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  1. You're right. I shouldn't ignore her. The couple times she wasn't with me during a Habs game were the complete blowout losses and badly played games. Every time I've been near her have been wins, or at the very least...close games. She's become my lucky charm for Habs games. I should be at her door, with flowers, 7:00 pm sharp every game day, and paying attention to her, not the Habs, during the games. THAT is my penance!
  2. Here's how the conversation went with my girlfriend during the Demers segment: *5 seconds after Demers starts speaking* Girlfriend: "...can we please not watch this?" Me: "I am very interested in this, it's about the Habs." Girlfriend: "His voice is aggravating, and that double chin....it's hypnotic. Please change the channel." Me: "I wish you'd stop talking." Repeat that all throughout the Hotstove. I barely heard a word being said by the panelists.
  3. If the Habs fall out of playoff contention, I bet they try to trade Theodore, let a Huet/Danis tandem finish the year, and try to sign a goalie this summer. I'd actually like that....except then the Habs would be out of playoff contention.
  4. Yes. Now that I know this team isn't a great one, I'll take all the wins they can get, in any way possible.
  5. No actually, it was entirely coincidental. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird
  6. wait....where's the punch and pie? I was told there would be punch and pie here! ah congrats anyways.
  7. This was the delmar.ca turning point of my week! I may go celebrate at dagwoods.
  8. go habs go...I guess? go gainey go! trade that dead weight!
  9. I'm just glad they never made it onto the Stanley Cup. The Mighty Ducks? Shame. Shaaaaaaaaaaaame.
  10. Glad to see NDP gain ground. My riding went conservative.
  11. I wish the Habs would stop playing offensively and start playing offensively. Little wordplay there. I'll take my simple pleasures when I can. *sigh*
  12. Two wrong answers....perhaps a vague hint is necessary, like what decade the player played for the Habs?
  13. I'll go see the girlfriend tonight guys, no worries.
  14. Everything we did involved clothes being on. However, the fact that the last two games prior to last night were complete blowouts coincided with us not being anywhere near each other, and the recent wins and close game against Calgary came about when I was around her.....she's looking like my new good luck charm. Happy to oblige everyone. Also, I'm gonna bet on Kovalev getting the second hat trick
  15. For everyone that guessed Bulis would get the Habs first hat trick of the year, raise your hand ...and then post that you are raising your hand.
  16. I'm in favour of changes, even as early as yesterday, but shipping out everyone and tanking the season is not what I have in mind.
  17. Edited in what I thought they could do. For the underachievers, it's mostly about offense. Imagine that!
  19. /fixed You should know I'm merely being facetious and won't get involved in a flame war. I honestly can't tell if you are joking or serious... but it's looking legitimately negative.
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