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  1. That would briefly make the moment about him, and he wouldn't do that during the Stanley Cup presentation. Maybe the draft.
  2. Is it possible he could be bought out? I'm not sure why he agreed to be moved to Detroit. Unless his plan is to get traded at the deadline to a contender, maybe?
  3. Franois Gagnon reported awhile ago that the Habs will make (have made?) qualifying offers to Domi, Hudon, Evans, Mete, Ouellet, Juulsen, and McNiven. The rest of the AHLers are a bit of a guess but their services are probably not going to be retained. Don't think Bergevin has made a statement about the UFAs, but I'd bet that none of them get another contract from the Habs.
  4. I'm an Evans fan. Glad he's back on the 4th line.
  5. You dare question Lord Byron? Off to the pillory with you, lad!
  6. I have a theory, and I'm probably galaxy-braining it too much, but I don't think we get Suzuki in the deal with Vegas without drafting Kotkaniemi first. If we don't already have Kotkaniemi in the system, do you think the Pacioretty deal goes down as is? Or does the Vegas GM look at the lack of centre depth in the Habs organization and think, "If he wants Suzuki I gotta try to squeeze more out of this deal." I know, my brain is incredibly wrinkled and the size of a house, but I honestly think Kotkaniemi was the right choice even if he doesn't end up as the better player of those drafted after him.
  7. With this he also received an 'A' bonus of $212 500. The last Habs player to be named to the All-Rookie team was Brendan Gallagher in 2012-2013.
  8. Tampa gets it done. Stars vs Lightning is the Stanley Cup Final. First game is Saturday.
  9. I thought he was waived to play in the AHL during the lockout but Columbus broke the "Gentleman's Agreement" and claimed him anyway?
  10. 4 years, $3.5 million AAV, 10 team M-NTC
  11. Edmundson shouldn't get a penny over what Chiarot is making. I know he has a Stanley Cup ring, but I have a hard time believing he's going to get a better offer anywhere else this year with something like 28 of 31 teams feeling some kind of cap crunch (either internal or the usual.) And the logic behind the signing still doesn't make any sense unless Bergevin has a trade involving Chiarot in his back pocket for Weber's LD partner.
  12. In a copycat league the Stars winning will be unfortunate because of their suffocating defense. But with a team full of OGWAC's it would be nice to see them get it.
  13. Any interest in Phil Kessel? More importantly, does Kessel have any interest in the Habs?
  14. Gonna package Domi and Mete in a "Who wants to negotiate with Ferris?" deal?
  15. Okay say he signs and then go with probable pairings based on NHL work to date: Chiarot - Weber Kulak - Petry Edmundson - Mete Romanov, Juulsen, Fleury either 7th D or AHL... Plus Olofsson, Leskinen, Alzner, Brook in the minors... This has got to be a precursor to another move, right? I know you can never have enough defensemen but we have enough defensemen.
  16. Uh... unless you plan on offering a guy an 8 year contract, what is the point of trading for someone's rights when UFAs don't tend to sign in Montreal anyway?
  17. Updated: Habs 1st round pick: 16th OA Habs 2nd round pick: 47th OA Hawks 2nd round pick: 48th OA Blues 2nd round pick: 57th OA Habs 3rd round pick: 78th OA Caps 3rd round pick: 87th OA Ducks 4th round pick: 98th OA Jets 4th round pick: 102nd OA Habs 4th round pick: 109th OA Panthers 5th round pick: 136th OA Habs 5th round pick: 140th OA Habs 6th round pick: 171st OA Sens 7th round pick: 188th OA Hawks 7th round pick: 203rd OA
  18. I never understood the whole "Bring in guys from the same country because they'll help each other out" narrative. If I'm in another country and run into a random Canadian the novelty wears off after approximately 5 minutes. One exception to that would be if a player might need a bit of help adjusting to learning English as a second language and needing a player to translate for the coaching staff.
  19. 1) The Jets trade doesn't completely work with their cap situation (although some salary retention on Tatar might be enough for the Jets to squeeze in their other needs.) 2) The Coyotes trade, well, if you can convince 2 players to waive NMC's to come to Montreal then we'll absolutely need to burn you at the stake for witchcraft. However if Arizona is super intent on dropping salary as rumoured then this kind of trade would help them out. (Habs take on $17 million in salary in year one ($9 million in signing bonuses), Coyotes take on ~$10 million in salary in year one (~$3.5 million in signing bonuses.)) 3) The Oilers trade doesn't work for them personnel or cap wise. Danault said publicly that he thinks he's a top 6 center and won't give it up without a fight, so Edmonton would trade for him to play behind McDavid and Draisaitl? He wouldn't even unpack his suitcase the entire year, nor look Ken Holland in the eye.) And even signing Domi (another center) at the low end of his worth only gives them about $2 million to sign 4 guys (one of whom is RFA Ethan Bear who will take up about 200% of that cap space.) If somehow all of those trades went through though the Habs would have ~$11 million in cap space with 1 forward roster spot to fill and a better backup goalie still needed, and there would be enough expiring contracts that they should be able to afford their key guys getting raises in the following 2 seasons.
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