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  1. Still bet he gets claimed though.
  2. I can't dive deep into this at 1:30 am, so I look forward to you all telling me how to feel in the morning.
  3. Oct. 13, Pittsburgh vs Montreal, 7 PM

    We've got pucks on sticks You've got no assists...
  4. Oct. 13, Pittsburgh vs Montreal, 7 PM

    It's kinda like the Benedict Cumberbatch thing where you can type almost complete nonsense but you know exactly who it's meant to be (Benjamin Cabbagepatch, Bendersnick Crundlesnetch). Habs fans kept typing things that was vaguely like Kotkaniemi as a joke, and "Coconut Miami" (or specifically the "coconut" part kept coming up a lot. So now he's "Coconut" to Habs Internet.
  5. Oct. 13, Pittsburgh vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Chris Johnston on Saturday Headlines says it's likely Kotkaniemi stays with the team. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/headlines-kotkanemi-sticking-canadiens/
  6. Oct. 12/13, Binghamton vs Laval

    Yeah but what are the chances the high school intern they got to make the template over the summer is still there to take this suggestion?
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Bob McKenzie reports Bergevin has let it be known to the other 30 GMs he would like to trade a forward, and trade one soon. No players were specifically mentioned, but it looks like a trade is more likely than someone getting waived.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    It would be 3 years left after this season.
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I spent a lot of time this summer coming up with fun trade ideas for "unmovable" contracts like Price and Weber's (with a rebuild in mind). Scouring the needs of other teams, finding ways to match salary... it was fun. But with his recent stint in the pressbox, I started trying to find possibilities for Karl Alzner. This is not fun. I got nothing. Pure blank. I can't figure out who would want him, nor what it would take to get him elsewhere as a cap anchor. The closest I could come was actually taking on a WORSE contract ala Bobby Ryan or Milan Lucic to at least get a guy who could crack the lineup, but that is obviously not ideal. What have you got, guys? How do you trade Karl Alzner?
  10. He's playing with a lot more confidence. You can see him decide, "#### it, I'm going" with a rush up the blue line, and it's been paying off. We'll see how he (and the coach) reacts when he gets burned by a rush. Gotta shake it off and go right back to the big plays.
  11. Tear up Byron's contract extension! ... ... Make it 4 million per year!
  12. Last season will do that to you.
  13. Domi is the playmaking Gallagher.
  14. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    His nickname in Finland was "Jeppy"
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Wasn't it the players and not the management that made the call about videogames?
  16. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    How many Not-Quite-NHL defensemen does the organization need though? The Czechs, Kulak, Lernout, Olafsson... Great, we're covered with five options if Benn goes down to injury, but none of these guys move the needle in a top 4 role which is the Habs GLARING weakness.
  17. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    Just write "Marc Bergevin loves trading for 'Marc Bergevin'" like it's the typewriter transcript in The Shining.
  18. Habs acquire Gustav Olofsson

    Uh... More to come?
  19. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Looks like Alzner is a healthy scratch tonight, which ends his regular season iron man streak at 622 games.
  20. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    As much as this is a bit of an "oof" for Pleks, this does push his 1000th game to be at the Bell centre instead of on the road.
  21. The playoffs have ended, the Stanley Cup has been awarded, and the Draft and Free Agency are weeks away. Capfriendly has provided a handy chart for key dates this summer:
  22. Trade (with Calgary)

    Habs are spending a lot more money on their AHL team than they've historically liked doing. Is this a change in management policy, or is a guy like Froese and his one-way contract out the door soon?
  23. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Dutch Gretzky's NHL career appears to be winding down.
  24. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Could Shaw do a conditioning stint at Laval's training camp?