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  1. Should they retire the account?
  2. The prize is Joe also scores tonight. Heyooooooooooooh!
  3. Me too! Dammit. So was Joe the closest with his guess?
  4. So his successes are accidents, and his lack of interest in trading away picks and prospects during an ownership mandated retool/rebuild is a flaw... Solid argument here, guys, I don't know why we ever moved on with our lives.
  5. What is up with Laval? That many fringe NHLers and legitimate prospects shouldn't be giving up a 4 goal lead.
  6. If this is the contrary evidence, then I prefer the Monster idea... Vlasic is signed at 7 mill til he's 40!
  7. Elliotte Friedman thinks Montreal was looking at Pittsburgh defenseman Juuso Riikola. Until presented with contrary evidence, I think we need to start assuming Bergevin's plan for a top left-side defenseman is to literally Frankenstein Monster one out of as many bottom pairing D he can get his hands on. Somebody please stop this man.
  8. Vasilevksy is giving nothing here. Might need a couple of greasy ones to tie this up.
  9. Gender: Nerd Location: Nerdville Favourite Habs: Playoff PDO Bender
  10. Analysis? Advanced? This is a forum of NEEEEEEEEEEEERDS! We're obviously losing because of Kulak.
  11. Ya Commandant, get inspired to stop being informed on hockey players! Comm looks at advanced stats? Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!
  12. No dude, it's cause you're constantly pessimistic and antagonistic, and your posts about Bergevin are usually at best unnecessarily exaggerated, or at worst grossly uninformed. The anti-Bergevin shtick probably worked for you when the team was shit for a season. Since then most fans have been happy with the team's progress and the job Bergevin has done with the rebuild/retool. So you can keep on proudly conducting the Bergevin-Hate train that most Habs fans have stopped riding, but your pettiness towards those of us who are enjoying this team is tiresome.
  13. Can we sign a player in the middle of their NCAA season and bring them to the AHL? Asking for a friend Bergevin.
  14. St Louis should have challenged that. Not challenging puts them down by 2. If they win the challenge they're down by one. If they lose they're down by 2 and take a penalty. At this point it's better to take 2 minutes of risking going down by 3 for the chance to only be down by 1.
  15. Guys, crazy thought and I'm just spitballin' here, but what if the Habs get a lead... and then keep that lead for the rest of the game?
  16. Noah Juulsen was sent to Laval. Hopefully he gets into game shape pretty quickly. I'd love to see a Kulak-Juulsen pairing asap.
  17. It took 2 bad bounces, a shot screened by his own player, and a 180 ft empty netter to score... but this still feels like a game the Habs should have won. The useless penalties have been killer. If Cousins is still injured I wouldn't be shocked to see a callup from Laval so Julien can start sitting guys instead of just dropping them down the lineup.
  18. I didn't see who hit Weal in the head, but with no call on the ice that's gotta be a fine or suspension right?
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