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  1. Injury news

    Why would Byron play even a single game with the team past February if he was injured? It's so much better for him to get the surgery done early and show up to training camp completely fit (in a contract year!) instead of playing useless games on a bad team, delaying surgery, and showing up about a month into next season a step behind everyone else.
  2. Sylvain Lefebvre has been fired

    And it sounds like an actual firing, not a promotion to the NHL.
  3. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Glen Gulutzen and his assistant coaches have been fired in Calgary.
  4. Sylvain Lefebvre has been fired

    Apologies to Machine of Loving Grace... in a just world your thread (made first) would have gotten all the replies.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Both Saad and Panarin make $6 million, but if you're referring to saving money through contract control, the Hawks cap nightmare ends this summer, and that's even before Hossa's deal gets LTIR'd (or Arizona'd). They were saddled with $3.5 million in bonus overages this season, and the cap will go up to at least $80 million next season. Now Bowman probably couldn't have anticipated a $5 million jump in cap this year, but he knew a jump was coming (and probably another next season), and a raise for Panarin would have fit. The Saad/Panarin deal was like... 20% cap, 80% Toews. Probably wouldn't need to retain salary, but taking back a guy like Duclair would be necessary. Main question is: does anybody actually want Shaw at this point?
  6. Chris Terry won the AHL scoring race with 71 points in 62 games. Big achievement for him in a contract year. I wonder if he gets offers overseas or stays in the AHL next season.
  7. Apr. 13/14, Laval vs Toronto

    6 - 4 loss. Somebody promote this coach!
  8. Habs UFAs: Antti Niemi - $700 000 Ales Hemsky - $1 000 000 Adam Cracknell - $675 000 Chris Terry - $650 000 Habs RFAs: Philip Danault - $912 500 (A) Kerby Rychel - $863 333 Michael McCarron - $863 333 Daniel Carr - $725 000 (A) Jacob De La Rose - $725 000 (A) Logan Shaw - $650 000 (A) Rinat Valiev - $778 333 Tom Parisi - $717 500 (A) Zachary Fucale - $714 167 Markus Eisenschmid - $642 500 (A) Jeremy Gregoire - $633 333 (A) denotes arbitration eligibility.
  9. Apr. 13/14, Laval vs Toronto

    Looks like this loss clinches Laval finishing dead last in the AHL.
  10. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Kadri suspended 3 games. I didn't think the DoPS would do it, but god damn, they did.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I think Bergevin has his built-in excuse for when he doesn't get O'Reilly. "He has a losing attitude, and would not help the team." "Marc, he puts up 60 points on bad teams..." "Ya, but did you hear what he said about getting used to losing?" "Marc, he scored more than anyone on the Habs. He's a de facto #1 centre here." "Bad attitude. Can't win with those guys."
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    The deadline is a great time to get picks and prospects, not so much 1 for 1 hockey trades.
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Most importantly, has he had ANY connection with the Blackhawks organization?
  14. How to Fix the Habs 2018

    Apologies to d zephyr. We turned his "How to fix the Habs" thread into a press conference bitching fest.
  15. How to Fix the Habs 2018

    He's priming a Pacioretty trade when he talks about "attitude" needing to change, right? Tony Marinaro has no chill, but I wish he was more subtle about it. There's no need to specifically name guys when you mention players not helping the team. I can't see anyone - players, coaches, managers - appreciating him calling out Alzner by name as a guy who "didn't help the team." Bergevin keeps missing the point when reporters question the guys he brought in. He falls back on, "These guys weren't brought in for what you thought they were brought in for." Marc, babe, they're questioning why you brought in grit guys instead of guys with, y'know, offensive talent. NO ONE looks at the grit guys and think, "Oh thank god, finally someone that can score." He's just so ####ing smug.
  16. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    I'm guessing he'll play in Laval's last two games, unless Lefebvre would prefer to give the ice time to Tye Felhaber.
  17. 2018 draft thread

    I saw the odds somewhere, and we actually have the lowest chance to pick 4th than anywhere else. It's actually kind of funny.
  18. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    If he signed now, could he play the last two games for the Rocket next weekend and then go back and play in the Memorial Cup? Or does time in the AHL end his junior career?
  19. 2018 draft thread

    Yep, we'll know the placement of Chicago's 2nd and Edmonton's 4th tonight, and the placement of Toronto's 2nd, Washington's 2nd, and Winnipeg's 4th by the end of the playoffs. Edit: Chicago's 2nd will be 38th OA, Edmonton's 4th will be 102nd OA
  20. 2018 draft thread

    Also 35th OA with our 2nd, 66th OA with our 3rd, 97th OA with our 4th, and 128th with our 5th.
  21. It's the final game of this forgetful season. Projected lineup: Leafs don't appear to be resting anyone before the playoffs.
  22. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Alain Vigneault has been fired by NYR.
  23. Just to continue the conversation about Deslauriers' worth, after signing his extension he got 4 points in 22 games, a ~15 point pace for 82 games. He was on a ~23 point pace prior to the signing. So, is he worth the same extension today as he was back in mid-February?
  24. Habs vs Leafs - 7:00 EST

    Regulation loss confirms a 28th or 29th OA finish. Arizona is currently down 1 - 0 going into the 2nd.