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  1. If neither Bulis or Sunny sign an extension (after January,) I expect one of them will be traded near the deadline.
  2. I lied, I don't do anything else. All members have been contacted, now it's up to them to check their inboxes and respond. I figure I'll give them till Wednesday afternoon (enough time for everyone to sign on at least once, especially with the game on Tuesday) to respond but that is only, of course, if the card design is decided upon by then. My thanks to those who have swiftly responded already. I can give you a "No hunting you down and raping you" gaurantee. :/) Unless you're into that... and female... and good looking...
  3. A solid 80% of the people I'm contacting don't check their u2u's. I should have everyone contacted by the end of the day (I do do other things on the comp besides u2uing Habsworld members, patience please.) But from what I've seen, a fair number of members don't even know that the u2u's exist. I keep checking my outbox and the Not Read's far outweigh the Read's. Oh well.
  4. Alright, it's Tony Costanzo. Changed :/) I'd say I've contacted about half the list, and I've gotten responses from 15. I should be done in the next day or two, depending on if I'm on Habsworld much.
  5. Anyone have that Kovalev clip on their computer? I'd be interested in seeing that
  6. I'll just leave it as your user name then. No point in saying "Tony, Tony, Montreal, Canada"
  7. To be honest, I mostly care about the writeup and names on the card, so conceptual design isn't where I'm one to throw in my two cents. An update: I've contacted about 10 of the 50 members (as they've signed on Habsworld while I'm here) about getting their real names on the card. I've heard back from 5. Once I get a fair number of responses (or I just lose my patience) for full names I'll pass the info on to spathe or sakiqc and they can do with it what they wish. I'll keep that info private between myself, the member, and the Habsworld admins, and won't post it publically (for those that n
  8. Could we stop attacking each other please? Debating is one thing, squabbling is another. These cross-thread fueds are really wearing thin.
  9. I'm sorry, that just won't do. Please subtract 1 goal from the Habs. :/)
  10. I knew we should have picked Debuyk over Price! Seriously though, this sounds*BLEEPED* up [Edited on 12-16-05 by Fanpuck33]
  11. so..........you hit it? He shoots, he scores! We're going out skating next week. She have a sister? .... in Canada?
  12. Okay! We are within days of completion. I've got a list of everyone who voted, with their locations (thank you spathe) so rest assured: IF YOU VOTED YOU WILL BE ON THE CARD. So far Bulis_the_Habbie, HABS Fan Nr.1, JMMR, and one sexy individual with the nom de guerre Trizzak have posted or sent me their real names. If you want your real name on the card, either post it here, or send me a u2u.
  13. Trizzak


    I hate seeing anyone go. The only good thing about this is I can stop seeing sh!TSN written all over the place. But other than thatm I hate seeing anyone go.
  14. This is your first post, so I'm going to hold back and go easy on you... but that might be the worst thing I've read today. You didn't watch the game, that's fine, me either. However....look at the stats, or find a general consenus about the game before posting, cause I didn't see a single true statement in that entire post, except how it's great that Souray is getting back to form. Therefore I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul. At what point will the rookies that will be here all season be getting more ice time? This game? This one game? and if that's what you mean,
  15. I blame the coach for misusing his players (who are struggling.) I see no adapting on his part. Through this entire slump and struggle we've been seeing the same thing. It's like he's thinking "well, this worked 1 time out of 10 so there is no reason not to think it won't work this time." He's like the baseball player who swings for the fences everytime cause he hit a homerun 2 months ago. Yes, players haven't been responding to the ice time he's been giving them. Does that mean you keep giving it to them? ###### no! Especially when you have guys in the lineup whose career ceiling is not 3rd
  16. If we put 57 or 52 or 86.5 then it looks like only that number want to thank him, whereas saying 50 (representing 1000) looks much much better.
  17. Just a quick request for everyone, in case I'm not here... If dark_faerie comes in here, jump on him and don't let him leave till he designs the Gillet thank you card.
  18. I went to the General store today. They wouldn't let me buy anything specifically.
  19. I'm so sure, I'm gonna post 3 times in a row. Thanks to spathe's wizardry (and knowledge of The Matrix) I can safely say it was bar. He voted right after shortcat (who voted yes), you'll notice right after shortcat's post everyone starts yelling "who voted no?!?", and according to spathe he remembers the vote being 42 - 0 at one point which also puts bar's vote in the same area. He also didn't post in this thread. Anyways, I have my 50 members (or 51 if dcaps is voted back onto the island) so if you guys want your real name on the card send it to me or post it here and I'll start putting all
  20. I've narrowed it down to bar and The Aussie Posse, but I think The Aussie Posse voted too late in the poll to be the 1 negative. My guess is bar.
  21. 50 people that have voted get their names in. Just because they didn't post doesn't make their vote count less. bar from Halifax Nova Scotia! I am calling you out! Were you the guy who voted negatively?
  22. Sorry dcaps, too late. We capped it at 50 (to seem somewhat official.) Now I'll start my hunt for Mr Negativity
  23. Whoever put in that 51st vote has made things a bit difficult. Now I have to figure out who voted no, AND who voted last. :nono:
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