like he lost a step this season, having knee surgery is just a concerning.
  4. Middle of the night thought: Domi's first 3 penalties of the season (2 of them selfish) all happen in the first game he's told to move to the wing so a rookie can play centre. Possible he took the assignment with a bit of spite?
  5. I'd probably look to the Muzzin trade from last season as a blueprint for a Brodin trade, although Muzzin puts up more points. That deal was a 1st (22nd OA), Sean Durzi (former 52nd OA), and Carl Grundstrom (former 52nd OA). So take that and subtract til you feel okay trading it for Brodin.
  6. Hudon recalled. Apparently Julien got word that sitting Hudon for the entire 3rd period didn't completely break his spirit, and wants another shot at leaving a husk of a hockey player after Tuesday's game.
  7. Just to clear up the non-goal ruling.
  8. Hudon was sent back to Laval after the game, so presumably Byron will be good to go for Tuesday's game. No word on if Julien personally drove Hudon back to Laval or just loudly sang "NA NA NA NA HEY HEY-EH GOODBYE" as Charles walked out the door.
  9. Again, the refs were terrible... but Domi took two selfish penalties at a key moment in the 3rd. Habs should have been pushing for the 4th goal and and closing out the game. Instead the Devils tie it up while Domi is in the box for being a dumbass. Glad to see he realizes it.
  10. Suzuki is better at centre than he is on the wing. Domi is better at centre than he is on the wing. Suzuki is better at wing than Domi is on the wing. I hope Claude makes the adjustment for next game.
  11. Now if we'd like to complain about the missed penalty shot on the NJ player covering the puck with his glove, I'm here for it.
  12. The thigh is on his leg, which is used to kick...
  13. Probably no goal. Looks like Danault pushed it in with his thigh.
  14. Darren Ferris client. There will be pain.
  15. Darren Ferris client. Mete won't sign til after the season is over.
  16. Do both refs have different bets on this game?!?
  17. Refs have taken over the flow of this game.
  18. Been a few more hits that could have been penalties against the Habs there. Need to tighten up play and get a 4th goal.
  19. How are they that ####ing bad in the last minute?!?
  20. Most eyes on the first intermission in years, and it was all about Don. Ron even started the next segment talking about Don. Is he Poochie?!?
  21. A 5 minute apology from Ron. Not shocking, but I was expecting at least a semblance of moving on instead of a funeral for Don's career.
  22. 1st intermission, let's see what Sportsnet has come up with.
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