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  1. Okay guys, we've all been a bit negative about the team around here so I'm gonna try to start this GDT as upbeat as possible. The time for a big playoff push is now! Even though the Habs need a lot of points to get there, And their two best players are now injured, plus Many of the fans have thrown in the towel. These are trying times, but if we All cheer loud and proud for the Habs it's Not impossible for a comeback that starts tonight! Keep the faith, and Go Dahlin Habs Go!
  2. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    New career high in points for Petry.
  3. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    So Pleks scored. Good for him, I guess. The Rangers look really bad, which is saying something because the Habs don't actually look good either.
  4. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    I wouldn't be shocked to see a win tonight, and not just because the Rangers management might start sniping players from the rafters if they score too many goals. Habs are due. One win won't hurt too badly. Tampa is here Saturday to send us back to a losing streak. But perhaps The Tank will roll on tonight...
  5. Injury news

  6. Injury news

    Hopefully Weber's foot tendon isn't Team Long-term Cap Anchor.
  7. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    I just want to put to rest thr rumours that I am doing this GDT under threat and duress. dlbalr did not kidnap my loved ones, and if he did (which he did not), he certainly would never mistreat them as leverage to get me to do this GDT. I enjoy writing these, I do so with enthusiasm, and dlbalr is best poster - no equal, everyone loves dlbalr!
  8. Injury news

  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I think it was Arpon Basu that said he had asked Plekanec about the idea of being traded away and re-signing in the summer, and Pleks said if he was traded he would almost feel forced to look elsewhere, because he'd feel like that chapter of his life would have ended... So you're right, he doesn't want to go, and if he does he might not come back. I still think the risk is worth it for the pick, whatever pick it may be. This team needs the future assets more than it needs a 36 year old defense-only centre.
  10. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Nah, still 4th. Same amount of points and GP as OTT, but Habs have more wins.
  11. Price didn't practice today, but it was called a "therapy day." Given the organization's track record with offering up injury information on star players, I'm left wondering if the shot off the mask he took last night had a more serious affect than he originally assessed.
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    From the latest 31 Thoughts podcast, Elliotte Friedman reiterates that Florida is a stealth team for Pacioretty, says Julien doesn't want Plekanec to be traded, and Elliotte also muses that the most valuable player the Habs have to trade is Brendan Gallagher.
  13. With Jerabek traded and Weber still out, Habs are down to 6 defensemen. Does Lernout get a call up, or do they give Juulsen a cup of coffee?
  14. Not actually all that upset about a 5th for a mostly-unproven 1st year UFA player, but maybe playing him a few times in the past 8 games instead of not at all would have driven the price up a little bit?
  15. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Habsworld #KomandaT-72 update: Habs gained 1 point, Edmonton lost, Detroit lost, Florida lost. Vancouver might win. Vancouver lost. Not a great night Horrid night for The Tank. LA did get 2 points though, and are back in a playoff spot.
  16. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Well it was touch and go there for a few minutes, and we did get the loser point, but the Habs managed to pull it together and successfully tank their way out of 2 points tonight.
  17. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Good god, they have the lead. Some how, some way, they have the lead.
  18. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    We'll send you a fruit basket and a nice bottle of wine for your service.
  19. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Flyers should be up by 3 goals by now. Habs aren't even present.
  20. Injury news

    http://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/first-domino-falls-as-habs-hand-nicolas-deslauriers-two-year-extension Pat Hickey wrote 11 paragraphs and things nobody really cares all that much about, and then drops this bombshell in the last paragraph: "Finally, there was an update on defenceman Shea Weber’s condition and it wasn’t encouraging. The foot injury that has kept him out of the lineup since Dec. 16 isn’t showing improvement and he’s likely finished for this season." WHAT THE #### HICKS, THAT'S YOUR GOD DAMN LEAD YOU HACK
  21. It should have been the salary he's at now. And I know I'm quibbling, but even slightly overpaying guys who don't need to be overpaid just irks me when I'd rather that cap space go towards, y'know... talent. Even with the 8th most cap space in the league, I still want the groundwork laid for no dollar being wasted. Again, Deslauriers doesn't make more than league minimum on any other team in the league, so why is he making more in Montreal? It's just a really odd player to overpay even a single dollar to, especially when it is possible that Deslauriers could fall back to his 2016-17 form. Maybe this salary on a one year "show me you still got it" deal makes sense, but 2... it's just weird to me.
  22. A one way contract should have been closer to the league minimum. I know I'm nitpicking a few hundred thousand dollars here, but Deslauriers wasn't getting a $950 000 contract anywhere else this summer, so why is he getting it in Montreal? Just seems like this is continuing Bergevin's tradition of unnecessarily overpaying 4th liners.
  23. Injury news

    It's actually Danault that is drawing back in, based on the lines at practice today. If A.Shaw is ready to go as well, someone will have to hit waivers.
  24. Feb. 17, Habs vs Golden Knights, 7 PM

    Hell of a night for Habsworld #MannshaftPanzerkampfwagen... Positive: Habs lose, Ottawa wins, Arizona wins, Detroit wins, Chicago probably wins, Vancouver currently winning, Florida currently winning. Negative: Edmonton loses, Rangers lose, Buffalo loses (to LA, which does help a draft pick condition) If Edmonton could go ahead and stop being such a sad sack hockey team for the last 25 games, that would be great.
  25. Feb. 17, Habs vs Golden Knights, 7 PM

    We will ride this voodoo straight to a top 5 pick.