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  1. Lying about getting blown by a fat cow is a tad less severe than lying about a country having big weapons and the intent to use them so that you can call for a war that costs many people their lives on both sides. But anyways... has anyone really trusted a politician in their lifetime?
  2. So....what's the new system? I noticed I currently embody an NHL Powerplay. What else is there?
  3. That post practically deserves a slow clap.
  4. Damn. Hey. You're a mod. When did that happen? And why are Colin and Macaskill's names red? I'm frightened, somebody hold me.
  5. Sexy! Has quick reply been done away with? I can't find it.
  6. This tea thing is an interesting phenomenon. I may try it. [Edited on 2005/12/22 by Trizzak]
  7. This had best be a slaughter. I demand vengeance! I demand blood!! 8 - 1 Habs, and 3 injuries to Washington.
  8. It may take me a bit to contribute monetarily being that I'm currently bringing in an income of...well...nothing....so it could be a bit belated or not at all. I'll do what I can though. (Also, I'd just like to shamelessly plug that the Gillet Letter is looking for 4 more names. I know this isn't the time or the place, but it's my thread and I will do what I please*) *unless modded.
  9. LOL, yeah that sneaky little bastard ... it was him Anyways, we're going to be changing forums shortly. From XMB to something new... Its going to cost some money, but its worth it for the security and new features. And dont worry, post counts and messages will remain. oooooooo upgrade! vbulletin?
  10. Was Habworld haxx0red?!? Was this guy truly l337? :nono: Some people...
  11. The Yankees have always had the "Right now" mentality. Right now, they have the best batting order in baseball. 3 years from now.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha 3 years from now they'll buy a whole new lineup. It won't end until they get a new owner. It's quite frustrating. The Red Sox lineup is still fine, Damon's decision is just frustrating for me since I was a huuuuuuuge Damon fan. Big Papi would be my top player now I guess. I really like Arroyo too for some reason. Not entirely true. They keep dishing out big money contracts for long periods of time. Eventually the players under-perform and can't be released. Look at Bernie Williams, Giambi, and now...Damon.
  12. I've felt Sakic has deserved the C for years now. Especially over Mario.
  13. Joe was probably left last because he'll also be announced as team captain.
  14. hey jetsniper, keep me updated please. Sportsnet.ca is giving me nothing.
  15. The Yankees have always had the "Right now" mentality. Right now, they have the best batting order in baseball. 3 years from now.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if the first pitch is at his head. I also wouldn't be surprised if the second pitch was at his head. Finally, I wouldn't be surprised if he hit the third pitch out of Fenway park. Such is the life of a Bosox fan.
  17. Ouch. How do you go from the Bosox to the Yankees? How? It's not allowed.
  18. I like that "Shame on...shame on you" quote
  19. I said "I post a lot" I didn't say "I post as much as Macaskill" Please don't try to ruin my moment.
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