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  1. If Capfriendly's armchair GM feature is accurate the Habs have $708 691 in cap space with a roster of 21 right now (Mete the only extra skater.)
  2. I hope Mete goes end-end, scores on Price, then stares down Julien on his way back to the bench. Regardless, replace Lindgren with Allen on Team Red and there's your opening night lineup.
  3. I think a 22 man roster with a taxi squad that includes Weal and Frolik is only ~$41 000 over the cap. If they juggle some waiver exempt guys onto the taxi squad like Romanov and Evans (or even Suzuki and Kotkaniemi) they'll accrue that $41 000 in cap space required in a week or two maybe? So I don't think Perry will be exposed to waivers.
  4. I like Mete a lot. I think he mostly suffers from not realizing how good he actually is. I'd hate to see him figure it out later with a different team, especially with his trade value currently so low.
  5. I am throbbing right now. THROBBING.
  6. Price was apparently smiling pretty widely when talking about how rough it will be for opposing forwards in front of his net.
  7. I'm a bit disappointed to hear there won't be anymore signings (and there probably won't be many trades this season.) I would have liked another centerman option on the taxi squad.
  8. Chara leaves the Bruins and heads to Washington on a 1 year deal. The really weird thing is apparently Montreal tried to sign him, and one of the only reasons he didn't is because of travel complications since he's leaving his family in Boston this season. Now I think Zdeno is washed AF nowadays, but if I shut off my brain and picture a Chara - Romanov pairing... is this how kinks are discovered?
  9. With all the draft capital and prospect depth Montreal has, I wonder if sending Weal with a 3rd round pick to someone like New Jersey or LA would make sense.
  10. Precursor to a trade? Bringing in another winger instead of a center seems kinda useless.
  11. Okay, but what about Anderson's "Click" rating matching Kotkaniemi's? Wait, the two topics might be merging in my head here...
  12. Can we all chip in and buy Commandant a Weise jersey?
  13. Wasn't that game also cursed? I recall at least one long term injury happened... Robert Lang?
  14. BTW here's the link to the jerseys for anyone looking for a quick reference: https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-reveals-adidas-reverse-retro-jerseys/c-319633384
  15. I'd argue that the name and logo do more for getting people interested in the Sauk leader Black Hawk then if Chicago went with something else, but apparently I'd be arguing against descendants of the tribe, so... Thing is, it was originally named after a military squad the original owner was in or something? I don't even know if switching to a military style logo would be an improvement. Without any context it's still the best looking jersey in the league imo.
  16. Could be up to 3 games in a row against the same team, I saw. Jonathan Toews has been preaching this idea for a couple years now. He thinks the NHL should adopt a more MLB style schedule to cut down on team travel/carbon emissions. For those with access to The Athletic: https://theathletic.com/1331125/2019/10/29/introducing-the-toews-schedule-a-dramatically-reimagined-and-more-player-friendly-nhl-season/
  17. The absolute balls on these mad lads to release a BLUE Habs sweater, my goodness. Looks good if you can see past the sacrilege.
  18. As arbitration winds up we might see a few more trades and UFA signings, but there isn't a whole lot of rush for teams here. The season doesn't even have a start date yet.
  19. Nah, Trump is like Matt Cooke. #### Matt Cooke.
  20. Pretty sure Minnesota is rebuilding/retooling. Guerin's plan this summer has been to upend the "country club" culture in the locker room, but I'm pretty sure he just wants the team to try really hard while they lose a lot. Cam Talbot as the #1 goalie? Top centreman Nick Bonino? Almost traded Parise for Ladd... They aren't burning everything to the ground, but I'm definitely not seeing a playoff push there.
  21. *meekly, from the back of the room* I still believe in Mete...
  22. Joe Thornton signs with the Leafs. They should sign Kovalchuk too and play him, Spezza, and Thornton together on the "We wish it was 2007" line.
  23. Ya, this deal is so perfect that I feel like I'm missing something because SOMETHING has to be a risk, right?
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