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  1. Pierre Lebrun posted an article on the athletic summarizing what he thinks each team is thinking trade-wise coming out of the all-star break.




    The Habs mentions: 

    Thompson is likely to be moved, Philly might be a good fit. 

    Boston had interest in Kovalchuk, but trading assets to a division rival when they could have signed him for free is not a good look.

    Pittsburgh and Edmonton might like Tatar, but Pierre isn't sure Montreal would move him.

    He doesn't think Bergevin has an appetite for moving Petry this year, but notes Vegas might come calling.

    Scandella isn't listed anywhere in particular, which suggests to me that he would fall fairly far down the list of other teams' priorities on deadline day.


    Plenty more good stuff in there to extrapolate who could use what from Montreal. I recommend subscribing if you haven't. 

  2. 28 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    Agree, I think there would also be a lot of suitors for Tatar who has been a very consistent performer. I think Tatar would be worth at least a 1st round pick otherwise there is no point in trading him. Trading Petry or Tatar or both would certainly free up some cap room. Not sure who the prize fee agents are this summer. 



    Hall, Pietrangelo, and Holtby are the biggest names in their respective positions. 


    But it doesn't matter... prized free agents don't sign in Montreal.

  3. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    So yeah, I'm not sure why anyone would think that 2 games was going to ruin the kid.

    The key to that is to instinctually hate everything about the Habs. Just wake up and decide, "Everyone sucks" and you too can find the motivation to be negative in every single thing you post here.

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  4. 16 hours ago, sbhatt said:

    All this shows is how starved Canadiens fans have been for a dynamic offensive forward since Kovalev, and probably even before him. 


    But the best outlook for the future of this team is trading Kovalchuk at the trade deadline (assuming they are still reasonably out of the race by then.) 

  5. 7 minutes ago, BCHabnut said:

    Lehkonen is too good to trade imo. His point production is such a small part of his game. His contracts will never be huge because of he doesnt put up numbers but his play away from the puck is almost perfect. His trade value would likely not match his value to the team as a 3rd liner.

    Coach's darling. If Lehkonen gets traded Claude might quit and try to follow him. 

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  6. 31 minutes ago, Dalhabs said:

    If he continue to produce good cant we expect more for him in a trade?

    he is basicly free from capspace so all teams could trade for him right?

    I agree. Even if it's a conditional pick, I think it goes as high as a 2nd rounder. 


    I expect he'll be asked where he wants to go anyway, and I'd very much doubt his answer will be, "I'd rather stay."

  7. 2 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    It depends who you trade to. Some teams may ask for a prospect in addition to Petry. I am not sure Petry by himself would yield a 1st round draft. he is 32 and "gaffe prone"

    The comparable that hockey pundits have used is the Jake Muzzin trade from last year which was a 1st round pick, Sean Durzi (2nd round junior prospect), and Carl Grundstrom (2nd round AHL prospect.) Basically a 1st and two 2nds for an ~40 point, #3 defenceman with another year on his deal. That's the base line value for Petry. If Bergevin is offered less than that then there's no point in trading him this year. 


    Winnipeg is almost assuredly on Petry's modified NTC list, but I could see them paying that price (if not a bit more) for Petry at the deadline. 

  8. 2 hours ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    Seriously though, no one has rebutted the fact that tanking ensures nothing based on the modern day percentages. 

    I don’t have a child but when I do, I can’t imagine turning over to him during a teaching moment and stating, “Don’t worry Jimmy. It doesn’t matter that we’re losing 5-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs on this Saturday night. This is a tanking season. It’s better for our team to put in worse players and exert less effort, so we can lose and drop down in the standings. We want to draft high. I want you to remember to play that way when you make the NHL, Jimmy. Promise me that. Always think about external circumstances. Don’t focus on personal growth and doing your best every game when it’s better for the team to lose in the long run.”


    It’s only in recent years that I’ve witnessed teams wanting to lose in various sports, and even worse, fans. I’m glad that I was oblivious to it when I was younger because even when our team was bad, I remember looking forward to hockey games during school hours when I was a kid. I consider it borderline trolling, because it’s been stated that tanking ensures nothing. Perhaps in the last 10 games of the year, it could be something to look at when your team is out of the race, but not so early in the season. Jimmy won’t be allowed to come read these forums during our down years. 

    Players don't tank. Management does. 


    I expect the players to try to win every game. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, TheDriveFor25 said:

    Why isn’t Price in there? Makes zero sense.. he’s been great, you need the two points, and you’re on home ice.. 


    Just brutal mistake by Lindgren there.. move the damn puck.


    1 minute ago, Commandant said:


    We play Philly tomorrow and then we play Vegas on Saturday. 


    Chicago was the weakest of the four teams as we play 4 games in 6 nights (including a b2b).


    The backup has to play somewhere. 

    Lindgren got a shutout versus Chicago as well. Chicago also coming off a back to back. 


    Plenty of reasons to play Lindgren. Whether it works or it doesn't it's still the right choice. 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    The boards go down for one day for updating and Gerard Gallant gets fired?  I fear what would happen if the forum went down for multiple days if that's what happens after just one day...

    When's the next update scheduled for, deadline day? 😕

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