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  1. 49 names (the 1 remaining will arrive shortly I'm sure) But the names have nothing to go on. dark_faerie needs to give us something soon (or someone else steps up and delivers.) I'd have this done if I had even a modicum of photoshop talent. Sadly, good intent and Microsoft Paint don't get you far in this world. However, once we get this card designed, I'd be happy to do a mass u2u session to all 49 people and ask for their real names if they so desire to put it on the card. I'll give everyone a 2 day window, and if I get the responses then I'll make a complete list of Member name - Real name - Country
  2. 10 posts in and already a potential HW Contributor. :/)
  3. I see the praising, I don't see the "we should have kept him" Don't get me wrong, I understand exactly what you're getting at, I just think your comment is a tad premature on this one. I wish we had got more for Hainsey (rather than paying for him to go away) and I can say the same thing for Hossa, but I don't want them back.
  4. um....they...create...an.....account...?
  5. Ketchup chips are dirty. Reminds me of the time I drank ketchup with a straw... ... ... I'm speechless.
  6. I'm surprised no one on the ice thought of it. Then again, most everyone on at the time was a rookie.
  7. Kosty scored on his first shift, with his only shot, and didn't make any big mistakes. That's why they were given ice time.
  8. I still think we could have got more for Hossa.
  9. « Je suis vraiment heureux d'avoir réussi mon premier but dans la LNH, a dit Kostitsyn tout sourire dans le vestiaire du CH. » Il ne savait cependant pas si un de ses coéquipiers avait conservé la rondelle de son but. Hey awesome, thanks! *moves away slowly to go to freetranslation.com*
  10. :lol: That may have been the funniest thing I've seen posted here. Ever. But I'm also tired.
  11. The biscuits wouldn't even make it to the table. It's best to give that job to someone else.
  12. Miss Vickies chips are the best chips ever made. Discuss.
  13. And be sure to post in the thread so we know what name to put on the letter.
  14. Apparently I should be disinterested and sleep through more games, except where is the fun in that? Glad to see they got the win! When I looked at the boxscore and saw Kostitsyn with the first goal (assisted by Higgins and Murray) I just laughed. Add in the two point night by Plekanec and I kept picturing the rookies lining up and giving the finger to Julien in the dressing room. "Limited ice time? Shove it up your ass coach!" Just out of curiosity, who retrieved the puck from the net when Kostitsyn got his goal? Bulis and Sunny scored? That's like lightning striking you twice. Glad to see the spread out ice time. Finally, something resembling 4 lines being rolled.
  15. I like. Now I'm sad to say this, but we're still waiting on 5 more names. *shakes head* Pitiful. We should be turning people away.
  16. I've had a sore throat for about 4 days now. I have no other symptoms except an occasional cough (like twice a day,) but that only seems like it's in reaction to the throat. Tell it to me straight docs...is this tonsilitis?
  17. Spoiled? perhaps. But ###### man, we don't deserve the last 3 weeks!
  18. You're the Habworld Architect?! ... Why am I here? Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the schedule of the Canadiens. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which, despite my sincerest efforts, I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably... here. You haven't answered my question.
  19. Not until the car blows you while you're driving too.
  20. Unless it was George himself it really isn't any of my concern. Seriously though, maybe George won't care at all. oh well. I still think it's a good idea to thank him.
  21. You're the Habworld Architect?! ... Why am I here?
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