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  1. Qualifying offers

    Is this a case of Gainey keeping the qualifying offers hushed, or is he waiting till the last minute to make the offers?
  2. Kariya to Montreal

    For some reason, whenever I look at possible lineups for the Habs I always like the thought of Zednik on the second line with Ribs and Ryder. But that only works if there is someone better than Zednik on the top line. So if I were a greedy guy (with no real concept of what could happen with the CBA) my lineup would be: Selanne - Koivu - Kovalev Zednik - Ribiero - Ryder With Selanne signed, Koivu is happy, and with Kovalev on Koivu's wing everyone on that line gets more points. And Zednik and Ryder flanking Ribiero just seems like an awesome combo. But, it won't (and shouldn't) happen.
  3. Which D-Man Would You Like Signed?

    Aucoin. Although I can't really back my choice with good evidence.
  4. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    Not a single defenseman! Wow!
  5. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    another forward. I guess Gainey will be active in the free agent market for some defensemen
  6. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    Dan Ryder went 74th (3rd round.) The Habs had already given up their pick to the Rangers in order to get Latendresse in the 2nd round
  7. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    I guess it was Jack Johnson or nothing.
  8. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    Must have thought highly of him. I see Dan Ryder was selected by Calgary. Oh well Isn't another brother of a Habs player in the draft? Kostitsyn perhaps?
  9. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    Seems like a good pick. But I'm still wondering what happened with Latendresse. What did the Habs give up?
  10. 2005 Draft Day Thread

    I'm trying to follow the draft on Sportsnet, but they only have the 1st round available. What happened with Latendresse? I thought we didn't have a 2nd round pick (Kovalev trade)
  11. 2005 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Carey Price? I did not see that coming...Brule still on the board...Skille still on the board...Kopitar still on the board... wow
  12. Radek Bonk

    I don't know why, but for some reason I'm really excited about the third line. No longer will Bulis need to play on the top two lines with the graduating young talent and imminent UFA signing of someone with great offensive skill (if not Kovalev then someone else.) So put anyone beside Bulis on that third line and you've got a great one. Bonk would be wonderful. Sundstrom will be solid. Dags would be an offensive threat on an otherwise defensively sound line. Higgins, Plekanec, Hossa, and any other youngster will be better with Bulis on the ice with them. Last season's playoffs proved it to me. Bulis is the real deal. He's great for the Habs. I'm a Bulis fan. If my judgement is cloudy, someone tell me.
  13. Radek Bonk

    Like you said, he hasn't played a game for the Habs. Let's see how he does this season before calling his signing "unwise." I look forward to seeing him play, cause I think he will bolster our third line. Plus, if Ribs or Koivu get injured, he has the offensive capability to jump to 2nd or 1st line duties. That being said, he will have to work hard to fullfill the money being sent his way.
  14. You be Gainey

    Can I ask you to go a step further and give a suggestion for a D man that could be brought in with the Ribiero exchange?
  15. MORE ACTION!!!

    I actually wasn't sure, but decided against responding with "r u a ######in idot???!!!111one!" Thank you for clarifying. I'll know from now on you aren't stupid
  16. Andrei Kostitsyn

    A lot of guys just look at the numbers he put up in the AHL last year and call him a bust. Rarely do those same people know that Kostitsyn was playing 3rd and 4th line time working on his defensive game. Nor do they care that it was his first year in Canada, with a new style of hockey, and being required to learn English. I'll label him a bust if he fails to put up incredible numbers with 1st line ice time, flanking other talented 1st liners, playing a style he'll be much more familiar with in his second year. Till then, I agree with you, he's a solid pick.
  17. MORE ACTION!!!

    Dags had 17 goals in 50 games. And even if he figures out how to shoot the puck out of his ass and score every time, he still won't be paid the league maximum. No Yashin in a Habs uniform.
  18. Tis finally official (Breezy)

    So if I understand Gainey's comments in the TSN article, we can deduce that Hainsey will be the 6th D man since Gainey is only looking for one D. Well, he's been given an opportunity there. Hopefully, he doesn't ###### it up.
  19. Brule is overrated

    eukinfindme has just been
  20. Draft pick official

    Does Crosby being drafted by Pittsburgh affect the Kovalev situation?
  21. Draft pick official

    as long as it gets us D help I'm happy.
  22. Should I....

  23. What will the new NHL look like?

    I like the quote "All things considered, the Habs might be poised to make a dramatic jump in the Eastern Conference standings even without flashy free-agent signings." I've been seeing a lot of "We'll sign this UFA and this UFA, buyout these two guys and I think we'll have the cap space to sign 3 more UFAs at a reduced price!!!" I hate new bodies with unknown chemistry. Yes, sign a top winger for Koivu to play alongside - the bar has been set high. Yes, sign some D help - the Habs need it. But I'd hate it if half the team were new players that didn't leave room for our great prospects to jump to. What will the Habs look like this season? Hopefully not a whole lot different from last year.
  24. If you were Gainey, what would you do?

    That would be excellent. When I was talking about free agents with my friend (alas, a Leafs fan) I brought up that article as a reference. He looked at the list and said "Apparently Montreal fans don't just focus on Montreal" I liked that. He cares about who's coming to Toronto to help them win. I care about who goes to Montreal, and who goes to LA with an overpayed deal (Conroy :nono:), or how many underachievers currently are going through the motions in the Rangers roster. It's nice that this site caters not just to Habs fans, but hockey fans as well.