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  1. Limericks? No way! They are no match for haikus. It shall not be done. This is fun.
  2. Guys....I think there might be a problem with Julien's late game strategy...
  3. Might as well turn this into a chop thread. Anyone else have any ideas for this pic?
  4. I've never heard anything about Mogilny being bad in the locker room...ever. Have I missed something?
  5. Honestly, I'd say goodbye to either Plekanec or Higgins if it meant getting a solid d man back. I'd miss them, yes, but the Habs are overflowing with forward prospects and there just won't be enough room in the next few years.
  6. I know I'm talking major change here, but I really think either Julien or Jarvis has to go. Personally, I think Jarvis should have stayed in Hamilton. Give me a coach that brings more to the table than a defensively oriented system. The Habs currently have two of them.
  7. That's only true if you plan on retiring within 2 years
  8. I thought there were only 4....
  9. Have you gone crazy man?!?? You'd give up Ribs AND Dagenais?!? Make them throw in a 2nd or 3rd rounder for that deal!
  10. Yeah, you lost me at "TW Center" assuming that means "Two-Way Center"
  11. 6 posts in, and I think all of them have been between 150 - 200 words. I like that. Keep it up.
  12. I'd love if the Habs brought in Arnason. Not sure how they would go about it, but I'm just saying I'd like it.
  13. Not everyone WANTS to play for Montreal. The only ones who have actually WANTED to recently were Kovalev and Ian Lapierre.
  14. Just got in. Just saw the score. Just suppressed the urge to throw my computer monitor across the room. I don't even know why I check the boxscores anymore...it only leads to hurt. I just looked at sportsnet and saw this: 11:45 PM: Habs hold closed door meeting Following Tuesday night's 6-4 loss to Sidney Crosby and the Penguins, Montreal held a closed-door meeting to discuss the team's recent performance. No word on what was said, or if anything will follow. Doesn't say much, but hey...it's news.
  15. Where is Leafs Suck to remind us...well...that the Leafs suck?
  16. Just a thought, but since carrying 8 defencemen screams "TRADE INCOMING!!!", it should be remembered that Dandenault can move up to forward. This could all be nothing but Dandy playing wing against Pittsburgh.
  17. Leafs win 6? Better start planning the parade route.
  18. Julien is the reason Perez goes back to Russia next year, I'm going to go over to his house to yell and point a stern finger. I'm not a very violent person.
  19. You've taken a bit of flak today, so I'm gonna word this as gently as possible. I'll leave my general distaste of "lol" aside, and I'll even let the abbreviations for "you" slip by... but would it be at all possible to get some punctuation in that sentence?
  20. My comment was more towards the state of the Habs depth at D than my feelings on Streit. However, he so far hasn't shown being worth any contract extension, let alone 2 years for 1.3 million. Also, if the Habs trade for ANY DEFENSEMAN then he is the one bumped to Hamilton.
  21. Zhog in the minors doesn't concern me. We've all pretty much said "If Julien won't use him, send him to the Bulldogs." Guess what. Julien isn't using him, so he's better off with the Bulldogs. Cote being called up does concern me however. Trade? Perhaps...
  22. Agreed. Habs need more goal scorers. It is a problem.
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