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  1. I kinda wish the younger generation won't understand that either, if you catch my drift.
  2. Sakiqc will be back tomorrow Great! I don't see how that helps though.
  3. You have to play hard and skate fast to get injured. That may have been the funniest thing I've read. :lol:
  4. With Pleks down I hope Higgins gets his shot on a top line.
  5. Never, ever call me Hans again ... !!! :eyes: Hannes but not that freaky nick. :guru: Sorry, I was typing it from memory. My mistake, won't happen again... ...if you get 5 more people to vote.
  6. I suggest whisky. It will either help...or ease the pain.
  7. I would be surprised if we manage to score 3 goals... We don't. Butkus scores thrice on his own net out of pity.
  8. Confirmed through Sportsnet (it's in the Robinson article) though no reason is mentioned for his retirement.
  9. I want to find this injury bug, kill it, revive it, and kill it again but with torture.
  10. This has the potential to be a slaughter. Senators win 132 - 3. Dick Butkus is signed by the Sens and scores 135 times.
  11. If you're interested in having your real name put on the card let me know through u2u, or post it here for the world to see. [Edited on 2005/12/19 by Trizzak]
  12. True, but then I would have to bump the last person who voted on the poll to get it down to 50 again. Now we're up to 55. ###### it, okay everyone! The poll is back open! 5 more names to go. I did notice a lack of mods...so far we only have Hans and the site admins. I'm just saying....:contract:
  13. you didn't vote in the poll, so I don't have you down on the list.... I get the feeling we're about to bump the number of names up to 60...
  14. Do you expect me to take pictures on a first date? She'll think I'm nuts. shhhhhhh, it will be for the good of the many. Take one for the team MathieuG, take one for the team.
  17. I'm agreeing with Cherry. Let the kid pay his dues. I don't want another Lindros in the league.
  18. of course...Kovalev is coming back.
  19. If neither Bulis or Sunny sign an extension (after January,) I expect one of them will be traded near the deadline.
  20. I lied, I don't do anything else. All members have been contacted, now it's up to them to check their inboxes and respond. I figure I'll give them till Wednesday afternoon (enough time for everyone to sign on at least once, especially with the game on Tuesday) to respond but that is only, of course, if the card design is decided upon by then. My thanks to those who have swiftly responded already. I can give you a "No hunting you down and raping you" gaurantee. :/) Unless you're into that... and female... and good looking...
  21. A solid 80% of the people I'm contacting don't check their u2u's. I should have everyone contacted by the end of the day (I do do other things on the comp besides u2uing Habsworld members, patience please.) But from what I've seen, a fair number of members don't even know that the u2u's exist. I keep checking my outbox and the Not Read's far outweigh the Read's. Oh well.
  22. Alright, it's Tony Costanzo. Changed :/) I'd say I've contacted about half the list, and I've gotten responses from 15. I should be done in the next day or two, depending on if I'm on Habsworld much.
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