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  1. Price gets his 334th win, tying Cam Ward for 23rd OA in career wins. Passing Nabokov and Vachon this season would be nice (353). Passing Barrasso (369) would be more nice. I would love to watch a team THAT DAMN GOOD for the rest of the season.
  2. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/blackhawks/are-canadiens-eyeing-possible-trade-blackhawks Bergevin being interested in a Hawks player is basically "water is wet" reporting, but I guess it's notable that Habs have been scouting both the Hawks and their AHL affiliate a lot recently.
  3. Dark horse Weise if they value NHL experience. Darker horse Reilly at forward.
  4. His next game is his 10th game, so he'd need waivers regardless.
  5. Kotkaniemi is probably going to get some time on the IR. He isn't flying to NY with the team.
  6. Took too long to test Francouz. Pretty paltry effort against a team on the second night of a back-to-back.
  7. This is about as fun as watching a funeral on ice.
  8. Not a fan of starting Primeau against the much better team, but maybe Price requested the NYR game for a shot at redemption.
  9. If circumstances were better for it I'd say Kotkaniemi should spend some time in Laval to get his game back while Suzuki takes his spot at center.
  10. Peca being brought up means we might actually see a forward sit a game. It should be Cousins. It will probably be Hudon.
  11. Just a GDT to match the overall mood of the forum. Kulak in for Mete. Price in net. Head in hands. Tears in eyes. Sorrow in heart.
  12. On the 31 Thoughts podcast, Friedman mentioned he thinks Montreal was closing in on a deal for Alec Martinez before he got injured.
  13. Mete injured enough to not make the trip to Boston.
  14. Cheap right-handed defensemen are almost always in demand. A team ravaged with defense injuries might claim him as a stopgap.
  15. Vejdemo deserves a look on the Habs this year, more so than Poehling right now.
  16. Even the empty net goal was scored on an odd man rush. This is a lot going wrong all at once. Habs haven't looked like the same team in each of the 6 losses. It's frustrating to watch the team identity crumble like this.
  17. The crowd is dead tonight. Full room but little engagement. It's like a Toronto home game.
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