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  1. Strictly TV? Basically nothing. Netflix? I highly recommend the Middleditch and Schwartz comedy specials. They are geniuses.
  2. I'm basing this off CapFriendly's numbers, but if Tampa matches a $6.3 million dollar offer sheet then they'll have around 3.5 million to sign Cernak, Cirelli, and 3 other players for a 20 man roster. Even if they trade guys like Paquette, Coleman, and McElhinney for league minimum contracts they're still only playing with ~6 million. Do you expect Cernak and Cirelli to give Tampa the Kevin Labanc treatment (that he no doubt regrets doing in hindsight)? Y'all trying to give up 2 first round picks, a second round pick and a third round pick AND really hinder the Habs' future salary structure for a guy who gets points by passing to Stamkos and Kucherov all game... his stats might be a tad inflated.
  3. Guys, Tampa can't match any offer. They are so unbelievably screwed this summer with a flat cap. Even if they offload Killorn (who has a 16 team NTC) in a no-salary-back deal they'll have just less than 10 million to sign Sergachev AND Cirelli AND 4 other players for a bare minimum roster. Unless you see them trading Kucherov or Point (the only really big money contracts without a NTC)? Or see Julien Brisebois convincing Palat, Gourde, Johnson, or McDonough to waive their full NTCs? (I'm sure they're just dying to help management out by leaving Tampa weather and annual Cup contending to go play in New Jersey.) $6 300 000 for 5 years (1st and 3rd round pick compensation), and Tampa walks away grumbling about hoping that Montreal is a lottery team again.
  4. Confirming what Bergevin said back around the trade deadline that only one of the four would get an ELC.
  5. Mete was playing the right side a bit. They might keep him on 3rd pairing right D next season in case they can't get an extension on Petry.
  6. Hard to say, honestly. Subban probably peaked higher but for a lesser length of time. Markov was consistently great, and his style of play was more about subtly making teammates into stars instead of being the obvious star.
  7. You'll be The Chicoutimi Pickle when I'm done with you! Markov was arguably the most important player on the Habs post 2005 lockout. It's not his fault his prime happened at the same time as Nicklas Lidstrom's. Honour the damn man!
  8. Markov should have his number raised and retired, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees.
  9. Fake Doctors, Real Friends. It's a great listen.
  10. Fanpuck, darling, light of my life. I'm not going to hurt you. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said I'm not going to hurt ya, I'm just gonna bash your brains in... Have you been listening to the Scrubs podcast with Zach Braff and Donald Faison?
  11. About to go quarantining in an internetless house for a fortnight. I expect I'll either find enlightenment or truly understand Jack Torrance... there is no in between.
  12. Arpon Basu responded to my ridiculous question in his latest mailbag article, so the cost of subscribing has been well worth it for me.
  13. This, but unironically. Loved Begin, Bonk, and Johnson. Pretty sure I had a few conversations with Brian with me marveling at Dandenault's versatility (while he questioned his decision to have me write articles for the site.) Hate Bulis though. The original 2nd line tease.
  14. Stop confusing me for someone who confuses Ylonen and Ikonen.
  15. I guess they saw how good he was at getting injured before even suiting up for the organization and thought, "This guy definitely belongs here!" Joking aside, this is an exciting prospect.
  16. I was not expecting this signing after a rather pedestrian season, but if this is one of of the AHL vets to buy in to Bouchard's system then sure, why not I guess?
  17. With news circulating that we could see playoff hockey in August, the formality of cancelling the NHL draft for it's original date has happened. BTW throw out the schedule for all critical dates. It will take some cooperation from the NHLPA but don't expect signing rights deadlines, qualifying offer deadlines, the opening of free agency, and (obviously) the draft to follow the usual plan.
  18. I wouldn't have remembered 88. 89 would have been one of my first lasting memories. And the rest of the 90's don't matter when 93 happened
  19. I was aware mostly aware of Roy as a kid because my father was a Bruins fan and would loudly bemoan him any time Habs/Bruins got the national game. Nothing quite like my dad (gently) pushing me to like Bruins like Cam Neely only to see them get stoned by Saint Patrick moments later. Colorado eventually became my 2nd favourite team after The Trade til he retired. Other than that the players that really caught my focus were Guy Carbonneau, Kirk Muller, Pavel Bure, and Wayne Gretzky.
  20. They might finish up the regular season, then hold a tournament style playoffs for the Cup.
  21. Ladies and gentlemen... 8th last. Chicago leapfrogs the Habs by a point with their win over the Sharks, and also have an extra game to play to try to extend that lead. Winnipeg and the Rangers both got points to more than likely distance themselves out of reach of Montreal (barring an epic collapse from either team.)
  22. It took a player being infected for the NBA to suspend the season. I expect it will take the same for the NHL.
  23. Just an awful way to end his season that was turning around in Laval.
  24. #TeamTank update: No love from NJ, and Boston and Toronto both won their games so that's never nice. But the Rangers and Canucks gave us a bit of breathing room with their wins, and Anaheim has moved within striking distance of the Habs. Is fifth last a possibility? On Wednesday Chicago has another chance at passing the Habs with a win over the Sharks, and we want Winnipeg to beat Edmonton, Anaheim to beat St Louis, and the Rangers to beat Colorado. Tank on, brothers.
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