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  1. I've been waiting for the shoe to drop since last week. The first thing I check every day is Spectors, then Habsworld, then Sportsnet.
  2. Might as well have said "Trade the entire team for Ottawa's team...but throw in a draft pick or two to compensate." Unless you're what would have to be considered a hockey alchemist, or as soon as EA's NHL 06 GM's take over the league, these trades just aren't happening.
  3. The whole team owes Huet a game. Bonk's play was not the reason they lost...it was A reason.
  4. It shrunk! It said it was machine washable (cold water) but that I should dry it on low, and not leave it in the dryer. Oops. If you wear what is pretty much a small-medium, and if I get another, and if my younger brother doesn't want it....then yes, you can have it. For serious.
  5. I actually got to see the game from 5 minutes into the second period at my girlfriend's house. I'm not a happy Habs fan.
  6. Brisebois will net 2 and the game winner. He's an ex-habs....he has to give them shit and break our hearts.
  7. Hey, we've all got what we wanted. Dags isn't a habs. We only bashed him cause we didn't think he was worthy of the uniform...now he isn't in the uniform. I'm placated.
  8. So I'm back together with my ex-girlfriend. We'll see how this goes.
  9. wow.....that's a really horrible thing to do.
  10. He's still a Restricted free agent after the year, right? Anyone think he'll be offered a contract?
  11. Clearly it was BTH. I wanted to prove he could also NOT score on a breakaway, just like Bulis himself. I kid of course, BTH.
  12. Trizzak


    Spelling mistakes I can live with. Nobudy iss purfect. However, lacking any effort to improve is just horrible. Isn't it written somewhere in Habsworld's code of conduct: "Make an effort to spell and type coherently"?
  13. Al Strachan doesn't care about black people! /Kanye West
  14. I never really saw Zednik as a leader. He needs to do more than score clutch goals in the playoffs to be given an "A" Souray being an assistant captain is great as long as his personal problems are left outside the rink (which, lately, he has shown he has.)
  15. I thought Team Canada was Canada's team... hmm, perhaps I am mistaken. Let me research that... *researches* Okay, after consulting an atlas I have determined that Team Canada is in fact Canada's team. Mostly because the word Canada is in their team name. "Toronto", however, is not in "Team Canada," though the "T" at the beginning might throw off some who cannot read or write well. Toronto does make a very good argument for being Toronto's team, though I plan on fighting that. Any lawyer members here willing to take my case?
  16. Seeing Chara push Kovalev around was really sad to see. What's worse though is that Kovalev seemed invisible for the rest of the game. A few great stickhandling plays but nothing really threatening. ah well I'm still waiting on a trade by Gainey
  17. Ovechkin is such a great hockey player. I'd really like to see him run away with it and get the Calder
  18. This game is the delmar.ca turning point of my LIFE! So anyways, I turned on the game just after the 1st period.... bad timing. Despite the win, I would like to point out that the Habs didn't play well in the second period. They stopped skating, and let Ottawa get the jump on them quite a few times. 3rd was better, way to go PK! Will there be a game review by Colin later today?
  19. I like those lines. I really like them. The first might be a tad iffy...good to see Higgins getting rewarded for playing hard both ways. Throwing Kovalev and Ribiero togther could either work really well or really badly, depending on what attitude they both bring.
  20. This is true. I know, for a fact, that les glorieux can "eat just one"
  21. it's okay, I got your back :king:
  22. Rather than vomit, I'd prefer Gainey commence trading now. This has been a horrible slide and someone's gotta move.
  23. I haven't been fully following the issues (I'll be paying attention soon though) but I can't even look at Harper without being creeped right the ###### out. Liberals lost my vote, at least until they bring someone new in. Jack Layton might get in simply because everyone seems sick of the Liberals and do not trust the Conservatives.
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