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  1. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    The ref owes Lehkonen an apology.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Because they are Habs fans?
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Being that the Habs have their most depth with right-handed defensemen, and those are generally more in demand than left-handed defensemen, maybe they should consider seeing if Juulsen can net them that mythical D partner for Weber?
  4. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

    Narrator: It was.
  5. Mete sent to Laval

    Short term pain for long term gain. I think the Habs D is better with Mete now, but it's going to be a #### ton better later if he levels up in the AHL.
  6. Nov. 28, Senators vs Rocket, 7:30 PM

    Found Weber's D partner.
  7. Habs Defense

    Getting Weber back is great but right side defense talent isn't really an organizational problem, and his return doesn't solve what's been plaguing the team for 3 years: Who plays left-side top-pairing? The only guy who might have the talent to fit there is Mete, but he's closer to deserving a role on the top pair in the AHL rather than the NHL right now. Everyone else on the Habs and in the AHL seem best suited to the 3rd pairing. So unfortunately getting Weber back doesn't solve the problem of who plays with Weber.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Niemi is currently 35.
  9. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    Idiot, no... Maybe like a goldfish with that memory.
  10. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    6-2 in Edmonton https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/schedule/2018-11-01/ET
  11. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    8 days ago...
  12. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

  13. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    ####ING. PULL. HIM.
  14. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    They should have pulled Price after the 4th goal. Not because the goals are his fault, but to not subject him to the torture that is the defensive coverage any more tonight.
  15. Injury news

    Juulsen out indefinitely with a facial fracture. Sherbak is also on the IR now.
  16. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Pierre Lebrun on 'Insider Trading' also has Benn as the guy most teams are interested in.
  17. So is Reilly the new Andrei Markov?
  18. So is Lehkonen the new Jan Bulis?
  19. Injury news

    Weber getting close, but we won't see him til next Tuesday at the earliest (and quite likely not til December.) Edit: Byron however could be back later this week.
  20. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I think Julien likes Benn, but he does probably hold the most value of the 3rd pairing guys.
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    1. Sure. 2. No. If injuries strike I'm sure he'd rather have a look at Kulak, Olafsson (when he's healthy), or even Fleury later in the year. And if we're insisting on waiving an untradeable defensemen for an injury emergency, then waive Alzner. He offers less to the team than Schlemko, and the cap hit doesn't matter.
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Even if salary is retained?
  23. 4 out of 6 points in Western Canada is a damn fine thing.